Locs and jewels

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved earrings. I can walk outside without a bracelet, necklace or a ring on. But I can’t recall a time when I have EVER left my home without a pair of earrings on. I even wear them when I work-out and swim.

Craziness, I know.

My loctician is always complimenting me on my earrings when I stroll through to her shop. Which is true irony because I’m the one that’s in love with HER earrings. We have the same style when it comes to pretty dangling things from the lobe. Big, funky, African, homemade, colorful earrings would be our earrings of choice.

So when I went to Atlanta, I snagged her some beautiful earrings from this African-themed shop in Underground Atlanta.

I put them in a cute little pouch and put them in this little wicker box.

It’s the little things, you know? I don’t know what it is about nappy heads/loc rockin’ people but we love these funky earrings. I didn’t start wearing earrings like these until I went natural.

….and don’t even get me started on loc adornments.

When my babies get longer, I will be sporting these like crazy!!! I got that picture from THIS LADY’s Etsy shop. Click that link and you will visit her shop and view a dozen more photos of beautiful loc adornments. She’s got a few on there that I KNOW I will be ordering in the next few months.

Like this one:

That looks so warrior-like and so….me. And the fact that they are homemade make them a little extra special. 🙂

Until next time…

Peace and loc’ve.

Day 41 Updates

I am still traveling like a mad woman so I don’t have any pictures but can I just say….


It is looking amazing right now. Even a week after my hair appointment. In fact, I was getting annoyed that they were looking a little too “manicured”. But the fuzzies have finally returned, the locs have puffed and they just look so good right now.

And I finally got to meet one of my locspirations and fellow beauty bloggin’ sisters!

Shawnta…*sigh* Your locs…..and yes I did bombard her with 398,273 questions. And yes I did play with her locs for a good 5 minutes. Sure did! And like a good hairspiration, she didn’t mind.

Or was that annoying, Shawnta? LOL…you can tell me later.

I can’t wait to head home and give myself a nice head massage. I just ran out of my oil last night so I will definitely be needing that STAT!

Peace and loc’ve.

2nd Appointment-Day 32

Ohmigoodness, I loooooooove the hair salon. It’s a certain kind of peace that I have never felt in hair salons when I was a permie that I feel now. I can’t really explain it. I think it’s because I love my loctician so much. I know, I know. I’m bragging about her….again. I so can’t help it.

Ms. Tonya looooved how my hair was looking after a month’s progress. She wasn’t even disgusted with the dandruff like I was. She just scratched my head. For a good 4 minutes. I was in heaven.

And then she washed it. For a good 10 minutes. I was in heaven.

And then she got started. We watched “A Family That Preys” and I forgot how good that movie was. The 6 of us were in their screaming and laughing and just having a good ole’ time. And then she put me under the dryer for a good 40 minutes. I spent my time blog hopping on the Berry and reading my “Blogging for Dummies” book [NOTE: Am I not obsessed with blogging/blogs or what?]

40 minutes passed and she gets to removing the silver clips and moisturizing my hair. I anxiously try and take a peek at my hair and she keeps me a head-lock.

Literally….my loctician is a mess, yall.

And then she tells me to close my eyes ,grabs my hand and leads me to the mirror.

“Open them,” she says.

And this is what I saw:

Here’s a texture shot…

Can you believe this? I mean this was my hair last month.

It looks completely different, right? And so much longer! I loooove it. They are mighty small and as I mentioned before, that is my preference. They almost look like Sister Locks and when they get fuzzy (because I KNOW they will), they won’t look so bad.

She used a different method this time. I STARTED off with comb coils but from this point on she will use the palm rolling method to do my locs. And yep….they are officially locs now.

They are just a little too thin. I guess they’ll puff up???? I don’t know. I was too overwhelmed to ask many questions. I made an appointment for 3 weeks from now instead of 4. Waiting 4 was torture.

I’m excited!

Reasons why I love my loctician

I stopped by my loctician’s shop–gift in hand and ready to hug her neck, marvel in her locs and make my next appointment. Chick wasn’t even there and won’t be back until next Tuesday!!

After wiping my tears, I left my business card with her receptionist and what do you know? My loctician called me 20 minutes later. I will be going to see her on Wednesday. 3 days before I leave for D.C. Perfect!!

She mentioned that I will be getting a good cleansing too. *insert big ass smile here* Can’t wait!

….how can someone who I’ve only known for a little over a month bring so much joy? Here’s why I love her:

[NOTE] I typed this up while I was sitting under the dryer the first day I got my locs installed.

1. She’s on time! That whole CP time stereotype ends with her. I was her 7am appointment and she was on time and ready to start. She also called me a day before to confirm our appointment. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about.

2. She asks questions. Most hair stylists just “do” whatever to your hair with very little regard. She asked about my lifestyle and really wanted to know what would work best for me. She also wanted to “make sure” that we were on the same page.

3. She made me feel comfortable. “Is the water too hot?” “Does that hurt?” I have NEVER gotten this before. Lord knows I spent at least 20 hrs a month in hair salons as a child/teen and I can’t tell you how many times the stylist would just do this and that without much regard for my comfort. And we won’t even talk about the head massage she gives. Oh…mi…gooooosh!!

4. She’s beautiful. No..like really beautiful. Her skin, her hair, her personality, her demeanor…just beautiful.

5. She has positive vibes. I personally need to be around people like this ALL the time. She has such a kindred spirit that it radiates and is contagious–even at 7 in the morning. No complaining, all smiles and it was just a pleasure to be in her presence. Some people just have a wonderful “vibe” and aurora and she’s one of them!

