Locs at 7 Months!!!


The post of the locs at 7 months. This is a wee bit late. But here we go!

I wanted to take photos of the locs at different stages of a retwisting.

The wash. The retwist. The curling.

Oh yes!! I curled the babies. And they look absolutely divine. Rolling my hair reminded me so much of being young and rolling it the night before a Sunday church service. HA!! Thanks to Coop for these rollers to because they are excellent.

I washed with Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap…

And this ladies and gentlemen is an example of build-up. Yuck. I don’t know why it looks like this but by the second wash my hair was cleansed and literally sparkled. Looks funny, uh?

Retwisted with Pure Essence Body butter (review and feature coming soon!)….gosh, I love this body butter. It does wonders for the locs when retwisting. I mean….wonders. And look how thick the locs look! WOW!

Curlin’ time!! These rollers (stay tuned for feature!) are incredibly easy to use and soft–so if I ever have to sleep with them, I think it’ll be okay. Next time I will use end papers though. I sat with these under the dryer for a good 30 minutes. My hair was still wet! Which is a rarity. It is usually dry by the time I am finished retwisting them.

Those curls are rocking my world. Like in a major way. I LOOOOVE them. I will take smaller bits of hair the next time I do it though.

Then I went to sleep, woke up and oiled the hair a bit, but on a little shadow and gloss aaaaand…

LOL, I’m a mess. But those curls make me feel all elegant and ish. I just want to throw on a ball gown and waltz the night away. I just love these curls!

So yes, the locs at 7 months are really coming into their own. For the most part, most of my hair is loc’d. I have a few in the back that are being buttheads and not loc’ing though. I have a few locs that I think are TOO thin. I’ll have to ask my loctician about those because I don’t want those bad boys poppin’ off when they get longer.

I am about to head to the airport to jump on a plane in NYC so this is a rather quick update. I will be doing more updates soon including retwisting, curling, pinning and more.

Yaaay at 7 months!

Hair Wars: The Coil Review!

Weaves, Perms and Wigs vs. Natural

Haha, I love it!!!

Check out the Coil Review here. I feel like screaming. This website is dope!! I’ve known about it for quite some time but woooooow. Nappy, curly, kinky, wavy and loc’d hair is everywhere!!

EDIT: I just asked 2 men to check out this video and they weren’t impressed. They said that this video would probably offend perm/wig/weave wearing ladies. I don’t think it was intended to offend anyone. It was probably meant to be dramatic and catch your attention. What do you think?

Because having nappy hair…hurts.

I owe an update of my locs’ 7th month birthday. I didn’t forget! I just have to find to take awesome photos on my Blackberry. I left my camera charger at my Mom’s house 4 hours away. Boo.

But in the meantime, check out this vid.

THIS is the reason why little Black girls screeeeam at the sight of a comb.

This is insane!! Why is her Momma (but I bet you $10 that’s her cousin) combing her hair like that?

-And why is it taking so long?
-And why didn’t she section her hair?
-And what the hell is she spritzing in her hair?

-And why is she so rough?

So many questions. My Mom/cousins never combed my hair THAT hard but I remember hating to get my hair done because let’s be honest…

Having nappy hair hurts

I will never forget the day my Mom made me go to school with my hair lookin’ like a ragga muffin’ because I was a hot cryin’ mess. I didn’t want her to comb it. And so she didn’t.
—One of the after school teachers ended up hookin’ me up with a style though.
But still.
Little nappy headed girls never get to glorify and love their natural hair because they always associate it with PAIN.
Moms with babies who have thicker hair, please be gentle. Remember what it was like when you got your hair combed. And to my permies….having nappy hair STILL hurts for y’all. I don’t know what’s worse. Having my natural hair combed or letting a perm sit on my head for a few minutes. You would try to endure the pain because you wanted your hair to be as straight as possible. Now that’s pain. And whether natural or permed….
Having nappy hair hurts
But it doesn’t have to.

Fro-Back When: My response to a Natural Hair Hater

A few days ago I was looking through one of my email accounts that I had in college. I noticed a folder called “Drama Crap” and after looking at some of the emails exchanged from ex-boyfriends, old roommates and friends, I came across one that really made me mad allll over again.

One of my high school best friends straight up told me that she HATED my natural hair. This was around the time that I went natural and was insecure about the whole “natural and short” look. Her words cut me deep. And here was my response to her.

May 2005
20 Years Old

How appropriate is that photo? HA!

Dear Friend,

You really pissed me off the other day. This whole “natural hair” thing has so many people trying to bring me down and make me feel bad and I’m just sick of it. I have people on the streets who say nicer things about my hair than my own friends. And that hurts. Try really believing in something and feeling passionate about it and then your own friends and loved ones…..tell you otherwise. That’s exactly what you did when I showed you the picture of my hair. You didn’t have not one nice thing to say about it. And maybe you really didn’t like it. Okay, fine—I want you to be honest about it, but I didn’t want you to be rude and go down the list of things that made me cutting off my hair so bad.

It’s not easy putting scissors to your own hair and leaving the world of “perms”. It takes someone bold, brave and “real” to stop living up to what society says is beautiful. I had to slowly pick myself back up after talking to you because you really made me feel bad. Maybe you don’t remember the things you said, or didn’t mean for them to sound so harsh, but honey trust me……it hurt. It seems as if no one can understand this “new found” Brittany. Cutting my hair was about change, about sick of straight and FAKE hair, about discovering the new “me” that was always hidden by the lye.

But believe it or not, I’m not an advocate for natural hair. I could care less if you or anyone else loooove natural hair. I’m doing me. And while you may not understand that, I do think respecting my decision is important. That’s what friends do, right?

Haven’t talked to her since. We had other problems but a friend not accepting my new look was really the icing on the cake.

If you are considering going natural or loc’ing but are hesitant about what people think, consider one thing: IT DOESN’T MATTER! [Newsflash] It is YOUR hair. And no one should make you feel bad about wearing it in its natural state. The road to natural hair isn’t an easy journey. If forces you to love yourself in a way that you have never done before. If you choose to see it that way. Do you and love you.

Peace and loc’ve

Kinky, Curly, Wavy Hair….the video!

You HAVE to watch this. I love seeing the different ethnicities and patterns of hair in this video. I love the pride that these women have for their crowns. Seems like we have all straightened our hair but later realized that we love our kinky, curly and wavy hair A LOT better.

This video really opened my eyes because for awhile I always attributed extreme hair frustrations to Black women and our nappy hair. I always thought that there were enough products and tools for the 1, 2 and 3 hair type ladies but apparently they deal with the same issues as I do.

And somehow…that’s comforting. And watching this made me even more proud to have un-straight hair. Not that un-straight hair is bad…but let’s be honest, kinky/curly/wavy haired girls have more fun. LOL!

Rock on ladies!!

….oh, watch it until the end. So cute!

Locs Spotlight: Triple L Naturalness!

I was checking out one of my favorite blogs Young Black and Fabulous and saw this beautiful photo of Lalah, Lisa and Ledisi (heyyy, all L’s!) at the Essence Music Festival.

Lalah Hathaway, Lisa Price of Carol’s Daughter and Ledisi.

What talented and beautiful women! Two amazing singers and an entrepreneur. Gotta love it!

Don’t know who Lalah Hathaway is? She is the daughter of the late and GREAT Donny Hathaway. I got hip to her music in college and haven’t turned back. This is one of my favorites from her. Classic 90’s vibe. And not too long ago she dropped another album called “Self Portrait”. Loves it!

And then there’s Ledisi. Ohmigoooooodness. Mainstream music needed her. She is incredibly talented. This is a video of her live in concert. She sounds amazing and I am feeling the crowd’s energy. Damn I wish I was there!

Yep yep..I love these ladies. Rock on locs and curls!

Peace and loc’ve

Natural Head Spotlight: Malia Obama

President Obama has been President for little under 6 months and I am still in shock. I campaigned for him. I voted for him. And I traveled to D.C. to see him get sworn in. But every time I see him and his beautiful family I am STILL in…awe.

Yes, I pay attention to the Obama administration. I’m not that airheaded. But I also gawk at the First Lady’s fits, Sasha’s funny faces and Malia’s natural-esque hairstyles.

That’s right….I love that Malia sometimes rocks 2-strand twists and cornrows. These are styles that I wore as a little girl. And to be honest, I hated them. I was always “the only Black girl” in my elementary school classes. When I wore hairstyles like this I always felt “different”. I didn’t have the long and straight hair like my classmates. And I hated the questions that came along with wearing braids and twists.

“How does your hair do that?”

“How long does it take?”

“Why does it look like that?”

Drove me up a wall. And it gave me another reason to hate my hair. I’m sure 11-year old Malia doesn’t mean to make a statement with her hair. But for us once little Black girls, her natural and braided styles say a lot.

Rock on, First Honey!

The best re-twist everrrr!!!

I look a hot mess…just came from the market and was sweating like—insanely. So ignore the face and focus on the locs.

This has to be be the BEST re-twist I have eveeeer done. Perhaps it is because my locs are really loc’d and easier to re-twist. Or maybe it’s because of the amazing body butter I used from Pure Essence Body Care. Stay tuned from a review of them.

I don’t know. All I know is my hair feels absolutely amazing. They smell divine. They are soft. And they just look beautiful. Next week they will be 7 months old. Al-freakin’-ready!! Wow!!

Got a lot of reviews/rantings/photos coming up within the week so stay tuned.

In the meantime, check out the re-twist I did last night. Loves it!!!

Okay….I threw on some lipstick.

Peace and loc’ve