Day 15 Updates

It’s a week later!! I actually had intentions to update a few days ago but with the holidays going on and traveling I just got a little behind. I hope that you all had a very happy holiday season!

The comb coils are…still a mess if you ask me. LOL, I realize that I was perhaps a little over-dramatic with the last update. I guess it’s because I keep forgetting that growing locs is a progress…and they won’t necessarily be “perfectly neat” ALL the time.

I get it now….thanks yall for your encouraging words.

Here’s what I’m looking like now:

I’ve learned to get over the fuzziness. I really can’t do any thing about it. My plan is to do some re-twisting before I head to Atlanta in a few days. I will also cleanse my scalp with Sea Breeze because my scalp has been itching like crazy! And I won’t even talk about the dandruff. I would love a GOOD wash but I know if I do that, the comb coils will drop.

I have finally figured out how to keep the sweat off of my face when I work-out!

Duh! I don’t know why I didn’t think of this earlier. My sweatband has been instrumental in helping keep my hair drier when I work-out. Which is extremely important because before my coils would literally be soaking. Glad I eliminated that frustration because I was feeling just AWFUL about it.

So my plan for the upcoming week:

Cleanse scalp with Seabreeze
I will use Q-tips soaked in Seabreeze and
gently massage the scalp

Massage scalp with hair serum
I am still using my Tangy Grape hair oil!
I can’t get enough of it.

Re-twist coils that are un-coiling
I will use 100% aloe vera gel to do this.

Bottom line: I need to do a better job at taking care of my hair. This has always been a struggle for me. I loooove my hair but I have never spent a lot of time maintaining it–even when I had a perm. I vow to spend more time on my hair and caring for it more. I can’t expect to have beautifully healthy locs if I don’t DO anything to promote that.

So….Imma do better. 🙂

Peace and loc’ve.

Someone asked what Sisterlocks were…..check out this site. Beautiful, uh? It’s a way to loc loose hair with a tool. They can take hours to do but are amazingly versatile. I would have liked to start locing this way but I’m learning to love my comb coils more and more every day.

(photo source)

Day 8 Update & Frustrations

So it has officially been 8 days since my comb coils. Only 8 days. *sucks teeth*

Tracking this journey will be harder than I thought b/c each update will remind me how many more months and years I have until I get mature locs. It is extremely frustrating to say the least and I can honestly say that…I am not happy with my hair right now.

I mean look at it.

It’s a mess. It don’t look “neat”. I understand the process that the hair has to go through and I know those desiring locs are going to go through that “phase” but this is out of control
My ugly phase came sooner than I thought. I’ve got coils unraveling, dandruff in the front and fuzzy hair all over. I look a mess.

I was feeling so discouraged yesterday that I went to visit my loctician. She took one look at me and said I looked fine. “WHAAAAT?” I cried, “Do you see these coils?!” She smiles at me and gently tells me that there is nothing wrong with my hair. This coming from a lady who has the most beautiful locs in her head. I should have taken a picture of them yesterday. She had a coin in one of her locs! A friend gave her a Japanese coin…she puts a hole in it and puts it in her hair. Amazing!!

…she shows me how to re-twist the unraveling coils and tells me to calm down. Which I found…and am still finding to be a challenge. But she soothed me. And made me feel beautiful again.

“So can I get them re-twisted next week?” She laughs and tells me that she doesn’t want to do my hair until 4 weeks after the coils were done. I moan and groan and promise that I WILL be stopping by again before I head to Atlanta for my birthday.

She tells me to come by any time.

Next time I will bring her a gift….this lady is starting to become more than just a hair dresser or stylist but some kind of divine presence in my life..I can’t even explain it.

Here’s the mess that I call my hair right now.

The pictures actually make them look better. They look far worse in person. I’ve been using those silver clips to hold the re-twisted coils. They hurt like hell so I plan on using bobby pins instead.

I’m also seriously thinking about wearing scarves/hats for the next 3 weeks. I’m so not kidding. I am a little embarrassed at my hair at this point. My facial feminity relies on perfect brows and bangin’ make-up since my hair obviously ain’t helpin’ me out. Kinda like this:

I figured that highlighting my eyes and cheekbones would take away from the messy hair. HA! I thought growing locs would be easy but uhhh…no. And it’s only been 1 week. I’m laughing at myself because my thoughts are similar to the thoughts I had when I first BCed. I pretty much hated my hair for the first month.

I should have saved my money and gotten sisterlocks.

Ah well..hopefully I can hang in there. 🙂

Peace and loc’ve.

4-Day Check In..

I just realized….

I won’t be updating this blog THAT often. I mean how much activity can my hair go through? Locing is a process that doesn’t happen over night so don’t expect daily updates, people. 🙂 2-3 posts a week at the most. But if you are so desirous of hearing me ramble you know there’s always Clumps of Mascara and Rantings of a Rebella!

