I’m learning!!

I spent a good 2 hours today on I used to be addicted to that site before and a few months after I BCed. BC=big chop. This is usually when when someone cuts off their relaxed hair and rocks short nappy hair. Or a TWA…which is a teeny weeny afro.

Yes, we have our own terminology. Hence why I say being natural is more than a hairstyle…it’s a lifestyle.

Anyway–I forgot how GREAT is. This online resource for Black women and their natural hair has changed my life in many ways. I would have NEVER been so confident had it not been for the forum topics and its members.

It’s great!

If you are a member of and you are also on a loc journey click HERE for the compiled list of loc discussions.

And for some random hair porn, check out this loctician’s website and photo gallery! Can I just say that I too will rock red/purple/brown locs like the sista in the gallery. Click HERE to see what I’m talkin’ about.

Peace and loc’ve.

Natural Head Spotlight: Cousin B

One of my favorite people in the entire world is my cousin, Brit.

Yes, this chick has the same name as me. LOL, no fair. I was born first so she was named after me. HAAA!!

I’m kidding…to be honest, I don’t even know if we’re cousins.

My Uncle married her Aunt. Does that make us related by marriage?

Who cares….I love the girl like no other. We both went to the University of South Florida together and went through a tooooon of experiences together. We even sat next to each other at graduation. She truly is one of my greatest friends.

I haven’t seen her in a few months though and was shocked to see that she not only grew out her hair but has beautiful naturally curly hair. Dig it:

I love love loooove her hair. Those coils are insanely beautiful.

And here we are with my girl Krys…she ain’t natural but she’s got a fly!

3 beautiful ladies rocking 3 different hairstyles. *sigh* I love the diversity of Black hair.

Nappy, straight and curly. Gotta love it!

Love you, cuz!

I washed and re-twisted my locs!

Yes family….I am crazy excited about this new venture.

Having locs is freedom but I always felt dependent on my loctician. And I didn’t get this way until I started planning trips. I would look at my calendar and be like,

“Dang, if I leave on the 14th I need to make an
appointment on the 12th,”

It got frustrating. I want my hair to look beautiful while I make my travels but my schedule didn’t always work out with my loctician’s schedule. What’s a girl to do?

Um….do her own damn hair! I’ve been doing it for almost 4 years since I’ve been natural so why stop now?

And I did…

Big ups to my newly appointed loc’tor (that’s a mentor of locs) BSquared86. I spent a good hour looking through her Fotki photo albums. Her hair texture seems to be similar to mine and I love how she updates each month and shows comparison photos. She inspired me!

So….I washed my hair with Dr. Bonner’s Magic soap. I added a little tea tree oil to it and concentrated on my scalp….you know I’ve got that dandruff issue.

I gently rinsed and then used my Oyin Honey Hempy Conditioner. I let that sit for a minute and then checked out the hair to see if the locs were doin’ okay….they were!

Here I am frettin’ that I would wash my babies out and all they did was puff up. I gently rinsed…

Look how clean my hair looks!

….the inner afro-hippie in me secretly wants me to rock my locs just like that. Free, nappy and beautifully messy. But alas the classy chic lady won this round.

I made a mixture of shea butter, olive oil and aloe vera gel.

I sat down for a good 2 hours and palm rolled each twist. THIS video shows how that works. Although I should add that this lady has “dreadlock extensions” . WTF are dreadlock extensions? I have an attitude about that the way I have an attitude about weaves but that’s another post for another day.

I clipped down the locs and added some of that black paper stuff on the edges. This is what my loctician uses to keep the hair slick in the front.

Then I sat under the dryer for a good 20 minutes.

Yes, I use heat. Very little and on a low temp.

The results….

Not bad for my first attempt! I was elated. I thought that I would miss some of the locs in the back but I managed to re-twist each and every one. I will post pictures of how they look in a few days. I’m thinking I can do this myself from now on!

I will cancel my appointment with my loctician and visit her at the end of March.

DIY maintenance. I’m lovin’ it!

Peace and loc’ve

Myth #1 about Locs

One of my best beauty bloggin’ friends/sister, Kia over at Yummy 411 and I were chattin’ and she gave me the idea to start a “Myth” segment. As I continue my journey I am going to dish out some myths about locs. Many that I didn’t even know!

Here’s #1:

You can’t wash your hair for 2-7 months.
This will interrupt the locing process.

I actually believed this. I thought that washing my hair would make my locs un-loc and I would be left with a fro of a mess. NOT TRUE! Of course it depends on your texture, but I am learning that it is okay to treat your hair like your normally would. And that means washing it on a regular basis. Plus you have to! I don’t even want to think out how funky (as in smell) my hair would be if I didn’t wash it for a few months.

And the dandruff factor…..hells no.

In fact, it wasn’t until I was natural that I understood that it was okay for Black people to wash their hair more than 2 times a month. When I was perming I rarely washed my hair. As a natural….I was washing it at least twice a week. Huge difference!

….I’ll drop the next myth in the coming posts.

Peace and loc’ve

Happy 2 months, locs!!

So I didn’t realize that Valentine’s Day officially made my locs 2 months old.

Awww! It’s shocking really. Each month is a milestone. I remember thinking the same thing when I first went natural. I feel so lucky to go through this experience. Many people will never see the amazement that is self-transformation. I’ve been blessed to experience it with my hair and through weight loss.

Ahhh….and I can’t forget the “mental transformation” I went through in my Africana Studies major.

Transformation in any form takes discipline, drive and patience but the rewards are innumerable.

Enough of my motivational preaching…..check out how the locs are looking after 2 months. I took this pictures while creating a make-up look for Clumps of Mascara’s FOTD Friday.

How cool is this view?

