I got my hair did!

I will do a formal post on that. I have some friends in town that are making me go out. *sigh* They say sitting at home and blogging on a Saturday night is wack.

Yea yeahhhh..

I forgot how wonderful my loctician’s shop is. Let’s just say even though I’m trying to save money, I think I’m okay with going to see her at least every 2 months. Post coming soon!

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I don’t know about this latching thing….

Well, it’s been almost a month since I’ve latched my hair. The first row of locs get re-twisted every time I wash but the rest of them bad boys have afro-roots. From far away it doesn’t look too bad but when you pull some locs up and take a look at the roots…

Bay bay! Somehow I don’t mind it. My scalp is getting a break and it feels good to not have latched in a while. It has given me some time to really think about some things.

I really don’t like the way my latched locs look. And I think it’s because I’ve screwed up quite a few locs. Like this one…

And this one…

Oh, and this one too…

I’m sure there are a few more. And even the ones that have turned out okay…I don’t really like. They are thinner than palm rolled locs, have more of a box-y shape and don’t have that “traditional” loc look that I really desire. Like this…

That is a fuzzy and hard loc. I love it and it is my preference. I’m so torn. I mean I LOVE latching because it allows me to work out without worrying that my hair will slip. I love it because I can swim this summer with freedom. But latching also takes entirely too long to do. And it is quite clear that I haven’t gotten the technique down. And if you mess up a loc, it is hell trying to undo it. IF you undo it which I don’t because I don’t even know where to start.

Can I even go back to palm rolling? Will my locs look all funny with the palm roll-latch-palm roll thing going on? I don’t know. I have a lot of questions for my loctician. I hope she tells me I can go back to palm rolling. I mean, yeah….there will be a good inch of my locs that look all crazy but that’s a risk I’m willing to take. We shall seee….

Oh, I forgot to post this. I dyed this loc purple too.

Now THAT is purple. ‘Scuse the bra strap.

‘Til next time….

Purple locs: the results…

So a lot of folx were discouraging me from doing this. But like a good rebel, I don’t really be listenin’ to people. LOL! The whole dye-ing your own hair thing is a sensitive subject, I guess. Some people are SO against it. And I can understand why. Putting any kind of chemical on your hair is extremely risky. Color literally strips your hair. It’s a damaging process. It’s almost as bad as perming. Actually, my cosmetology friend says that coloring is worse than perming.

But I’m a bit of a risk taker. Tattoos, piercings, moving across the country, jumping from a boat in the middle of the ocean, yeah….I live life on the edge. Not to mention if my hair ends up falling out because of damage, I’d cut it all off and start over.

Because it’s just hair. Who cares. Just my philosophy. But having said that, I ain’t stupid. So before I went crazy with the purple dye, I tested one loc first.

I used Manic Panic’s Ultraviolet…

That so isn’t its true color. It is crazy neon purple in real life. Now I realize that it would have been test to lighten my hair even more but the whole “bleaching color treated hair” scared the mess out of me. So I wanted to see if I could get some color from my already light tips. Like this one…

It’s pretty bright. Surely it would take soooome purple right?


I left that dye on for a good hour while I ran. Yes, I was running down the street with a loc wrapped in foil. HA! It’s not as purple as I wanted but I guess it’s enough to satisfy the purple locs obsession I have. I guess. And then when the locs dried….

What a joke. Apparently my hair has to be freakin’ white to even take on a hint of purple. Oh well. At home bleaching….I will not be doing. Not to mention you need A LOT of water pressure to get that dye out. Okay, I get it. Dye-ing locs is tricky. So while I can’t be stopped in the color department, from now on it will only be professional. My one loc ain’t THAT purple but it’ll do.

I need a little red now. Just a few locs. I’ll ask my loctician about that when I see her on Saturday.

And I suppose seeing a sista with the most beat locs (she had a ton of colors) I have ever seen prompted this fear of at home bleaching. I thank her. For had her locs not been as beat up, I would probably be on the road to raggedy locs myself.

