Fro-Back When: Scarves ‘n stuff

Man oh man, these pictures bring back some memories!!!

I think I’ve already featured some of them but wowsers! This reminds me how versatile natural hair is. Some people are hesitant about going natural because they there isn’t much you can do with your hair. Um…really? Five photos with five different looks.

I used to LOVE scarves. They were perfect for when I had to to jet out of the house or wanted to funk up a look a bit. Being natural in college was such freedom. There were no limits to what I would do with my hair. Not to say that funky natural hair styles can’t be professional. The picture of me in the middle sippin’ a Shirley Temple (because I can’t do liquor…so sad) was taken while I was on a business dinner cruise. Craziness!

And when folx email me and tell me they JUST did the big chop and want to loc up right away, I tell them to wait at least a year. Most just tell me to go to hell because they’re going to loc up anyway. LOL! I wanted to really enjoy my natural hair and do all kinds of hair styles before I loc’d it up. How about y’all?

How long were you natural for before you loc’d up?

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2nd BC love

Loc Style: The Atlanta

Yes, I name my styles. Don’t be laughin’ at me. LOL! I don’t know why but this look reminds me of Atlanta. So friggin’ random…I know. Anyway—with summer coming up, I am ALL about up-do’s and learning how to do them. It’s just too dang on hot to have locs on my neck and in my face. Remember, y’all…I live in Florida. Even walking outside to your car can have your face drenched in sweat. Not to mention, I’m not used to having hair this long. I’ve been natural for 5 years but my hair always grew up and was never in my face. This is new. So here’s what I did…

A basket weave in the back…

I’m getting better at basket weaving. It really isn’t THAT hard. I’m just so much of a perfectionist that I will re-do it a good 4 times just to make sure it looks decent.

Then there are two flat twists on one side. I secured both with rubber band. I gently retwisted the locs in the front. Everything else haven’t been retwisted since the devil was a boy. HAHA!!! 

And then I swooped left over to the other side. Kind of like a “waterfall” affect.

This look would have been 1,099x mo’ cuter if it weren’t for those ugly behind rubber bands. Yep, I’m still going through combining woes. I just don’t like the way my locs look anymore. It’s my fault really. I mean, no one told me to combine and secure the ends with rubber bands. And I’ve combined so many that if I don’t secure them with bands, I’ll have A LOT of 2-headed dragons. And I really don’t like those, y’all. Up do’s make me feel better about myself because I don’t have to see AS many of those stupid rubber bands.

Okay, enough of my complaining. That’s why I’ve staying away from featuring my own locs for awhile because I’m just not happy about them. Anyway!!! The Atlanta is definitely a functional style that can last a good 3-4 days. I’ve got another up-do called Waiting to Exhale (oh boy…wait ’til you hear the story on that one!) that I’ll feature it soon. Sans my my locs suck attitude. Hehe!!

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Veteran Loc’ers Chime In: Karen from Natural Beautiful Hair

If you are a loc’er or a fan of locs and NOT following Karen’s blog Natural Beautiful Hair, pull yourself together! Her locs are just soooo beautiful and her blog is nothing short of inspiration and pride of natural hair. Loves it!

1. How old are your locs?
I have been growing my hair for about 7 years.

2. Have you ever thought about cutting them? If so, why?
The current length of my loc’s reaches my mid back. I think when it gets to the point where it gets too long to be comfortable; I will consider give then a trim of a couple of inches. But my main concern would be if they are too heavy or if they cause headaches. Otherwise, I am in no rush to cut my hair. 

3. Have you ever combined your locs? Why or why not?
I have not combined my loc’s. I just really like a uniformed look, and prefer to have all of my loc’s be their own individual selves. But I have seen women with combined loc’s/dreads that are beautiful.

4. Fill in the blank: It frustrates me when my locs ________.
It frustrates me when a loc falls off!!! Ha ha….  Luckily so far it has only happened at home. But can you imagine that happening at a meeting at work! This only happens when I have a weak loc that I did not repair in time. So I try to make sure that I check for any loc’s that are thinning out and repair them, so none of them break off.

5. Fill in the blank: I love when my locs ___________.
I love when my locs they are clean, light and smell fresh.

6: Any words of wisdom for struggling loc’ers?
Have patience and just  know that even though there are rough days, that it will all be worth it if you stick with it. Please always cover your loc’s/dreads at night and keep your hair moisturized. Your hair will love you for it. 

Loc Rocker loves you, Karen!! Thanks for being such an inspiration to us all!

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Natural Hair at The Makeup Show NYC!

This past weekend I went to The Makeup Show NYC. This is my second time going and I had a ball!! I’ll save all of the beauty talk for Clumps of Mascara but when I tell y’all natural hair was in full effect at the show, I ain’t playin’! The above photo is of me, Erin from Scandalous Beauty, Meagan Shea and Marsha from Brown Face TV. These ladies are doing enormous things in the beauty and hair world online and off.

