Little Black girl wants long straight hair…

The picture you see is a self-portrait I drew when I was 9 years old. It came from an autobiography I did in the 3rd grade. Crazy that with all of the moving I’ve done, I still have stuff like this. Ha! Anyway…look at how I saw myself. Or saw what I wanted to be. The image I drew is not me. I never had hair down to my feet. And my hair (even with a perm because I had when at 9 years old) was never that straight. So then why did I draw that? Maybe it’s because all of my Barbie dolls had long and straight hair. It’s sad. I hope that my future daughters love what they see in the mirror. That they don’t grasp on to some ideology that straight and long hair is what will make them “more” beautiful. Do you see the issues that Black women have with hair? We aren’t making this up. And it starts when we are little girls….

Pipe Cleaner Spiral curls

My addiction for curly locs continues to grow. I was talking to my locspiration Toshia about how I wanted my curls to last longer. She sent me to her site where she showed photos of her using pipe cleaners to curl the locs. O.M.G!!!!

And so then I went to YouTube to get some ideas of how to do this properly and I came across this vid.

5 minutes later I ran out and got some….

I could have stuck with black pipe cleaners but y’all know me….I love me some bright and loud colors. If these come out looking decent, I’ll probably wear the pipe cleaners out of the house. I’m funky like that. LOL!

Anyway…can’t wait to see how this turns out!

Naturally Sexy–another napptural resource!

Wow! Thanks to my girl Shavonda for puttin’ me up on yet ANOTHER great resource for nappturals. Naturally Sexy is rockin’! A beautiful UK sista named Ebony is the star of this show. She’s got a forum, blog, recipes and all over good readin’ for nappturals of all stages. So whether you’re transitioning, loc’d or rocking a fro and looking for styles–chances are this site can inspire you.

In the left column there is a little titled NS Locks and it provides a TON of information about locs in general. I even learned a thing or two.

Loves it!!

Curly fro-hawk

I curled my locs again!

…and the more I do this, the easier it becomes. I washed my hair, rolled with the perm rod rollers and set under the dryer for a good hour or so. The next morning, I woke up to this:

Loves it! I didn’t unravel the curls too much. This lasted me throughout the weekend. But then of course when I worked out, they started to drop a bit. I think I’m going to wash and have at it again. I LOVE curly locs!

Want your hair to grow?

….just go natural!A friend of mine JUST texted me and was telling me how irritated she was about her permed hair not growing. She said she stopped putting heat to it as much and she even switched up to natural products. After getting fed up, she put her hair and braids and twists. My response? “Just go natural…”Seriously. The above picture is of my hair at 11 months after I started loc’ing. I started off with just 2-3 inches of hair and in less than a year, my hair has grown tremendously. So my sisters….if you’re holding on to the perm and braids and weaves and annoyed with the lack of hair growth—go natural. Even if you plan on perming again, the benefits of low maintenance natural hairstyles are innumerable. Rock on, y’all!!
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Latching gone wrong

Okay y’all…what you see in the photos are some examples of latching gone wrong.

See…while I REALLY love the process of latching, I must stress that if you are going to take that route, to be careful. So many things can go wrong.

Like…accidentally latching 2 locs in more than one rotation. This is a nightmare! I have about 2 locs in that situation now. They are connected at the roots all because I didn’t separate them enough in the initial latch-job. No bueno.

And then there’s the issue above. Click on the photos to enlarge to really see what I’m talking about. This happens (and this is just from my own observation…I ain’t no master loctician, son…lol) when latching happens in the same direction. This too is a disaster. I’ll go into further details about these issues soon.

Just wanted to give y’all a heads up on some things coming to LocRocker. Yaaaay! I’m really doing my best with trying to update more often. It’s tough…Clumps is super demanding. But a true blogger doesn’t complain…too much. Ha!!!

Love y’all!
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Locs at 11 months

Haha….I’m so silly!

11 months. Wow. I won’t say anything like “OMG, amazing how time flies…” because it’s redundant. Okay, I lie….I will say it!

Ohmigoodness, I can NOT believe that it’s been 11 months since I’ve had locs. I never thought I would love my hair has much as I do.

Okay, I’m done.

What’s to say about Month 11? The locs have been SOOO free. Ever since I started latching, they have been looking so fuzzy wuzzy and I love it! But I’ll shut up. Time for photos.

The solider loc is still holdin’ it down. I’m going to be doing comparison shots soon. I remember when that loc was just between my brows.

Okay….this is a big deal, y’all…I finally have a ponytail!!

Yeah, it looks funny and I have a few locs that are actin’ like they don’t want to participate but but overall, it’s a bangin’ ponytail that is perfect for working out.

And my color is lasting…..for once!

And here’s a close up of a latched loc.

I really don’t have much to say.


Drying ‘de locs after a wash

Okay, sisters…..

…how do y’all dry the locs? The post on washing the locs has me inspired to wash mine more often. And I would do that if drying them was easier. I usually HAVE to sit under a dryer. I could let the Florida sun dry them but I usually wash in the evenings. And sleeping with wet locs is a no no, right?

I’d love to know everyone else’s routine. And who knows….in addition to helping me, you may help other loc’ers out there!

Be sure to include the following:

-Type of locs you have (cultivated, freeform, sisterlocks, etc).
-How old your locs are.
-About how long your locs are.

Washing ‘de locs!

Yesterday I washed my hair. Yaaay! Washing my hair is always a nice little treat. I’m trying to tweak my routine so that I can do it more often. I would LOVE to wash once a week.

Does anyone with locs do that? Hmm…

Anywhoovers….so my Oyin Handmade shipment hadn’t come in yet (it came today…HA!) so I picked up some shampoo and conditioner that was a STAPLE when I first went natural back in like….’05.

Yeah, SLS and ‘cones and parabens galore but my hair has ALWAYS loved this stuff. I used the conditioner virtually everyday when I did wash-n-go’s. I wanted to give it a whirl on the locs.

First I scratched my head like mad and brought all of the dandruff to the surface.

It’s not a pretty job but it has to get done.


And then conditioner….

There is something awfully cool about conditioner filled locs. I kinda love it.

I then braided the locs down and sat under the dryer for like an hour.

I shall post results in the next day or so. The loc’ies celebrate their 11th month b-day!!

Professional bun thingie….

This past weekend I had a business workshop. Oh yeah….ya girl is getting her entrepreneur venture up and going. I’m excited about it!

So yeah…I wanted to look professional but I didn’t want the locs down and in my face because I knew I would be in meetings all day. So this is what I came up with!

Wait….check out how awesome the color looks…

I suppose I better enjoy it now since ca-learly I won’t be coloring my hair any time soon again. *cries*

And here’s the bun!

No flash…

All I did was tuck some locs under and pinned them down with a good 5 bobby pins or so. I strung in a loc adornment just for added WOW-factor. A day later I rocked the same style to church. Loves it!!