Curlin’ the locs, Part III

Sooooo, maybe like 3 weeks ago I curled my locs. It was by far the best curl job ever. They came out so big and defined.


I can’t help but be amazed at what my hair can do. Prior to loc’ing I don’t think I had every seen anyone with curled locs. And even if I did, I would have never thought that I could achieve it without going to a salon regularly.

But I did it!

….and now I’m pretty obsessed with curling my locs. If I could do it every day, I would. Curls rule!!

Results of the crinkles, Take 1

Ummmm….what a joke!

My hair is a trip, y’all. I had a few crinkles but those things dropped within minutes of walking outside. Thank you humid behind, Florida!

I suppose I need to do smaller braids to get smaller crinkles. I’ll try this again another day. Until then, I’ll stick to the good ole’ perm rod rollers. They haven’t failed me yet. Another post on those coming up!

Pre-crinkles, Take 1

Of course I had to try putting some crinkles in my hair. I started by parting my hair….

And then I braided them down and pinned the ends with bobby pins. I would have used rubber bands but I didn’t have any.

I’ll say one thing—it was hard as hecks sleeping on those braids. So not comfortable.

The results coming soon!

Humpy-pinned to the side look..

So like…..a few weeks ago I was heading out with some girlfriends and wanted to get all jazzy hair-wise. Can’t really do this during the week with work and all. I did a little humpy thing at the top of my head with some pins…

And then I pinned the sides back.

These pictures don’t reeeallllly show it but it was such a hot look. When I’m not too lazy to do my hair (ha!) I’ll do it again. I should also mentioned that this was done on wet hair.

Yep…I felt like washing my hair so I washed it, did this style and ran out the door. Wash and go’s are SO up my alley!

Latching Locs….

Whooooa!!! So I watched this video..

….and I can’t remember who sent this to me but I am forever grateful. Ms. Lumina sent it to me. Giiiiirl, I will love you forever! How simple is this? I played around with a few locs just to see how it would take and it worked perfectly. This is 10x better than palm rolling. My only concern is the pattern of my locs. Will I have locs that look funny because half of the loc is palm rolled and the other half is interlocked or latched? Hmmm…..

Boy, I tell you. There is SO much loc knowledge on YouTube. It’s amazing.

Lawd, I dun found another vid from the gorgeous Ms. Butterfli

When she said “I tend to latch more when it’s warmer because I sweat more,” I knew that latching was for me. I sweat ALL the time. Makes me wonder why I didn’t interlock in the first place. I just made my own latching tool. More details about that coming soon.

I found yet ANOTHER video. This “loc latching” thing has taken up a great deal of my day but I’m not complaining because the things I am learning are exciting me to no end. The question I had about going from palm rolling to interlocking was answered in this video.
I really think I’m going to start latching from now on. I just have to figure out how many rotations I am going to do. Latching just makes sense! Especially with my working out everyday and dealing with slipping palm-rolled locs.

The locs are 9 months!

Love this photo. The color is off but it really does a good job
at showing the locs’ length and texture.

Wow…I know I say this EVERY month but I am shocked. Is it really already 9 months? Before I know it, the babies will be a year old. In.Sane!! This is going to be a pretty long post because I have A LOT to say about 9 months.


They have REALLY grown and I know it sounds mean but they are starting to get on my nerves a bit. LOL, seriously. I’m not used to having this much hair growing down. The last time I had this much hair, I was a permie. And that was almost 4.5 years ago. The locs are always covering my ears and some are even hitting my neck. I am grateful for length but not for the heat that comes along with it. I am ready for the ponytail length because these kids especially bother me when I work-out.


Speaking of working-out while growing locs, it’s like this: IT SUCKS! Badly. My locs still loc but a re-twist or curling…doesn’t last for caca. And it’s so frustrating. I will spend a good 2+ hours retwisting my hair only for me to sweat it out with one 30-minute run. This is bad for several reasons.
(1) I KEEP having to retwist my locs. Over-twisting=thinning. Not good.
(2) My scalp gets soaked which means my roots are soaked. Not good.
(3) I’m afraid the soaked roots makes my hair smell. I can’t confirm because I can’t sniff the top of my head but still….ugh.

Most days I end up having to retwist a few locs…like this:

See how the front is freshly twisted but the back is all afro-ish? Yep…I do this often only because they look REALLY beat up after a work-out. I don’t know how to alleviate this. And NOT working out is not an option. Are you kidding me? LOL


Yep…I feel like these kids will NOT lay down. Every day I’m having to train some loc. By train I mean FORCE them to grow a certain way. For some reason a great deal of them like to run to the front of my head. Like a bang. Uh…no. To train the locs I usually have to pin them down individually.

Look closely….see that gold bobby pin? That one loc gives me the toughest issues. That one ALWAYS runs to front.