6. She tells she me what’s going on and eases any apprehension. How many times have you gone to a hair salon and the color wasn’t what you wanted or the stylist cut off MORE hair than what you wanted? Ugghhh! I can’t remember when this HASN’T happened to me. LaTonya told me every step, every process, every product..everything. I wasn’t left in the dark about what was going on on my own head.

7. She introduces everyone to everyone. No more of that “being talked over” feeling I always got at the Black hair salon. LaTonya introduced me to her other clients, told them my hair story AND theirs. We would all end up laughing and genuinely enjoying each others’ company; a rarity among Black women (I’ll save that rant for RoaR).

8. She listens to gospel music. I love this! Not T-Pain. Not Beyonce. I don’t listen to gospel allll the time (maybe like once/twice a week) but I am always in good spirits when I do. This may frustrate not so “religious” clients as she jams to Malia Jackson and has Bible scriptures everywhere, but this works for me.

9. There’s proof. That she does a good job, that is. Pictures are everywhere! She’s got huuuuge photo albums of her work. She’s got pictures that show her clients’ progression. She tells you their story and assures you that they too had apprehension but “look at their locs” now.

10. She’s knowledgeable. The awards/certifications on her wall are proof enough but she also really really KNOWS about natural hair and locs. She provided me with information about the different phases and introduced me to “natural hair” terminology.

Honorable mentions: -She gives gifts. -She’s a make-up artist!-She’s sooooo funny.

-She has a professional website-She works on one client at a time

So yep….I will brag about my loctician all up and through this blog because she is the bomb diggity!

Day 28 Updates

Wow, in 2 days it will officially be a month!! Time flies!

(((((The rundown)))))

It’s been the same! I have been cleansing my scalp with SeaBreeze (just a Q-tip soaked in it) to combat the itchiness. Ohmigoodness…my scalp is insanely itchy but the SeaBreeze is keeping it at bay. I massage hair oil in my scalp at night and wear a satin night scarf to bed. Every morning when I work out, I wear my head band to keep my sweat from soaking the coils. If I notice some coils uncoiling, I use aloe vera gel to gently re-twist them.


Dandruff. It’s out of control. Insane. Crazy! I’ve had problems with dandruff before and this is one thing I can not figure out how to get under control. I do everything—drink tons of water, eat my vegetables, take vitamins, put moisture in my scalp….what’s the problem? I’m purchasing some tea tree oil today to see if this can alleviate the problem.

Fuzzies. Not really a problem per se but it bothers me because I feel like my hair still looks messy and un-kept. For the most part, I just deal with it but I found myself turning down some social activities just because I didn’t feel like my hair looked good enough to be “out and about”. I know, I know…that’s bad but I can’t help it. I understand that my hair is going through a process but until these fuzzies get under control, my social life will have to be put on hold. <–not that THAT will be hard. I know like 3 people in this city! Coils uncoiling. *sigh* This is so frustrating. The hair on the back on my head is so soft. I almost can’t stand it. It just won’t stay in tact. I’ve gotten over that too. I’m learning to just “not care” and let my hair do it’s on thang.


Compliments. In Atlanta, at least 4 people told me they liked my hair. WHAT? Who woulda thunk? Here I am thinkin’ I look like a mess and people are complimenting me. Of course they were all nappy heads and probably remembered their journey BUT the point is….I guess I need to chill and realize that I don’t…look….that…bad.

The men like! Um yes….my male friends are lovin’ the baby locs. Which is a huge deal for me. Especially since I’ve been feeling mildly unattractive. My boys seem to really love the hair. Although Mr. Crass did say that I looked better with the huuuuge afro. *scoffs* He’s just mad that my locs will be just as fly as his. 🙂

New growth. That’s a huge plus for anyone tracking their hair journey, uh? I feel a ton of new growth. Which I almost to be expected because my hair has always grown pretty fast.

I know this is a THICK post but I wanted to update yall with as much as I could. Now on to the pictures.

I’m gettin’ there, I’m gettin’ there…. I’ll post again when I find out the date for my next hair appointment. Maybe my loctician will let me post a picture of her locs. *crosses fingers*

I leave for D.C. (Inauguration bound!!!) next Saturday so I am hoping she can get me in this weekend at the very earliest. OMG, if she can get me in like….Friday, I will be excited! I’ll have a fresh new do and ready to see Obama—along with the other 29 trillion people too. HA!

Peace and Loc’ve.

Men and locs, Part I

….what can I say? I love them. With a passion.

Very rarely am I attracted to men with fades or short cuts. I may give them a glance but my mouth pretty much drops when I see a man with gorgeously maintained locs. I can’t explain it.

Lately I’ve been having a ton of conversations about “women with locs” to men with locs. Two of my great male friends rock gorgeous locs on their crowns. I’ll go into detail about those convos. But first a quick photo shoot.

My boys always allow me the honor to intertwine my fingers in their locs. I closely examine each one.

See…locs are more than just “hair”. They tell a story. Check out Mr. Crass’.

Mr. Crass has some thiiiiick hair. He’s been growing his locs for 6 years and I’ve known him only 2 of those 6.

They are perfect. I mean…I don’t know how else to describe them.

*moment of silence* If I point to any area on his locs, he can tell me what was going on at that length. “The death of his Aunt” “The birth of his daughter”. It’s amazing….unfortunately he’s ready to cut ’em off. For him they represent too much pain. Too many downfalls. He’s ready for a change in his life….and the locs have to go.

I hope that I have mostly positive events/joys in my life as I grow my locs. I can’t imagine cutting them off after 6 years. I remember scowling him after hearing this but now I get it.

I’m sure people who grow their hair pretty long can relate.

That song “I am not my hair” by India Arie ain’t true for all of us.

Peace and loc’ve.

*kisses Mr. Crass*