Locs undercover

I look a liittle—not like myself in this photo.
LOL, don’t really know how to explain it…

But yes….every few weeks I like to rock a head wrap just to give the locs a little break away from the elements. They appreciate it and I appreciate a different look. One of these free weekends, I am going to go to a fabric store and get a ton of bright colored scarves. Just for the sake of Spring.

Peace and loc’ve.

The things bobby pins can do…

Now that my locs are getting some length to them, I am finding out that they can now hold some pretty groovy styles.

And all it takes is 3-4 bobby pins!

being silly

Never mind that it is just a criss-crossing some twists and pinning them….sounds boring but it shows that my babies are becoming a little more versatile in the styling department. On the weekends, I like to get my inner-rockstar/hippie out and do the same thing on the other side of my head and sometimes in the middle.

I am careful with not pulling my hair TOO much. I think I will play around with some up-do’s soon!

Peace and loc’ve

Happy 4th Nappiversary!

I’m a mess….

I posted the other day that my nappiversary was on Friday when it’s really today. Today I celebrate 4 years of having beautiful nappy hair.

Granted I’ve had it my whole life but it wasn’t until 4 years ago when I realized just how beautiful and STRONG my natural hair is.

I’ve said it before but celebrating hair isn’t something everyone will understand. Most have to have GONE there to get it. To some it is silly. Others could care less. But to me…

Well…considering that have 2 hair videos, have had 2 hair blogs and take pride in being a Black woman with natural hair….it means a great deal!! And when I celebrated my 1st Nappiversary, I threw a party!!! Maybe I’ll do that for the 5th Anniversary.

I thought about doing a 4-year video but uhh….I was too lazy. You can check out Year 3 video HERE and Year 1 video…

To celebrate my hair’s nappiversary, I did some random shots of the locs.

(LMAO @ the washcloths and my muscle arm.
I think I pump too much iron, yall.)

Those are my babies, fam.

Damn, I love my hair. It really don’t make no sense.

And you know it’s serious when you have to bring out the Ebonics.

Those thinking about going natural or loc’ing, seriously,

DO IT!! But do it because you want to. And don’t worry about what other people think. A good 98% of my support came from the internet when I first went natural. Had I listened to what stupid ex boyfriends, friends, family members or f-ing corporate America thought/said…..I would not have done it.


I dedicate this post to Yolanda. In the words of RuPaul (who I love!), you….betta….work. So proud of you!

A Change ‘Gon Come…

I mean, literally.

I’ve got to do better with The Crowned Chronicles. My vision for this blog is a lot GREATER than what I am doing. So I am going to be making a lot of changes ‘roun these parts. Don’t mind my dust. I want to do more product reviews, hair shots, interviewing and just really giving those who are considering going natural/loc’ing to get a GOOD idea of what those journeys are like.

So I will do better.

I didn’t know that maintaining 3 blogs would be such work.

But I certainly don’t mind it. I just want to be better at it.

Email me at Brittany@ClumpsOfMascara.com for any suggestions, recommendations, thoughts and ideas.

Guess who is celebrating her 4th Nappiversary this upcoming Friday?! I’m so excited!!

3.5 Months-5th retwist (just the front)

This post has been sitting here for a minute (on April 5th to be exact).
I should have posted it a loooong time ago.

So a few weeks back my head was insanely itchy. I couldn’t even deal with it. I desperately wanted to wash my hair but wasn’t in the mood to re-twist my entire head.

So what did I do? I just re-twisted the front! It was extremely successful .

The back after the wash. I am shocked at how well it stood up.

OMG, these look like LOCS!!

And then I just palm rolled the first row or two of locs.

Ta da!

I am loving this! I could care less how fuzzy the back of my hair looks but when trying to be professional, the front needs to always look…”decent”. So washing just the first two rows is really what’s hot in the streets.

And uh…..I really miss my loctician. I will stroll by her shop sometime this week. I would love to make an appointment but I am really trying to save money with all of the traveling I will be doing this summer. $80/month can go a long way. And now that I know that I can maintain these locs by myself, I don’t feel as dependent on professional.

Which is good.
But bad because I love supporting my loctician.

But yall know…every penny counts these days.

Peace and loc’ve.

Going natural can save your life…

….it’s true!!!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard Black women say they can’t/won’t work-out because of their hair. Here’s what we say.

“Girl, I ain’t goin’ outside with all of that humidity. I’ll sweat out my perm.”

“Run a 5K with you? Chile please, I just got my hair done.”

“What do you mean swim a few laps? I can’t….just got a perm.”

“I would go to the gym in the morning but I ain’t got time to do my hair.”

I’m not over-exaggerating because I used to do it.

When I was a permie, working out what a nightmare! It is almost impossible for a sista with 4a hair (that means kinky) to maintain a perm while sweating profusely daily. For this reason…..I didn’t work out often.

But as a natural… I can sweat for hours at a time without fearing that I have ruined my hair style. I have been working out like crazy in the past year and this would have never been possible had I had a perm.

I bet if more Black women went natural…..more of us would work out which would result in more of us being healthier. It makes sense.

I can see how it can confuse non-Black women (and men) but what can I say? Our hair really determines A LOT.

