The locs in the Bahamas, part II

I really hate cropping people out of photos. I don’t know…it’s something about it that makes me feel bad. Like I’m being selfish for only wanting myself in the photo.

I know it ain’t that deep but that’s how I feel when I crop folx out. LOL!! But I can’t help it if some of the best photos of my hair (and me, I guess) have other folx in them.

I was on Facebook (ugh) and saw that my sisters put up photos from our Bahamas vacation. You can see more approved by B photos here. While most of the “taken my sisters” photos SUCKED (as in I looked fat, haha) a few of them are aight. Especially the ones of the locs.

This is one of my favorite looks. Took two seconds and it always looked so elegant and simple. If I was feeling super pretty, I would add some loc jewels to the back of the bun.

Whoa!! Wild and crazy and stickin’ up somethin’ serious. The locs had gone through daily washings and still managed to “hang in there” . They kinda look like REAL locs in this photo.

Just wanted to post some “locs in action” photos.

Until next time…

Peace and loc’ve

Look Ma! A ponytail!

My locs go through a lot.

Virtually every day they are soaking wet from when I work-out. Especially the locs around the crown of my head. They are wet from root to tip. Don’t judge me…I sweat like a beast. LOL!

Anywhooevers, the other day I was running like mad and the locs were all in my face. Long gone are the days when I used to wear the little sweatband. It doesn’t work. I happened to have a rubberband on my wrist (so random) and without thinking I pulled the locs up in their first ever ponytail!

Yes it looks jacked up. And I wouldn’t go anywhere with it but hey….I haven’t had a ponytail since the afro puff a year or so ago.

Can’t wait for the hair to get longer! Stay tuned while I tell the story about how I battle loc shrinkage.

Peace and loc’ve

Throwback Hair: Bright Brown

A few weeks ago, an old college friend of mine (haha, like I’ve been out of college THAT long) sent me a text trying to find the photos of me with the “bright brown” hair color.

See, once upon a time before Facebook was taken over by non-collegiate peoples, it was actually used to document a great deal of my social life. Whenever there was an event, be it karaoke night, business internships or weekend trips to the beach….it popped up on Facebook. This was okay to do back in the day because only a handful of friends saw these pictures. Then I graduated and realized that photo documenting my life, albeit a sober and legal one, was not professional or relevant to my new life as a college grad. So I deleted the photos.

Anywaaayyyyy, I saved all of the removed photos to a flash drive and recently found the one with the bright brown hair.

A certain loc’d lover named me “Honey Bee” around this time. Loved this color!!

Ah yes…I was also “The Videogirl”….as in video production. I kinda loved the Broadcast Journalism major.

I love love love love looooove coloring my hair. As a natural, I’ve always done it myself and never had any issues. My natural dark brown hair does nothing for me. In the coming weeks, I am going to think about coloring a loc or two just for fun. Maybe do one red, another orange??

We’ll seeee!!

Peace and loc’ve.

Men with Locs….the video

My girlfriends are always picking on me because they say that I only like men that have locs.

That’s not true.

I just have a thing for men who have them. I mean, the following video was like porn to me. I find nothing more attractive than a man with gorgeous locs. 2 points if he smells good. And 3 points if he has white teeth and bangin’ smile.

….and 10 points if he’s single and has no kids. Which these days seems to be a rarity. LOL!!!!

Okay, I am soooo kidding.


Check out the vid.

1:17 reminds me of an old flame. I ain’t playin’…

The locs go to the Bahamas!

I didn’t mean to, but I got the babies wet.

One of the pools in Atlantis has an insane crazy river. I mean…it has rapids and all kinds of foolishness that is not made for the weak. Weak, I am not. I LOVE the water. I’ve been swimming since birth and have never been one of those “I can’t swim because of my hair.” Black women (don’t say a word…you know there are A LOT of us out there). Even WITH a perm I never hesitate to jump in some water. Buuuut—the locs are young and while they’ve interacted with water before I wanted to be gentle with them while on this trip.

Chile please.

Within 5 minutes of touching water I was UNDER water. I swam laps, went down the lazy river hours at a time and plunged down water slides. I. had. a. ball.

And look how beautifully the babies held up!

Soaking wet and yet they manage to look nice and plump. And they stayed in tact. Each night, before dinner, I would retwist a few in the front…

…..and let the back to its own thang.

And it worked!! I washed with Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint soap and…I don’t think I used a conditioner.

Wait—that’s a lie. I used Oyin Handmade Honey Hemp conditioner. I used a handheld blow dryer to get the locs dry and what the dryer didn’t get the bright sun did.

Swimming + 6 month old locs = success!


Peace and loc’ve

Loc Spotlight: Lady Corline

Corline is a shy 17-year old who volunteers for the museum in my office. When I first saw her I would have never thought that she was only 17. She carried herself with such….class. I envy her height. This South American beauty is 6’1.

Her locs are 2 years old and she started/maintains them herself. She is a recent high school grad and does hair on the side. So you know what that means, right?

Hooook-uuuuup. Nah, I’m jiving. But how cute is she? And her locs?

The locs are 6 months old!

The locs turn 6 months old!!!

That’s half a year!

I don’t even know if they are babies anymore. I would say they are pre-teens. For the 6th month celebration, I set an appointment with my loctician and maaaaan, I forgot how fabulous her shop is.

She gives me hugs, cleanses the scalp like crazy and then I plop in the chair. She passes me an Essence magazine (the one with Queen on the cover…that’s a good issue!) and we turn on “Along Came A Spider”. We talk. I read. We watch the movies. My phone rings.

My loctician: “Want me to get that for you?”

Me: No ma’am. I’m in therapy right now.

She laughs.

And it’s true….if I could afford it I would go to her every month. I have such peace being surrounded by ladies with positive spirits. My loctician was in love with how my hair looked. She couldn’t stop complimenting me. She said that at 6 months…..the locs were looking good!


I was soooo engaged in the movie “The Last Dragon”.

I’m a silly rabbit…

Length baby length!


I love them. Not as much as I will in a day or so. Locs look better a few days AFTER the hair appointment. The fuzzies start to come back a bit and they look amaziiiiing.

Products she used:
I still don’t know! I always forget to ask. I am in such a zone in her shop.

My worries:
-Some of my locs are still very thin. Verrrry thin.
-My dandruff. I really think it’s a scalp problem. I am going to the dermatologist to handle this.

I’ll be sure to snap some shots of the locs in a few days and you’ll see the difference.

I am in love!

Peace and loc’ve.

Coming up on 6 months!

….okay so I have SOOOO mean slacking over here. Clumps’ Anniversary Week has been keeping me busy so Loc Rocker hasn’t been getting much love.

BUT—I have a lot ot talk about it. Including how amazing the locs held up while I was in the Bahamas. I swam underwater almost EVERY DAY and these babies didn’t even budge. I don’t even know if I should call them babies anymore. They are growing up and are celebrating 6 months this weekend.

Which ironically is the same day I have a hair appointment. And I haven’t had one of those in a minute. I love love loooove doing my own locs. I’m saving time and money. BUT, ya’ll know how much I love my loctician so I can’t wait for her to show some love to the locs.

Stay tuned!!