Another Loc Rocker’s Journey!

With any new transformation or journey in your life, I feel as if it is important to look at those who have already done it. Before going natural and loc’ing, I did a TON of research. I asked questions. I made sure I knew what I was getting myself in to.

The learning doesn’t stop either. My locs are 7 months old and I am STILL full of questions. I love watching videos of the mature loc’ers out there.

Check out Brown Butter Beauty‘s. She answered so many of my questions!!

And check out her blog too when you get the chance….

Men with Locs….that also flow

When I first went natural, I was a serious “nappy head”. I tapped in my ‘inner soul-sista’. I rocked Black power t-shirts and joined the Black Student Union. While in college, I even took a class called Black Radical Thought. Seriously the BEST class in my entire undergraduate career.

But anyway….I took on the role of the “stereotypical nappy head”. I eventually matured and realized that I was doing a lot of those things just to appear more “Black”. Some of y’all ain’t gon understand that but I’ll do into detail about that one day. It’s a complicated subject really. LOL!
But one thing that stuck with me in my transformation was the love I developed for poetry. I’ve been a poet since I was a kid. I was even in poetry contests. But it really hit me again in college. I don’t write it much anymore but I have a great appreciation for avid poet flow-ers.
Especially the ones that have locs.

I mean… And then there’s Dana Gilmore who is AMAZIIIIING!!!
But yeah, poetry is dope.

Curlin’ the locs, Part II

Soooo I got curl happy again.

First of all, I will say that retwisting AND curling the locs takes a LONG time. A loooong time. A good 3 hours to be exact. And that does not include sitting under the dryer. This is one long behind process that I can not see myself doing too often. I’d much rather pay someone to do it.

And that says a lot since I am cheap and always trying to stretch a dollar. HA!

This time around I used perm rods rollers. I SO much prefer these over the ones I used before. I got a much tighter curl…and the curl holds up! Three days later and I still have nice curls.


Okay, the more I look at these photos the more I’m like, “Wait….where the curls at?” They are there! I promise. For some reason my camera didn’t capture them as well as I thought they would have.

That’s some buffoonery.

But trust me when I say there really are curls there. I have to tweak the process a little bit more. It’s not easy.

And another thing….guess who will be doing a definite re-dye? The color is not popping the way I want it to. I’m wait a good month or so but I will definitely be re-dying the locs again. I can’t help it.

I’m a rockstar with locs!!!!!

Loc Spotlight: Simone

This past weekend I spent a lot of time listening to jazz music.

As much as I love gospel, classical, soul, funk, disco, jungle, rock, R&B (circa 50’s-90’s) etc, my soul is with jazz music. If I could marry it, I would.

I love big bang New Orleans jazz. And I love smooth jazz (Wayman Tisdale and Euge Groove). I love jazz infused with hip-hop (Hidden Beach). I just love. jazz.

Simone, the daughter of the late and great Nina Simone, is amazing! I have been playing her album for almost a year now. Her sultry voice is different from her Mother’s but the girl can bloooow.

Here’s an interview with her:

And what do you know? She is also a loc rocker!

Her daughter 9-year old daughter is even loc rockin’!

Rock on Nina! Legacy passing is such a beautiful thing to me.

Natural Head Spotlight: Yara Shahidi

Ya’ll know I loooove featuring little girls with natural hair styles. The beautiful Jaida has me envious of her gorgeous locs. Malia Obama had me reminiscing about the days of having braids and twists.

Check out Yara Shahidi’s curls!

How beautiful is she? And look at that little pose. Soooo cute and classy. She’s headed to 5th grade and still rocking her hair naturally. When I was headed to 5th grade my hair had already been permed and I had noooo idea how my hair looked in its natural state. Seeing little brown girls rockin’ natural hair says a looooot to me. Rock on, Persian beauty!
You can find out more about Yara here.
Peace and loc’ve.