That whole, “I am not my hair” bit…..it’s really not true. Whether we want to admit it or not, a lot of us ARE our hair. Our hair makes and breaks a lot of rules for us.

…..well, not for this loc’d lady.

It would be ridiculous of me to assume that ALL permies neglect the gym because of their hair. But I think it’s safe to say that a lot of kinky-haired ladies do.

The following video is a must see! It talks about Black women and why some of us DON’T work-out because of our hair. I am so glad that issues like this are being talked about. How silly have we been to NOT take care of our bodies because of hair maintenance? Our life depends on it. Thanks Natural Hair Rules!


Yep….that’s what my older sister said to me when she found out I was loc’ing.

I call Rae my older sister because up until I was 12 years old I really thought that she WAS indeed my sister. NOT! She just happened to be a baby sitter that was always around. She means so much to me. After all, she kinda helped raised me.

And as much as I love her…..I had to not let her words bother me.

“I don’t like locs or weaves and I don’t think they look good on anyone.”

Damn…..that’s harsh. Especially considering that a great deal of Black women rock one or the other. She told me that she thought that locs always looked dirty.

So I sent her this video.

Listen to the lyrics of the song…

“Be Natural”
-Fertile Ground

My locs are beautiful and unique.
And I don’t expect everyone to understand.
But I DO expect those close to me to respect that.
I know that natural hair/locs ain’t for everybody…..and Lord knows I’m not trying to get everyone to go natural but to say, “Ew locs….” is beyond insulting.

Good thing I’ve got some thick skin. I kindly told my sister that it was ridiculous to make such a general assessment. And I sent her to a few natural hair websites. When people make ignorant comments like this, the best thing to do is educate them. Even when you want to curse them out.

See…having natural hair sometimes means that you have to defend something that really should need NO explanation; your natural hair.

Sometimes I have to FORCE myself to have an open mind when it comes to Black hair. As much as the lye and weaves annoy me, I really don’t want to become too judgmental. Ironically some permies don’t hesitate to judge my beautiful curls, naps and locs.

*tisk tisk*

Do I think I’m better than anyone because I rock natural hair?
Hell no.

Do I think it’s pretty cool that my hair can naturally loc?
Hell yes.

Happy 4 Months, locs….photos coming soon.

Peace and loc’ve.

Travelin’ locs…

Just random shots of the locs while I was at The Makeup Show in Los Angeles….

I can’t believe that was almost a month ago.

The locs have done quite a bit of traveling in their existence….

-Washington, D.C.

-Los Angeles

….next month NYC

….in June the Bahamas
….Tampa Bay & Miami during the summer
…..who knows where else!

I wish I could do some international traveling. Maybe I will start collecting loc jewels and putting them in my hair….each jewel will represent a travel made. Hmm…I need to talk to some of my ATL, DC, and LA nappy heads to see if they can hook me up with some loc adornments. Of course I probably wouldn’t string all of the jewels in my hair until my hair grows longer but I think it’s a beautiful way to tell a story.

My loctician has a Japanese coin strung in one of her locs and she told me the history behind that coin.

That’s pretty deep.

Peace and loc’ve.

3.5 Months….already??

I know, I know. It has been TOO long. Probably a little over a week.

My bad!

The locs are doing SO good. I went out of town last weekend (again….dang, I stay on the road) and a few of my family members noticed that I was loc’ing. One of my sisters goes,

“…it’s taking your hair FOREVER to loc.”

She obviously hasn’t been following my journey because I think that at almost 3 and a half months, I am doing pretty good. I let that comment go because she clearly doesn’t know the struggle. LOL!

Don’t mind the office scenery. I was on a lunch break….so here is how we are lookin’…

I LOVE my loc adornments. I take a few locs, pin them to the side and throw a pretty piece of jewelery in my hair. I love it.

Fuzzy mania. And I don’t mind it. It’s goin’ on three weeks since I’ve re-twisted and I am lovin’ how I am letting my hair do whatever it wants. I am usually very picky and want every strand in its place but I am learning to let my hair do it’s thang!

For the sake of tracking hair growth…

Speaking of that loc….that loc is my favorite. Why? Because it is completely loc’d! No fuzziness, no unraveling….it is hard. It is my warrior loc!

This picture doesn’t show how serious this loc is, but trust me on this one. LOL!

Check out the fuzzies….

I didn’t even know I had a loc adornment back there! LOL! I am shocked at how this looks BEAUTIFUL to me instead of a hot mess.

Now if there is one issue I have it would be this:

Do you see how this loc is budding in TWO different locations? At first glance, it looked like it may separate. I showed this to my loctician a few weeks back and she said that it’s okay…..That my hair is trying to figure out where it should go. That made ZERO sense to me but a few weeks later, the loc that had that issue….was no more. I am sure the same will happen with this one.

It’s funny how each month I have a different concern.

1st Month-OMG, the fuzzies won’t go away
2nd Month-OMG, my locs are too small…they are going to break off
3rd Month-OMG, I have buds on two locs, they are going to break off

Craziness….and each month, the locs surprise me and look even more amazing.

*sigh* I love my hair.

Tis all for now.

…..and maybe in the next post, I will explain what budding is. It just occurred to me that some folx may not even know what that is. I’m on it!

Peace and loc’ve!