Thank you, sista.


Purple/lavender locs?

I’ve been wanting them forever. Not all over….just 3-5 locs that pop out. These locs will probably be covered by other locs. I still want to go to work, church and social functions without people going,

“OMG, she’s got purple locs!!!!! Does she smoke meth with her rocker boyfriend? Oh wait…is she a lesbian goth? Does she know she can’t have a professional job with purple locs? OMG!!!!!”

And I ain’t hardly exaggerating. Y’all know people think crazy things about a) people with locs and b) Black people with crazy hair color. Not that I care but I don’t want to have to pop off on anyone and end up in jail. HA!!

Anywhoovers….I kinda want to do this after I go to my loctician next week. I just know she’ll discourage me from doing it. She’ll scare me with horror stories. Wait….how do you even bleach hair? I’m soooo afraid to do that. Never mind that I was using developer like I took a cosmetology class on hair color. Technically, I shouldn’t even be afraid.

But still….I don’t want to be running on the treadmill one day and one of my locs go sliding. Wouldn’t that be hilariously awful? So yeah. I gotta call my professional hair friend and see if this is even possible.

I blame Chescaleigh. I was finally over the hair color obsession and then she had to go and post this.

Granted she posted it several moons ago but still. I blame her for being so fabulous and awesome and making me not feel out of place for wanted purple locs. And did she really have to respond to my tweet with suggestions? I hope I don’t find any “How to bleach your locs” tutorials on YouTube. Because if I do….

I don’t know’, y’all…I’m kinda hoping this idea goes away. Or maybe I should just do one loc. Or the tips of one loc. What’s the worst that could happen?

Dun dun duuuuun!!

Pipe Cleaner Spiral curls, Part Deux results…

There’s something y’all have to know about me. I’m dramatic. I mean, it’s bad. If it’s 50 degrees outside I’ll say it’s 3 below. If I have a tummy ache, I’ll say I am knocking on death’s door. It’s just who I am. I say this to say that when I said I hated the pipe cleaner curls, part deux…I was exaggerating. It took some time but they actually grew on me. Especially after I added a Hello Kitty-esque bow to them.

Yeah, don’t ask why I’m in the closet. Your guess is as good as mine. LOL!

Oh…my pimple, Beatrice says “hey”. That thang is so big, I had to give it a name. LOL!

So…the curls aren’t so bad. I still think that this method of curling looks better on longer locs. Or maybe it’s because I’ve only seem them on longer locs. Oh well. The good news is, I know these curls will last forever. And at this point I need a good style to hide the insane amount of new growth I have.

Aww….fluffy afro hair. Do I miss it?


A funk-less ACV rinse!

I did it! Since apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinses are obviously going to be a part of my washes, it is imperative that I find a way to get the smell to not be as…..stank. Some folx say that the ACV smell dissipates after a few moments. Er uh…that was never the case with me. And I’ve tried using just a tiny bit and I still endured pickle smellin’ locs. Which does nothing for my social life. HA!

Anyway—this time around I made a rinse instead of just pouring a cup of ACV and water over my head. I used about 2 oz of ACV in about 4-5 cups of water. I then added about 4 drops of peppermint essential oil. I wanted to add rosemary, but couldn’t find it.

The result…clarified locs with no lingering smell. It worked! However, my locs seemed to be drier than usual. I ended up putting some conditioner and water in a spray bottle and spritzing it over the locs. It gave me the softness I was looking for but it wasn’t enough.

Still working on the perfect wash/conditioning regimen. I’m almost there, y’all!

Guess where I went?

I walked in with hesitation. I was a little nervous. Would she still love me? After ringing the doorbell, I looked both ways. Trying to think of some excuse. Some reason as to why I haven’t seen her in 7 months.

Then out of nowhere, I copped an attitude. She wouldn’t be mad. I mean, shoot—this is MY hair. She can’t be mad at me for doing MY hair. Why am I trippin’? Man whateva…I ain’t afraid of her.