I say that are shaping up pretty nicely. Later this week I will re-twist them myself just so they can stay looking nice. I need to re-schedule my next appointment since I accidentally scheduled it in the time that I will be in Los Angeles (Raye, got your email…see you at the Grove!).

Oh wait…check out me and my cousin at our friend’s birthday party this past weekend. I am going to do a feature on her beautiful natural hair later.

Loves it!

Peace and loc’ve.

3rd Appointment-Day 62

I am lovin’ you all’s comments on “Black hair”…I think I will do more discussion posts because it is soooo interesting to see what Black women think about hair. Thanks for your input!

These pictures are a little delayed. I so forgot to upload them!

I had my 3rd appointment and can you believe that some of my locs are budding already? It’s only been 2 months!

My greatest concern right now about my locs is that they are too small. My fear is that they will get heavier over time which will result in them getting thinner and thinner. I almost regretting getting them THIS small. I am definitely NOT turning back so I have to decide what I will do.

-Start Sisterlocking them ($$!!!!)
-Start combining them
-Deal with what I have for now and cross that road when I get there
(any advice from loc rockers would be soooo nice!)

I was remiss in telling my loctician how I felt. I I should have. I definitely will the next time I visit her.

Overall all though, I am in love with my hair. I think it’s beautiful. My scalp was nowhere near as dry as it was last month’s so that’s a blessing.

I have decided that this time around I will start re-twisting myself. As much as I love my loctician, I never really wanted to be super dependent on a hair dresser. So I have to learn how to do this myself. In the next week, I will get to it. I will definitely be logging that journey.

Here are my babies…

…and some close-up texture shots.

It is amaziiiing what my natural hair is doing right now. I’ve always been fascinated with locs but even more so now because I am seeing the transition that MY hair is making. I mean….I can’t even remember my comb coils.

I really wonder what my family will think when they realize that I am indeed growing locs. I swear folx wanted to get me counseling when I first cut my hair off and went natural in ’05. I am the only natural lady in my immediate family.

We have to take “family photos” (gags) for my Dad’s 50th birthday. It will be my Step-mother and three younger sisters. I’m sure all of them will be sporting fresh perms and/or sew-ins.

Meanwhile, I’ll be the one standing out with my locs cheesin’ like a mofo.

Peace and loc’ve.

It sucks having black hair..

I know the title may be throwing you off but this was the topic of a discussion a few of my girlfriends and I had last weekend. These particular friends had various hairstyles.

There were two loc rockers, two permies and a sista with a TWA (teeny weeny afro). I don’t even know how we got on this topic but before I knew it we were all dramatically expressing our woes of having Black hair.

“It’s like no matter how a Black woman wears her hair, it’s ALWAYS going to be a hassle.”

“We can never NOT put a satin scarf on at night.”

“I thought that by going natural, my hair would be easier to take care of. Not!”

“And there’s a reason why we spend so much money on products. Our hair requires so much!”

I could go on and on…and at the end of the conversation I really got to thinking…

“Damn, it sucks having nappy/kinky hair.”

And very rarely do I NOT like my hair. I actually love my natural texture…but it’s true, having Black hair is hard work. I don’t ever remember it being easy.

Actually wait—having a small afro was probably the best style I ever had. Such freedom. And let’s not forget braid extensions. This was the ONLY style in which my Mom let me swim every day in. And being able to swim without fear of my hair was true freedom for a litle Black girl.

Does having Black hair suck? I love mine and I know it’s beautifully unique but my friends of other races never told me horror stories about the hot comb from the stove. Or being 12 years old and spending every other Saturday in a hair salon….hours and hours in a hair salon. And I would always be frustrated with my hair growth, balding spots….not sure what to expect when a perm would literally leave my scalp on fire.

Does it suck having Black hair? Even as a natural it’s going to take hours to twist and loc your hair. And let’s not talk about the pain that comes from “blowing out” to achieve the perfect afro. I could never put a comb to my nappy hair because it huuuuurt.

Do other races of women run from the rain the way we do? Or don’t swim? Or don’t work out? And then blame their hair….?

Does it really suck having Black hair?

Day 52 Updates….

Wow…it’s been a little minute since I’ve updated! With a post regarding my hair, at least.

And here we are at Day 52.

I can’t believe it. The other day I was looking at this picture….

…and I missed my big hair! It was so much fun. But it fit my lifestyle. While I adored the huuuge afro, I know that there is a time and a place for it. It worked for the funky college student. I was young and free.

Now I’m young and working a 8-5. LOL, which says a lot.

So locs work for me right now.

Amina and I are always talking about going back to the “loose hair”….and I’ve always been pretty sure that I won’t….but who knows where life will take you.

I know where it WON’T take me, though–and that’s back to the creamy crack called a perm.
But that’s just me. 🙂

Check out how the hair looks now:

…..and this is where I was when I cut my hair off in September.

How in the WORLD does my hair grow so fast? It’s insane….I mean….I barely had any hair and now if I stretch it, it is hittin the top of my back. Craziness!!

Not a thing has changed in terms of maintenance. I still use my oil and make sure that I use my satin bonnet every night before bed.

I have an appointment on Friday. I saw her only three weeks and I could probably go another week since the fuzzies don’t bother me.

Yes, I said it….I love how my hair looks a fuzzy mess. It doesn’t bother me for some reason which is shocking since I always said I wanted my locs to be perfectly manicured, neat and nice at all times.

Well…I think these look nice.

But something HAS to be done about this dandrufff–an issue I’ve been dealing with for years. Some say that if your hair grows fast, you may endure MORE dandruff. Not sure how true that is but I am off to research some supplements (again) that can assist with my dandruff issue.

Peace and loc’ve.