Teenage Loc Affair

Sometimes I wish I never got a perm.


I would have been the only girl at my high school prom with locs.

Kinda like this 14-year old beauty Jaida Benjamin.

Her locs are absolutely beautiful. As is she.

What do you think? Could you see yourself with locs at 14 years old? I love natural hair so much that I think I would just die if my daughters came home and told me they wanted a perm.

You can find out more about Jaida here. ….actually, you HAVE to check her out. This little lady is dynamite.

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Locs at 5 months-video version

As promised, here is the video version of me talking about my locs at 5 months. Because I was too busy rambling about nothing, my camera’s memory ran out and it cut off on me. LOL, so I didn’t get a chance to talk about er’thang.

No biggie. Whatever I DIDN’T talk about there, I will be talking about on the blog.


Runaway Locs

If there is one thing that I am noticing about my babies is that they are movin’ around. Literally! My locs are constantly flying in my face. When they were younger I could just get up and go. Now and days I am finding myself trying to create some cute bobby pin-esqe kind of styles. If I don’t…they are all over the place. I’m not used to this!! I don’t even remember two-strand twists doing this. And for the first time in a long time…I have some length to my hair. Not that I didn’t before. Pre-locs I was natural for a good 3 years. BUT the fro grew UP. The locs are growing down. And they are out of control. But…I love it. I’m prepping up to go out of town (I know…again). This weekend I plan to do a good 2 videos and take tons of pics. So yay!! Yall be excited about that!
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My Asian fam is loc rockin’!

Oh yes…..you read the title correctly.

I’m not even going to lie, I used to get irritated by non-Black people sporting locs. It never looked right. But after falling in love with locs in general, I realized that anyone can rock locs. And make it look good.

And even if it doesn’t look good, that don’t stop folx from tryin’.

Check out my girl’s post on Asian Locs.

Happy 5 Months, locs!!

The locs are spending their 5 month birthday going to NYC. Updates will be slow as I will be in the city for a week or so. Wait…what am I talking about? I’ll be blogging via the Berry. Jumpin’ on the plane now!!

4.89 months-6th retwist

The locs went to the beach for the first time since their birth. But they didn’t hit the water. I managed to do a whole lot of swimming in the pool and in Miami Beach without getting the hair wet.

Which is a challenge because I looooove swimming and it’s hard to be in water without dunking my head under. Ah well. So before I went to Miami, I re-twisted the bad boys up and here’s how they looked three days later.

Uh oh…check out the “locs on the neck” action. Heyyy!

Way too scalpy up there if you ask me.

Not that I mind the fuzzies but I’m wonderin’ why they are back after only 3 days. I mean, damn….it took me close to 3 hours to finish re-twisting.

Look at how different the locs look without a flash!

The Soldier loc

WTF is goin’ on here?

They are lookin’ good to be almost 5 months. I’m proud of the kids! I will be retwisting them a little bit more tomorrow and only because I will be heading to New York. I really want the fuzzies to be under control for at least MOST of the time I am there. Dear locs, can yall do that please?

I think I am going to do a short–retwisting video too so stay tuned for that.

Peace and loc’ve

LocHawk: The Production

At almost 5 months, my locs are starting to show their wild side. They stick straight up, won’t lay down and even break bobby pins. I know. They are a mess. I don’t like to fight them and work against them. After all…my hair has had enough “forcing it to do what I want instead of letting it do what it wants to do” thanks to the creamy crack. My locs love the freedom with minimal maintenance. So stay tuned, friends. For my version of:LocHawk: The Production….me and my dramatics. Haaa!!Peace and loc’ve
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Myth #3 about Locs

Now this myth is one that I didn’t give much thought about until two of my favorite loc rockers….did it.

“It” being comb out their locs.

That’s right.

Locs can not be combed out.

FALSE!! They can….and I didn’t even know this until beauty YouTube-r Fauryn78 did a video talking about combing out her locs.

Now being that I was obsessed with her locs, I was literally screaming.

“Whyyyyy? ” I yelled at my laptop.

I could not figure out why someone with such beautiful locs would just….comb them out.

And then my good good friend and cousin, Shawnta did the same thing.

Shawnta with locs

Shawnta with a curly fro

These ladies had their locs for close to 10 years each. 10 years is a loooong time. As with most mature loc rockers, they can tell you what was going in their lives by the length of their locs. Locs carry memories–good and bad. Births and deaths. Ups and downs. Locs carry energy.

No really, they do.

Combing them out can represent a newfound image, positive reflections, a cleansing, but most importantly…

….a change.

It’s as simple as that. And of course my girls are just as beautiful without their locs as they were with them. I don’t see myself ever combing out my locs but then again….they are only almost five months old.

The road to locs and beyond is called a journey for a reason.

Peace and loc’ve

4 months-6th retwist

This post has been sitting here for almost a month!! I forgot to post pictures of my locs at 4th month. Silly me! I only have three but hey….

I did the re-twisting myself. Nothin’ special…

Peace and loc’ve.