I don’t intend to only talk about my locing process in this blog though. I’ll be ranting on other topics like:

-Why I hate the word dreadlocs.
-Why I love my natural hair.
-Why I could care less if you have a perm or not (do you!).
-Why I get sick of people saying that natural hair is unprofessional.
-Why I’ve never worn a weave/wig.
-Why I think natural hair is a repellent for a lot of Black men.
-Why hair is such a issue for Black women, in general.
-The excuses Black women make about why they won’t go natural.

…all kinds of ramblings. And while most will focus on “natural hair and its beauty”, I have to say….I am not against perms. I, personally, will never put one in my head again but that’s just me. Brown ladies are beautiful regardless how our hair looks.

So yeah….that’s that. I thought I’d do a quick 4-Day Check In….

Why is my hair so bare here? Yikes! I’m not diggin’ this. And that coil with the gold tip is the one that is usually soaked AFTER a strenuous work-out. That baby coil has survived thus far but it will only be a matter of time….

And then here’s the back…

Look at those crazy fine hairs. I know they will cause me some trouble as I get deeper into the locin’ process. And look at the one coil unraveling!

Yikes! I’ve since re-twisted it but I am going to hate having to do this after every work-out.

And..bring on the fuzzies!

I’ve been warned about the attack of the fuzzies (thanks Kia) but didn’t know that they would arrive so early. I didn’t even pull out the WELCOME mat. LOL. My loctician has said “Leave your hair alone”…but I can’t help it. I just–have to–re-twist some of these.

And as for as moisturizing….the gloss/oil is working perfectly. No itchies or anything!

Has it been 2 months yet?

Until next time…

Peace and loc’ve.

Altering the work-out….

I’m a little disheartened, yall.

The coils are fine but they weren’t after working out this morning. I work-out at least 5-7 times a week. I do 30 minutes of cardio, 15 minutes of weight training and 15 minutes of stretching/yoga. After running my 2 miles this morning, my hair was soaking wet!!

Yikes!! It was really my edges that got it the most. I made sure that I had a scarf to tie down the baby coils but they still managed to be soaked in my sweat. Ewww is right.

Even after I cooled down….they were still wet.

The good news is, the coils have remained in tact but I doubt they can take much of that. Next week I’m going to have to figure out a new work-out regime; one that doesn’t require so much sweating. Which will be difficult because I’m one of those work-out buffs that need to be a sweaty sore mess to actually feel GOOD after a work-out.

*sigh* I’ll figure something out.

I don’t know how I did, but I came across THIS SITE. She is a master loctician and drops a lot of knowledge behind locs. I’m sure a lot of her points/tips are arguable but it’s was good to read her point of view.

Peace and loc’ve

Happy Loc Day to me….

Basically I had the BEST experience getting my locs done. I can’t even begin to tell you all how comforting my loctician was. I can’t brag about her and her business enough. I made a top 10 reasons list as to why I love my loctician that I will post later (here it is!).

She may be the reason why I stay in Orlando longer! I can’t imagine someone else touching my hair!

Anywhooevers….LaTonya told me EVERYTHING she was doing as she did it. She told me about the products that she used, the technique and even treated my scalp to a nice massage prior to the loc installation. She let me look at pictures of her other clients; which eased my nerves.

I was there for a little less than 2 hours with 40 minutes being spent under the dryer. The result?

Yep, my locs will be relatively small; definitely my preference. I can’t remember the exact product that LaTonya used on the locs. It was a mango butter all-natural mixture. It smelled divine and didn’t leave my hair crunchy or flaky. My hair seemed to coil easily and I don’t think I will have any issues with them unraveling. *crosses fingers* My back coils may be a bit of a challenge since the hair back there is shorter. The locs have already gone horizontal but pinning them down at night will get them growing the right way.

I have to remember to not only wear a shower cap but to remove it immediately after the shower so that humidity doesn’t build.

I also purchased some hair oil from her that smells absolutely wonderful.

The ingredients rundown:
-Herb infused jojoba oil
-Virgin olive oil
-Essentials of Tangerine, Grapefruit and Magnolia and Rosemary
-Vitamin E

I am lovin’ this mix! When I run out, I will definitely have Mommy the Herbalist mix this up for me. LaTonya told me to put half of the oil blend with the Silk ‘N Shine Finishing gloss.

This gloss combined with the hair oil is wonderful!! Not too greasy and the gloss gives my hair that that extra shine without the build-up. So far, that is…

Reason #208 why my loctician is the ish…as I left she gave me a little print-out of stages that my locs will go through.