As I’ve mentioned before, some locs are just WAAAY too thin. I’ve decided to combine a few. 8 locs are now 4 locs. This was a tricky process because I want to be sure that they don’t LOOK like two locs intertwined into one but just one solid loc. This one is having some issues…

All I’m doing is “2 strand-ing” the locs together. Towards the end I twist them just to make sure they don’t unravel. I’m sure it’ll take some months before the locs above become one but I’d rather have issues than that versus dealing with a super thin-close-to-breaking loc.


Dude…what happened to my color? Didn’t I dye some locs less than a month ago? After consulting with my Loc Advisor, I found out that semi permanent color doesn’t do too hot on loc’d hair. How did I miss that memo? A good two washes and my hair is already fading. It was a total WTF moment for me when I first noticed. So in order for my hair color to hold up, I will need a permanent dye. Let’s hope that I can find some as good as Dark & Lovely’s. Funny how the dye I’ve been using on my natural hair can last for close to a year but with locs it only lasts only a few months. I’m sure there’s some scientific reason behind this but I’m too irritated to care. Ha! Eye just want my vibrant color back. And granted I could go to my loctician and have her do it but let’s be honest…I’d rather teach myself so I don’t have to become dependent on hair stylists. Plus I’m cheap….every time I think about saving $80 by not getting my hair professionally done, I want to throw a party.

More photos of the locs at 9 months…

Tis all for now, darlings! Stay tuned for “Curling the Locs, Part III” and more product reviews! Oh–and the 9 month video review. All coming soon!

Krinkly locs by Nubian Kinks!

OMG, I want my hair to have krinkles! I think I’m going to try this in the next few weeks. I curled them on a whim last weekend and they looked beautifuuuul.

Me and my sister at my youngest sisters’ baptism…

LOL at my sister’s face. A.mess. So yes….the curls came out beautifully. And I didn’t even sit under the dryer. I used the perm rods and ended up falling asleep. Woke up and the curls were popping.
This look only lasted a good 3 days because the minute I worked out, they dropped. This, of course, infuriated me. I’m a work-out junkie but sometimes I wish that I didn’t HAVE to just so I could keep a hairstyle. Ugh—but that’s a story for another day.

Anyway—next on my styling agenda is some kinkly locs. Weeee!!!

The locs turned 9 months!!! Post and video coming soon!

My girls and our diverse hair styles…..

Very rarely do I get to hang out with my college girlfriends. And it hurts my heart because I love these girls sooooo much! But alas, real jobs, higher education, marriages and just LIFE keeps us a part from each other more than we want to.

But when we do get together, it is a BIG deal to me. I’ll spend the entire week anticipating it. How gorgeous are my sisters?
Everyone is rocking something different. Black hair is amazing. From left to right you’ve got me with my locs, my girl Shannon with her goooorgeous curls, my cousin Brit and her killer curls and then you’ve got Sam rocking fabulous braids.
Oh yes, our hair styles are uniquely ours and beautiful!

Fitting in with natural hair….

The job that I have now requires that I dress professionally. I wear dress shoes/heels everyday and I generally wear dress pants, skirts, blouses, dresses and suits. I never complain because I prefer dressing this way. Business chic is totally my style.

So is bohem-hippie but I only bring that out on the weekends. 🙂
I first went natural I was in college. This was the PERFECT time to be free with my hair. I would rock an enormous fro some days and two strand twists other days. I did the fro-hawk and I would dye it at even given moment. I never thought that my hair wasn’t professional. I was able to get business internships and even a management position. I went on several interviews rocking my fro and never thought that I was being judged. I was young then and in my early 20’s so this, of course, was appropriate….. [EDIT–did I really type that? Why should my age determine what hairstyles are appropriate? Are fro-hawks inappropriate for 30 and up? Hells no. Can’t believe I wrote that. Bad B.]
When I graduated from college, I got serious about being taken seriously. I traded my flip flops for cute sandals. I stopped wearing t-shirts in public and started wearing cute blouses and baby doll tees. I also stopped wearing my hair all wild and settled for nice and neat afro puffs and twists. Ironically enough the only time I felt that my hair was an issue was when I was around “majority Black” settings. Ain’t that something?
If at a moment’s notice I have to attend a luncheon or meeting, I always HOPE my hair is “neat” enough. That the frizziness isn’t as bad. Sometimes I will even re-twist a few locs to ensure that I look professional.
I hate that I have to do this. This is something I will need to get used to because although I’m not sure I’ll have locs forever, I know for a fact that I’m not getting a perm ever again. I wish that I felt confident with my natural hair at all times, but I don’t. Some times I’ll feel dynamic for being the only “nappy head” in the room and other times I feel as if people immediately judge me. It’s sad that I feel way and am trying to shake it. But am I the one that needs shaking?
Or do the views of Black women and their natural hair need some shaking?
Check this vid: