I combed out a loc!

Yes, I did and I don’t feel guilty about it either.

In fact, it was a bit liberating. Don’t get it twisted, I’m not thinking of combing out ALL of my locs. In fact, the title is misleading because I only combed out a good 2 inches of a loc. And the only reason I did this was because I was combining 2 locs and needed to 2-strand twist alllll the way down. I’ve got enough split locs and am trying to avoid forming any more.

So I picked and I combed and before I knew it, I had combed out this much hair…

Awww! I felt all nostalgic rubbing the fro hair between my fingers. I kinda missed it. I say “kinda” because those who remember me during my huge fro days know that I never really liked doing my hair. It just took too much time.

Look at hair I lost just from combing out that little bit.

Yikes. And look at all of that lint. I was amazed, to be honest. Seeing that made me appreciate my locs even more. The fact that they don’t shed and can trap lint in them is kinda cool. I mean, the lint itself isn’t “cool” but…y’all know what I’m sayin’ right?

I had my fun and 2-strand twisted two locs together.

I’m not diggin’ this combining/marrying process. My hair seems to be fuzzier than ever. I shouldn’t complain about it but ugh… The good news is, washing the hair makes the married locs form together even better. So even though I washed not too long ago, maybe I’ll wash again. Hmm….

Comb Coils anyone?

I am really developing a serious passion for natural hair. I mean, granted I’ve had it for as long as I’ve been natural but I am really falling in love with it all over again.

A reader sent me this video.

At the end, my mouth was literally hanging open. Comb coils are amazing! I know, I know…my locs were started off with comb coils but I never actually saw the process. I just saw the end result. I think they are absolutely beautiful and I should have considered this as a look when I was a short fro-wearin’ natural.

My decision to start my locs off with comb coils was not really MY decision. My locitcian took a look at my hair texture and figured that comb coils would be the best route for me. She was right because within a month, some of my comb coils were budding. A itchy mess, but budding nonetheless.

Comb coils is just another style that makes me love the things that natural hair can do. Yaaaaay!

Loc Style: Curly lochawk…

I don’t know what it is but straight locs just don’t do it for me anymore. I can deal with them for a week or so but after that I’m itching to do some kind of style. I usually always opt for the curls because curls last FOREVER. Seriously! If I don’t finger comb them, they can last for at least 3 weeks…even with intense work-outs.

I think I’ve done this look before. I love it! And it’s really easy to do. I flat twisted two rows of locs on each side of my head and secured them with rubber bands.

I used a few bobby pins in the front to make a bit of a curly bang…

The good thing about the bang is that it can also be gathered to make a swoop or hump. Since it’s hot as balls (hahahaaaa!) in Florida right now, I’m not digging the locs in my face, so it’ll probably be a hump by the end of the day.


Very simple! And I love this look because it works for the when I’m trying to be all business professional AND on the weekends when I want to be a little funky.

LocRocker is growing!


LocRocker has a Twitter page. It’s @LocRockin. I would have loved for it to be @LocRocker but some inactive busta has it. Boo! I had to think long and hard about doing this. I already actively tweet from @ClumpsOfMascara. I didn’t want to bite off more than I can chew. But I figured it my girl @Luuvie can tweet from like 29 accounts and maintain 513 blogs, then I can certainly do this. Not to mention the Twitter natural hair community is, um…all the way live! There is a ton of support.

And guess what else?

We’ve got a Facebook page too! Now this wasn’t my idea. But 200 100 2 people requested this and so…here we go. I’ll link this page up to my Blackberry so that I can snap loc related stuffs. I am always running into beautiful loc’ers on the streets and so now I can show them off in the Facebook group. Without their permission of course. HA!

Now a YouTube channel is pushin’ it. But I will continue to do hair updates on my regular channel DivineBlackness.

LocRocker also has a new email address: Brittany@LocRocker.com. The Clumps of Mascara email address was sick and tired of seeing LR emails. Crazy, I know.

Thank you ALL for the continued support and love. I intended for LocRocker to be an itty bitty blog that documented my journey. Who knew it would become a great extension for myself and fellow naturals. And not just naturals! There are a lot of other ladies (and fellas) who read this blog to get some insight. Total cool, riiiight? And as always, I am totally open to hair photos, articles and topics. In fact, I encourage it. Some of y’all have been sending me photos so don’t be surprised if you get an email from me asking if I can feature you. 🙂

Love y’all!

Current Shampoo: Head and Shoulders 2-in-1

As promised, here’s the review of my current shampoo…

Now a great deal of naturals/loc’d ladies are anti-commercial brands because of their SLS and parabens. I used to be the same way. I am now at the point where I like to use what works; be it natural or commercial. For my danduff, this stuff works! And it smells a whole lot better than tea tree oil. Which, by the way, never worked for me. None of those essential oil blends did. Boo!

Head & Shoulders 2 in 1 is genius. I don’t know why I never thought about using or making a 2 in 1 before. A lot of loc’ers stay far away from creamy shampoos/conditioners.

Some say they may contribute to build-up. BUT…I haven’t had a build-up issue since visiting my loctician. I have used this shampoo twice and it rinsed thoroughly both times.

To apply it, I rinse my hair and make sure it’s soaking wet. I dump a good size dollop on the top of my head and gather all of the locs around it. The shampoo lathers well but it’s not TOO lather-y. See…

I let it sit for a good 2-3 minutes. I rinse and repeat.

One of the things that I think helps prevent build-up when rinsing the hair is a strong shower head. The one I have has good 5-6 pressures. I turn it on the highest to blast the shampoo out of the hair. It is as hot as I can stand it. What I’m left with are sparkling locs.

But at the same time, they aren’t crunchy or brittle. They are soft and feel well-conditioned. The latter is a must since I have color treated hair. Not to mention I’ve been spending a lot of time outside lately and the sun can’t be that cool for my hair.

I can’t say I like how the stuff smells. It isn’t “medicinal” but it isn’t terribly fragrant either. I suppose this is a good thing as a crap load of fragrances on a dry scalp can only make the dandruff flare up even more.

It really really works well for my locs, y’all. I’m excited! Too add a little more moisture (and smell) to the locs, I spray Oyin Handmade’s Greg Juice all over. Happy locs!

The itchies aren’t as bad when I use this. I still get a little dandruff after the second week of washing. But this is a HUGE improve. I’m usually battling dandruff a few days after washing. Maybe with prolonged use, my scalp will get better. Only time will tell!

I still like to use castile soap but since I’m on this mission to have a healthier scalp, I have to use products that are specifically designed to help treat it.

Thanks a ton to Rayne for this recommendation!

Of course you know where to find it, drugstores, grocery stores, Target, Wal-Mart, etc. It wasn’t more than $6.

Marrying/Combing locs…

The recent reader question about thinning locs prompted me to do a post about how I try to prevent my own locs from thinning.

-For one, I damn sure won’t be bleaching my own locs anymore. Remember the purple loc? I had to bleach it so that the color would take. Wellll, the genius that is me did not completely rinse out all of the bleach. When the purple faded away, I was left with a white tip. A good 3 inches of the loc is so thin. It is dry and brittle and is a reminder of my stupidity. Ah well…we live and learn, right?

-I try not to wear the locs in ponytails too often. As hot as they are in my face, I’d much rather wear them down because I know there isn’t any tugging.

-I massage my scalp nightly.

-I marry them! Combining locs is a popular method in the loc’ing community. To be honest, I never wanted to do this. I never considered that thinner locs would force me to do it and for that reason I have dealing with thoughts like, “Maybe I should cut my locs off and start over with a new set of thicker locs”. I doubt I’ll do that but I think about it often. Thanks to the advice from my fellow loc sisters, I’m a little more confident about combining my locs to get the look I want.

In the meantime, here’s what I do…

Take these two locs…

See how skinny they are? Well, NOT skinny but too skinny for me. Paranoia tells me that as they get longer and mature, they’ll get even skinnier. And eventually they may pop off. So I marry them.

I do this by 2-stranding the two locs together.

I am sure to go in the same direction as my hair is twisted. I also make sure that I have at least an inch of new growth to work with.

The ends of married locs are tricky. While I don’t mind the double loc look, I wouldn’t want them ALL over. I find myself having to pick the ends of the each single loc.

After I’ve got a bit of ‘fro  hair’ to work with,  I twist and viola!

The good news is, most of the locs that have to be combined are covered by non-married locs.

This is good for me because I don’t like newlywed locs to stand out as much.

If you plan on combining, start early! Here’s a loc that I combined within the first 6 months or so.

You can’t even tell that they were two locs, can you? My plan is to completely combine as many locs as I need to within the next month. My locs are still fuzzy and far from mature so combining shouldn’t be a problem now.

And here’s a double loc/2 headed dragon loc…

I have about 4 of them. I remember seeing these in my friends’ locs and wondering how that happened. His entire head of locs all the double end like that. Definitely not my preference but I’d rather have those than have super skinny locs. I will more than likely cut the ends of those on day.

Don’t give me that look. I’m not against cutting my locs. Shooo….I live in Florida and I haven’t had hair growing down this long since 2004. It’s hot!

Those that latch, I’m assuming can combine by latching two locs together. I hear that Sisterlock’ers do the same.

Chime in and tell me how you combine your locs. Any tips or tricks?

If your preference is skinny locs, rock on! You have to do what works for you but lately I’ve really been embracing the look and maintenance of thicker locs. I have about 170-somethin’ locs but I’m sure I’ll have a good 150 by the time I’m done combining. That’s almost 50 less locs from when the locs were first installed!

Guess where I’m going?

Well…I guess the pic says it all,

I’ve been meaning to go to Atlanta for a minute. I haven’t really had a reason other than a craving for one of my favorite Southern cities. Now instead of mindlessly spending money on handmade jewelery at Underground Atlanta, I’ve got something constructive to do! I’ve been to a few hair shows before and honestly, the over-abundance of weaves was just TOO much for me. Y’all know how I feel about weaves. I’m excited to go to a show where everyone will be rocking some beautiful variation of natural hair.

If you plan on going, let me know and we can link up! You can get more information about this event here. Also, if there is anything you would like for me to keep my eyes out for, let me know!

Reader Question: Thinning Locs (help me, help her)

Hey y’all! I got a question a few days ago and don’t really know how to go about my answering it. This seems like a question more fit for my Sisterlock’ers and mature loc’ers. I tried my best but I need you all’s help to.


“Hi B!!! I love both of your blogs and I really hope you can help me with this. I have had locks for thirteen months now. Almost as long as you have had yours. I have terrible thinning around my hair-line and even some of the locks in the middle of my head are thinning. Why is this? I don’t ever remember having this problem when I had regular natural hair. Not even when I had a perm. Please help. I have sisterlocks. Thanks!

My response:

Hi lovely! I can understand your frustration at thinning locs at the tender age of 13 months. I’ve heard of mature loc’ers having this problem, but it seems like our babies are too young for that. Or so I’ve always assumed. One of the reasons why I will opt for bigger locs the next go round is because they don’t seem to thin out as easy. I have married (combined) over 10 locs because I found some of them to be entirely too thin. I don’t want them popping off in the coming years. Locs will get heavy over time and thinner locs may not be able to hold their weight (no pun intended). I think your best bet is to consult with your Sisterlock specialist or other Sisterlock’ers because I think they can give you better answers.

In the meantime, remember to be gentle to your locs. Don’t put them in tight ponytails. Don’t pull on them. Don’t rub on them as much as you want to. With your permission, I am going to post this on LocRocker and see if some of the other ladies have any suggestions that can help you and other folx who may be going through the same thing.

Also, here’s a video where my locspiration, big sis and editor of On the Road to Queendom talks about thinning.

Dewdrop also recently did a video about combining her Sisterlocks and taking the traditional locs route. I’m not saying you should do the same but I think her video is very helpful.

Okay, y’all….what do you think? What should she do?

The new work-out style…

I look a hot mess being that I JUST came in from a work-out but yeah…I finally have a style that minimizes the unraveling of twists and keeps the frizzies down to a minimum.

Nothing fancy but it works! See how the roots are still twisted? And that’s after a good 6 hard core work-outs.

How do you wear your hear when you work-out?

Truly loving my wild locs…

For whatever reason, the locs decided to go all loco on me today. They ran all over. Normally, with being at work and all, this would frustrate me. I’m always trying to be “Ms. Professional” at work. But today I didn’t care. Truly appreciating your locs means you don’t “make” them lay a certain way. You accept them just the way they are. The longer I have locs, the less desirous I am of keeping them “manicured” at all times. It just doesn’t matter anymore.

What a great newfound appreciation!

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