Locs Spotlight: Morgan Heritage

I loooooove reggae. I wasn’t really introduced to authentic reggae music until I went to college. Between my Caribbean and Rastafarian roommates and friends, I developed a serious love affair.

Morgan Heritage has always been one of my favorite groups. They are a family of 5 that produce feel good reggae music. And they are all loc rockers!

Everyone’s locs look different. Una’s (la chica) are all curly. Brotha with that gray streak is a freeformer. I just….*sigh*. I love them!

They recently released a new album entitled “The Journey Thus Far”. It is a MUST have for any music lover. I’m not even kidding, y’all. It has been out for less than a week and I’ve played it 13 times already.

Loc rockin’, music makin’ fam that makes positive music?

I love.

photos sources: here and here.

Who cares if you have a perm? I don’t.

*throwback! My teacher’s photo when I was in L.A.
I came in on the weekend and didn’t expect to take a photo.
Why is my hair so high? LMAO!*

A friend of mine popped off on me the other day. It was in reference to my Facebook status in which I talked about needing a few ladies with various hair types to answer a few questions regarding “good hair”.

My friend sends me a message and says,

“The Natural Hair Extraordinaire” is at it again!

I respond with


She then goes into some tirade about how irritated she is with natural folx always trying to make everyone else who is not natural feel bad. She said she loves the perm and has no intentions of ever going natural.

First of all—if YOU feel bad about not having natural hair, that’s between YOU and YOUR insecurities. This may come as shock but I DON’T CARE. Really, it’s true. I am natural and I will always be natural. I could care less if the chick next to me, my best friend or even my Mom wear natural hair. I take pride in my natural hair but I am not on some attempt to make everyone go natural. Is it possible for me to show pride in MY hair without YOU getting offended?

Is there division between naturals and permies? I think so. I think we are all responsible for it. And it’s so silly. Yes, I’m sure there are some naturals that judge people who perm their hair. And there are permies who judge naturals thinking that we are all some afrocentric “power to the people” monolithic group?

Wrong wrong wrong.

Permies need to understand this—-just because a sista takes pride in her natural hair, it does not mean she thinks you too should go natural. I’d rather attempt to bring about world peace than “make all Black women go natural”. I think it would be fantastic if Black women accepted their natural beauty but if they don’t…..life will move on. We have bigger issues to deal with in the Black community. I’m more concerned about us owning these hair shops we spend a crap load of dollars in.

I am not “better” because I have natural hair. And you aren’t better because you live a lye.

I’m soooo kidding about that one. It’s just a joke. But really…lighten up, people. I’m natural and natural I will stay. I love Black hair….the history, the stories, the struggle, the ideas, the perception. I love ladies who can rock a mean wrap. I love little brown girls with candy curls. I think it’s amazing what a flat iron can do. Creating styles and maintaining Black hair is an art. I’m amazed by it really.

But I’m not amazed by weaves. I’m sorry….it just bothers me. But again, that’s my prerogative .

Sista, I don’t really care if you have a perm.


What a good washing can do…

So I washed my hair and it was the BEST wash ever. Only because I didn’t spend 400 hours re-twisting it. All I did was re-twist the first two rows. I latched a good 10 locs or so in the back, put the locs in 6 braids and sat under the dryer for like an hour.

I didn’t really want to sit under the dryer but it was late and I was NOT going to bed with wet locs. Y’all know that’s no bueno, right? From what I’ve heard that can lead to mildew-y stinky locs.


The following morning I took out the braids and wow…..the locs were sheer awesomeness! Don’t mind the silliness. I was havin’ a good day.

I am happy. I love them. And all is well with the world.

Tis all for now!

….still trying to get my thoughts together for my Good Hair review. This is harder than I thought.

Jane Carter=super pricey loc gel

Saw this in Whole Foods. Wowsers! Why is it $21? Insaaaaane. I would love to try it but I’m not payin’ that much for a little thingy of loc gel.

….but lemme stop talking trash: I did buy that $20 hair serum after hearing so many raves about it helping dandruff. I used it religiously and….it was GOOD! But I’m not paying $20 for that baby bottle again. Boy, I tell you….dandruff desperation will make you do some loco things. HA!
I did end up purchasing Kinky-Curly’s Come Clean natural moisturizing shampoo. Quite impulsive of me since I just placed an Oyin order. But I wanted to try something else other than castille soap. I love that stuff but it can be rather drying—and who needs that? Especially since I’ve colored my hair more than once. And more than twice. Ha!I’ll post results. I can’t even remember the last time I washed my hair….thanks to latching I won’t have to spend hours twisting. Yaaaaay!!!

I’m an Oyin Honey!

It’s true…I’ve been lovin’ Oyin Handmade since I first went natural in ’04. I know there are so many Mom and Pop stores on Etsy and I’d love to try them all but it is in my nature to stick with what works. And that’s Oyin!

Look what I’ll be getting in a few weeks!
…..I’m hopin’ that Poo bar works well on the locs.