The door buzzed me in and walked in. I missed this shop. Within seconds I felt at home. I noticed a new barber. I heard the sounds of one of my favorite gospel songs. Strangers said “hello”. And then I saw her. My loctician. “Brittany!” she squealed. And at that moment I felt better. I ran to her as if she was my long lost Auntie. She gave me a huge hug and stared at my hair.

She gasped.

Oh crap. She’s going to say they look bad. She’s going to see that I started latching. And she’s going to notice how un-even my color is. She’s going to be mad.

“Your locs are beautiful, darling!” she says.

I stared at her in disbelief.”

“You mean….these?” I say as I show her the back of my head.

“Yes those! Look how long they are. And they look so healthy.”

Looks can be deceiving. She doesn’t know my struggles with build-up. And how I have a love/hate relationship latching. She doesn’t know that my scalp is drier than overcooked chicken. She don’t know none of that.

We talked for a few minutes and I made an appointment. And I whined. I told her about struggles with build-up. And how I have a love/hate relationship with latching. I told her that my scalp is drier than—you know what I mean. She listened and she smiled. She smiled and she listened. She rubbed my shoulder and said “Don’t worry. I’ll see you in 2 weeks. You’ve been doing a great job. I’m proud of you. And I’ve missed you.”

And I left smiling like a kid who got a compliment from a middle school-er on the bus.

I’m going to get my locs did in 2 weeks. I can’t WAIT! They need it and I need it.

As I type this, I am sitting under the dryer. I just did the pipe curls method, part deux. I’ll post pics soon.

And this week I will also talk about some of my hair issues. Especially the latching thing—I love latching but I don’t like how it looks compared to palm rolling. But palm rolling doesn’t last for this work-out woman. Fact of the matter is I need to choose a method and stick to it before I have some jacked up lookin’ locs.

Stay tuned!

[ETA: I took the pipe cleaners out and I still hate them. I think this look only works for short short locs or long long locs. This is bad. I’m washing these curls out. I’m sad. 🙁 Pics coming soon.]

Pipe cleaner curls, part deux?

So remember that time I tried to curl my locs with pipe cleaners here? I sooo didn’t like the outcome.

But then I watched her video.

First of all, I LOVE her. Her personality is all over the place and I loves it. I learned a lot from this vid. She removes the pipe cleaners by pulling them straight through the curl. I didn’t do that! I would unravel mine. Ah ha! If I’m in town this weekend (y’all know me) I think I’m going to try this again.

And do you see how gorgeous her locs are? Forget sisterlocks for my next set of locs. I am definitely going bigger. Hers are just absolutely beautiful. Actually the longer I look at them the more loc envy I get. Must.look.away.

Oh and um….check out her blog here. Ms. Franchesca is doin’ big thangs! How many loc’d ladies do you see on the red carpet? Um….yeah. She is awesome and beautiful!

Oh, I was featured on Naturelle Chic’s blog here.

I’m no one’s puppet…

As if it were meant for me to see, that episode of Living Single where Kyle was suggested to get rid of his locs to move up in his company popped up on my DVR.

—actually it’s been on there since early December but I don’t turn my TV on enough to know these things.

I found the dialogue between Khadijah and Kyle so powerful!

Khadijah: “Kyle, you must know if you’re going to work in the corporate world sometimes you have to confirm to get ahead.”

Kyle: “So you would change your hairstyle, uh?”

Khadijah: “Hell no. That’s why I went in business for myself…I’m no one’s puppet.”

WOW. Really? To my natural ladies….do you conform to look more professional? Do you toss your hair under a wig, in weave or straighten solely for the “professional look”?

Hmm…I think this is SUCH an interesting topic. And at the end of the day, while I won’t judge anyone’s decision, I know I would NEVER not be the real me for any job. Then again…that’s why I went in business for myself. 🙂 Part-time, at least.