I will re-type them all in the coming posts. Can’t post all of the good stuff now. 🙂

Overall: I am in LOVE with my baby locs. Wait—they technically aren’t locs. They are “comb coils”. I am excited to be on this journey and even though my next appointment isn’t for another 4 weeks, I know I will be poppin’ my head in to consult with LaTonya and just be around her wonderful loc’d vibe.

The Last Day!

Today was the last day of having loose hair (I’m actually writing this the following day…HA! Thank you Blogger for scheduled posts.)

I washed my hair with my lovely Trader’s Joe conditioner for the last time. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. But then again—I always loved hair washing. Who doesn’t?

I patted my hair down and just smiled at myself in the mirror. I always love my hair texture when it’s wet. The curls are insaaaane and just stared at them.

Don’t yall say nothin’ about those washcloths. LOL!

I looove my color and the reason why is because I can tell how much my hair has grown just by how much my color is growing out.

And then the last 2 pictures.

Ciao loose natural hair!!!

From the Queen to her Crown.

Dear Crown,

It’s me! I know I don’t show you love the way I used to. I know, I know. But I wanted to write you a quick letter. You know…..a Queen is nothing without her crown. Without her crown she looks like everyone else. You are the reason why I feel like royalty.

We have certainly had some great times. Remember in 6th grade when people used to pick on you? They said that you were too “long” like that was a bad thing. The little boys would pull on you just to aggravate me.

And the Kool-Aid dyeing! I started a trend in 10th grade. 3 orange packages and 2 reds made a bamgin’ rinse! Had to run from the rain, though. LOL….those were the days.

Remember your first highlights when I was 14? And then the bang? And how I hated going to the hair salon because even though I got my ends trimmed 3 weeks ago, the stylist ALWAYS wanted to chop you off again?! I haaateed that!

The salon was never pleasant. Remember always being looked over because I was young? I would sit there from 9am-4pm on most Saturdays. You would be burned by the creamy crack, set on fire by the dryer and then sprayed with liquid metal to hold a style in place. You could never really hold a perm and I used to loathe you for it. In high school, when my friend LaToya and I vowed to come up with the first perm that would actually keep your hair straighter for longer? We were so serious.

Ohmiiiiiigosh! Remember those God-awful micros?

They look 388 hours to finish and it was hell taking them out. Sometimes I look at that picture and don’t even know who that person is. It’s funny how changing you, changed me.

And then we went natural and YOU got me so many compliments! When I was in that step group and I was nicknamed FRO and stepped with a black fist pick in my hair? The color was insaaaane!!

Remember Ole’Boy who slid me the number because he said he “a girl with spark”? He noticed me because of YOU! And remember when you went that crazy brown/orange color one summer? I was so in love with you back then! You made me feel so sexy.

That’s when I met ThatMan and he named me Honey Bee. How appropriate! From the Angela Davis fro…

to the blue black fro-hawk…

to the funky blonde streak (sans the rainbow brows…yuck!)…

and the loc-inspired twists…..

We had some good times with the natural hair, didn’t we? Remember how my ex hated you? He would give you that look and I knew what he was saying although he never said it.

“You need a perm….straight hair is so much more attractive.”

Well, to hell with him, perms, straight hair and all of that mess about un-straight hair being unprofessional. I apologize for not showering you with the attention you deserve. I never spent enough time with you. But yet, you were always there for me. Growing thicker, longer and curlier. People would compliment you and I would say “thank you” like I actually did something. I never did anything. You are my crown and I thank you for standing tall on my head. I thank you for your wave pattern, your different textures and your shine. I thank you for making me love myself more.

And look how much you made me stand out.

My college BFFs are some fly ladies but look at you!

And now as you embark on a new journey, I know I will love you even more. Remember those 2 hair videos I did in your honor? Pelo Negro has received quite a few hits and I’ve even counseled others because they saw the glory that YOU gave me. And that party I threw for you for my First Nappiversary. I fro-ed you out nice and big and had 13 friends come over and marvel at you.

….I’m reminiscing again. What I really mean is….I hope that you flourish even more through locs. I know you will. You have never let me down.

Love Always,
Your Queen

The First Post!

This makes my third blog and I am excited about it! I will be tracking my journey to achieve beautiful locs!

I don’t have them yet but I had my consultation today with my loctician and I am in loooove her locs. And her style. She had me extremely comfortable and had she had the time, I would have asked her to loc me up TODAY. I want them now!

She ran her fingers through my hair and marveled at how beautiful my texture was. Which, of course, made me feel good.

She told me that I would have no problem locing up.

My only concern was my work-out regime. I work out everyday and my head sweats. She reassured that it may be tougher for me but that as long as I keep the hair tied down, then I should be okay.

Check out my loctician’s webpage HERE. Ain’t she bad?

I’m getting them done on Saturday. I will definitely post pictures!!

HERE is the link to my first hair blog. I tracked my journey from when I went from a perm to the beautiful nappy hair that I have now.