Greg Juice – nourishing herbal leave-in
Honey-Hemp Conditioner
HoneySticks – delicious lip balm
Uber Poo Bar – double size solid shampoo bar

Locs at 10 Months-The Video!

So here it is! And this time I added some photos of styles in the video.

But the quality STILL kinda sucks which makes me very unhappy. *sigh*

iMovie + YouTube = no bueno. Thank goodness I didn’t sell my PC. I’m goin’ back to my camera and Windows Media Player. Shooooot!!!!

10 month update!

I remember turning 10 years old like it was yesterday. I had this HUGE birthday party. I got a Game Boy. I had this enormous cake. And I got a mess of money. Since then I have always loved the number 10.

And so the locs are 10 months old.


Yes, I’m excited. They are growing so beautifully (if I do say so myself) and ever since I started latching, I seriously love my hair even more. Latching means not having to worry about twists untwisting.

First off….I’ve been noticing more this month than any other month that my locs are:

a) touching my neck

b) covering my ears

That means they are growing somethin’ serious. It also means they make my face hot. Grr.

So when I’m at home I usually have to wear to buns at the top.

…they aren’t long enough to go in one ponytail.

Well, a REAL ponytail. But ponytails comes with a challenge.

That’s a busted hair tie. Yep, my hair is STILL breaking ish. Back when I had the fro it was comb teeth. Now it’s hair ties. Gotta love it!

I don’t latch the first few rows of locs though.

These locs require the most maintenance because well uh…they are the ones in the spotlight.

Remember a few months ago when you could see my scalp?

Not no mo!

I don’t know why I have that Playbill in my hand. LMAO! So random….

I am so happy. And so pleased.

And it is taking everything in me to not color my hair again. I know, I know. I won’t. Three dye jobs is enough.

For now.

Video coming soon!

“Do you miss the perm?”

A friend of mine asked me this question a few days ago. I laughed. I thought she was being silly but after looking at the seriousness in her eyes I knew she really wasn’t playin’ around.

The friend that asked me this has a perm. And to my knowledge, she was not interested in going natural. So this was an interesting question coming from her.

“So….” she asks.

“Do you miss the perm?”

I couldn’t even give a direct answer to this. Instead I had to pose questions and answer those individually.

So I aksed myself.

“Do I miss running from the rain?”


“Do I miss HAVING to go to the salon to pay someone to do my hair because I couldn’t do it myself?”


“Do I miss not being able to swim or work-out out of fear of sweating out the perm?”


“Do I miss spending hours in the salon only to not ever really be satisfied with the look?”


“Do I miss having to wrap my hair at night and spending 20 minutes in the morning curling it?”


“Do I miss having to curse humidity because it made my hair turn into frizz?”

“Do I miss seeing hair in the sink and on the floor and in combs?”
“Do I miss spending a crap load of money on hair products thinking that THIS product will be my holy grail?”

“Do I miss the perm burning my scalp?”


There isn’t one thing about the perm that I miss. Not one. I really gave it some thought and I don’t miss a thing. And of course I didn’t realize this until I went natural but the perm was one big expensive incovenience. I haven’t gotten a perm in 5 years and 5 years later I feel just as liberated and free. And it’s funny because while I was perming I didn’t think that any of the above were problems. It was a way of life.

So, no. I don’t miss the perm in the least. But at the same time I’m glad I had one. Because without it, I don’t think I would have ever been so appreciative of my natural hair.

Loc Style: Twistdown!

So while I was in Atlanta (okay, I’m like re-obsessed with that city—if it wasn’t 6.5 hrs away, I’d be there every weekend) I hung out with my homie who has like….14-16 inch long locs. Dude…talk about a loc idol. His locs are SO beautiful. And so long and healthy. He had me braid them down to the end of his head. I twisted the ends with his own locs and let the rest hang.

Anyway, it came out beautiful. Of course I felt all accomplished that I did a hot look but I also felt inspired to do somethin’ funky to my hair. I think it turned out pretty good. I think it is both work appropriate and boho-chic. So me!! I did braids on my friend’s locs but did twists on mine.

It’s supposed to be FIVE twists but somehow it doesn’t look that way. HA!

My parting job could use some work though……

Cheering for my team. Go Bulls!!

So yeah….that’s that.

I’m doing this style more often. And oh..I celebrated 10 months a few days ago. Post coming soon!

Peace and loc’v..

Hair Throwback: Fro in the Snow

When I was in Atlanta, it brought back memories from the time I was there Winter ’08. I was also there for New Year’s ’09.

I love me some Atlanta…..like a lot.

But anyway…

I remember when I was there during the winter and it was colder than a bih. This was back when I was living in Los Angeles and was rocking the insane fro.

Me and my youngest sister…

Fro in the snow….loves it. The fro that is. I love snow for a day or two but to live that for months?

…..yeah, I am so going to the pool this weekend. LOL!