…and why didn’t anybody tell me Living Single, Season 1 was on DVD?!!
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Dandruff and a new wash routine?

So after complaining about that build-up issue, I’ve been hesitant about washing my hair again. It’s like I WANT to but I don’t want to even deal with that build-up mess. BUT, my scalp was itching like mad and my dandruff was out of control.

Like..it was BAD. Bad bad.

Exhibit A….

Yeah, I know it’s gross. I’ve been dealing with dandruff since I was a permie. I drink a crap load of water, take vitamins, massage my scalp and know all of the tricks to get rid of dandruff, but it still keeps hangin’ on, so whatev. I don’t even care anymore. The good thing about the locs is that the dandruff can hide. Somewhat.

But it still itchies like a mofo. So the evening before I washed, I scratched my scalp with a rat tail comb. I wanted to uproot as much of that dandruff as I could. It was EVERYWHERE, y’all.

Eww, I know but I didn’t want y’all to think I was exaggerating. BTW, one time for the 2-week curl job! I attribute their long stay to cold weather and Florida’s lack of humidity. And as much as I love curly locs, I actually missed the straight locs too.

After I uprooted all of that dandruff, I massaged my scalp with a blend of olive oil and peppermint oil. Donned the locs with a cap and went to bed.

BTW, I think my locs are getting too long for the satin cap.

Anyone have any suggestions of what I can use next? I already sleep on a satin pillow case and I don’t want something that really hugs my head. Tension on my head brings about migraines and migraines=semi death for B.

Anyway…the following day I washed 2 times with almond castile soap. I was crossing my fingers that I didn’t have any build-up but nope…build-up galore was waiting for me. I poured that stank apple cider vinegar over my locs and concentrated on the areas where build-up was out of control; which for me, are the locs behind my ears.

It worked!

As it always does. I love what ACV does but I just HATE the smell and I know using it too often isn’t good for color treated hair. It strips and strips and strips. *sigh* But what options do I have? I wonder if distilled vinegar would work? At least with that I can add a few drops of some kind of essential oil. Gotta do my research on that.

After rinsing the hair thoroughly with ACV I knew that I would have to put the moisture back in my hair. Regular conditioner was not an option. So Mommy (the permie who knows so much about natural hair care that she just just go natural herself) recommended that I do a hot oil treatment. DUH!!!

I poured warm olive oil all over my locs and massaged my scalp. I sat under the dryer for 10 minutes. I rinsed my hair to get rid of any extra oil. I didn’t want the locs to be “soaking” in oil.

And then I re-twisted just the first 2 row of locs.

Remember….I vowed to not re-twist or latch for a month. 2 more weeks to go! But the first 2 rows don’t count. It’s just in me to always have them looking manicured and neat. But the back? I don’t be carin’!

Is this really 2 weeks of new growth or did some slipping happen?

I mean, crap! I know my hair grows fast but Lawd!

I retwisted with aloe vera gel. NO MORE USING BUTTERS TO TWIST. I love how they work but it’s maximizes the build-up.

I sat under the dryer for a good 20 minutes and viola!

But I’m ALL about smell. And my hair just didn’t smell prettyful. I sprtized it down with Oyin Handmade’s Greg Juice. Love that it’s oil free! And then for church the next day….

I like this routine!

-Uproot dandruff
-Massage scalp with olive oil (I’ll do this until I make a pre-poo serum)
-Wash with castile soap
-Clarify with ACV
-Hot oil treatment with olive oil (next time I’ll add more essential oils)
-Re-twist if needed
-Sit under dryer (until the summer comes around).
-Spritz with Greg’s Juice for smell.

That’s it! I think I’ve found a nice routine. My hair feels and smells good and my scalp feels so much better. I think I’ll do this once a week or so.

I was thinking about infusing nettle and adding it to the pre-poo serum? And I’m also thinking about making a leave in conditioner. This would alleviate the need to do a hot oil treatment EVERY time. Hmmm….