Loc Spotlight: A Real Loc Rocker

Whooooa, when I saw Ms. Danielia Cotton on The Coil Review (still so in love with this site!) I knew I had to feature her on
How bad are these locs?
Wooow….she is absolutely gorgeous. And she is a REAL rockstar. And her music is rockin’ out too! The electric guitarist is sick and most of her songs are pretty catchy. Visit her MySpace here. I hope she’s having some kind of concert or show the next time I’m in NYC.
Rock on, Ms. Cotton! You sooo have me tapping in to my alter ego.
Waaaait……I found a vid of her. That’s HER playing the electric guitar. It’s official.
I want to be a rockstar too.
Like tomorrow.

The locs are 8 months!!!

Well would you look at that?

We’re at 8 months! I won’t even get into the cliche “Time really does fly” but it’s true!!

The looks better than ever, in my opinion. The fuzzies really aren’t as bad as they used to be. The added colors give the locs more personality. I am so proud at the way they held up. I was discouraged from a few to not color my hair until after a year but I took the risk and they look fantastic!

Check ’em ooooout!

The back always looks so funny to me. Not sure how to straighten it up so I just deal with it.

Speaking of the back, a few of those locs are struggling to loc. The hair back there is soooo soft.

……some of them don’t know what to do. And they are too thin for my liking.

And what’s goin’ on over here?

The soldier loc is still holding it down. It doesn’t seem to want to go much longer though. Just plumper.

An interesting shot of the locs…

I love these babies so much. I thought I knew what loving my hair was when they were 5 months. Then 6 months. Then 7 months. But now? Wow. If 8 months could be a song it would this:

This is my jam!! I looooove Stephanie Mills.

And I love my locs.

I really don’t feel like I need to re-twist so often. I happened to re-twist twice in that month only because I needed a fresh do for a trip. The older they look the less I care about re-twisting. That’s so funny because in the earlier months I was dying to re-twist darn near every other week. HA!!!

Peace and loc’ve.

Tri-Colored Locs

So I added red to the mix! Oh my words, I looooove it!!
I used this…
I never thought that it would end up THAT red. I’m not complaining but hot dayum Dark & Lovely! LOL! I must say that if you are going to use these dyes and you are fearful of your hair going TOO red or TOO brown, check your hair often. The color changes quickly. I thought that it would take a while since I have tightly coiled hair, but nope!
This is very accurate.

Reds are tricky because the dye is darker. You can’t see the color change as well as you can see it with the browns and blondes. I left the red in longer than I wanted to simply because I couldn’t tell if my hair color was changing or not.

So yes, a definite disclaimer to those going red. Be careful!!
Now that I think about….I’ve never gone this red. How exciting! Here are the results!
Me realizing that….I REALLY love this look.
It really isn’t as bright as these pictures show. I am using a flash on my camera and standing in front of bright lights. In real life it looks more like…

So see…it only looks super colorful in zee light. I can still go to work and assimilate to that businesses casual crap. HA!!

Love iiiiiit!!

Dyed some locs!

So guess who dyed some locs last night?
Meeee. It was extremely spontaneous and I am LOVING how they came out. I plan to dye a few locs red for good measure and then I’l leave color alone for awhile.
So here’s what I did…
I put braided down the locs in the back and threw on a shower cap. I poked a few holes in the shower and strung out some locs.

After this photo I ended up stringing out another 4-5 locs. I didn’t use any method. I just randomly selected locs. I did want to make sure that my left and right were somewhat even though.

Then I mixed up the concoction.
I have been using this dye since I’ve been natural. That’s 4 years! I love love loooove it. It has never given me any problems so I ain’t fixin’ what’s NOT broke, as the old folx say. I’ve heard of better dyes but I don’t want to risk it so I stick with Dark & Lovely.
I saturated my locs with the dye and left it on for a good hour. The box said 30 minutes for natural hair but after 30 minutes my locs were still dark brown.
The result….

I even dyed the soldier loc! The solider loc is my favorite because it is the first one to loc. I felt like it deserved the honor to go golden brown!

Look at all the fuzziness!
Oh weee, I love it! Finally some color in my life. Dark brown hair just doesn’t do it for me. It’s so…blah. I feel more like myself with the color. I think I’ll do red tonight, slick down the fuzziness with some aloe vera gel and put the rollers in.
My locs are so beautiful. I really do love them.
And in 3 days they’ll be 8 months. Already! Hot dayum!
Peace and loc’ve