Then there’s Kia from Yummy 411.

Kia was the FIRST commenter on Clumps back in ’07. She has always been such a good friend and supporter. I remember when her locs were babies and ohmigoodness..they are sooo long and beautiful. I couldn’t keep my hands out of her hair!

Hey SanTara! She blogs from The Gorgeous Ingredient.

Those healthy and luscious curls are giving me life!

And then there’s my college girlfriend and one of Clumps’ NYC reps. She’s 8 months natural and I remember when she first called me about the idea of going natural. She was all nervous and ish. And why? She is gorgeous!

Me and Krys at a fabulous Senegalese restaurant in Harlem.

And then there’s Erin from Makeup Fiend who recently BCed for a second time. Her hair is just…sooooo pretty. Brings out all of her gorgeous features. If I ever cut my locs off, I think I’m going to try and go this low again. Can you imagine? No products, no twistin’, no combin’, nothin’. Love it!

Amina from Coup de Couer was my roomie for the show. I LOVE her! She’s got the softest hair ever!

Nerissa from Noire Beautiful is just that…beautiful!!

I saw so many naturals that I wanted to stop. This was an event for Clumps but the Loc Rocker in me couldn’t help but get all excited over the AMAZING styles I saw.

I freakin’ love hair, y’all. A lot.

Fro-back when: 2nd BC love

Yeah baby! I loved my hair at this stage. This was my second BC which was different from the first BC in that I actually knew what products to use. I felt so much more confident and fell in love with the wash ‘n go all over again. If I ever cut my locs off (I probably will one day…but then I’ll loc up again), I’ll be rocking this! In fact…I can’t even look at this picture too hard because it really makes me miss the fro. The TWA though. I SO don’t miss the big afro. No ma’am. LOL!

Any loc rockers miss their TWA to the point that they think they’ll chop the locs? Short natural hair is the best but I think I’m too attached to my locs (aka fuzzy 2-strand twists…ha!).

If you are a loose natural and want to be featured on LR, shoot an email to!

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Natural Hair Show ’10: Vendors & Afros

Okay darlings…this is the last installment of my 2010 World Natural Hair Show coverage. I know one thing, I WILL be back. I had such a great time at the show. I felt like I missed a lot though. I didn’t get to talk to as many vendors as I wanted to. And I didn’t go to any workshops. I would love to attend some loc styling workshops next year.

As far as vendors go, uh…there were A LOT! And the sad thing is, I missed the names for a lot of them. Take this lovely lady for example.

She was selling a toooon of DVDs. I purchased one for loc styling but man…I can’t find it anywhere! If and when I do, I’ll be sure to review it because I was super impressed.

The vendors were a mix of well known brands and smaller brands. Of course I was all over the baby brands because I LOVE supporting fellow entrepreneurs. There were a ton at the show. Sista girl had a mess load of shea butter. Darn my locs for not liking shea butter!

 The Kinky Curly sisters were in the house in a major way. They had curly models and were shingling right there on the spot.

Don’t y’all ask me nothing about shingling because I sho don’t know. Check out this thread on It talks a little bit more about what shingling is. I still don’t get it though. HA! Speaking of the Kinky Curly models, I ran into the gorgeous Denise!!

Denise did my Clumps of Mascara business cards and I’m tellin’ y’all…I get nothing but compliments on them. I’ll be working with her again soon. Yay for Fourblend! She comes highly recommended from me.

And Jamaican Mango & Lime were there!

I haven’t used them since loc’ing but I LOVED them when I was a loose natural.

And of course Taliah Waajid, the presenter of the hair show was allll around the showroom.

I’m a loser because I STILL haven’t tried her products.

Lysandra, the founder of Darcy’s Botanicals was there!

I just had to give her a huge hug and let her know how much the blogosphere loves her. I love love love her products!

And now for some random afro shots…

Okay, honestly, this sista made me want to comb out my locs and rock a fro again.

If y’all thought I was bad coloring with locs, Lawd…all I did was color when I had a fro.

All of that thick and luscious and beautiful hair. I love it!

Tis all from the show, loves. I hope you enjoyed my installments and I betta see all y’all there next year!

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Q&A: Session 3

 Time for another question and answer session!

Q: Hey B! I love your blog and I thank you so much for tracking your journey each month. My locs are at 4 months and after looking at your ‘4 month update’ I feel like my locs are behind. They are so short. What am I doing wrong? 
A: Hey sis! I do appreciate the love. But lemme kick it to you straight. Your locs are right where they need to be. My posting of monthly updates is simply a display of how MY locs have progressed. If you notice, I also talk about my feelings/thoughts/reactions towards my locs. It simply tracks MY experience and in no way is  an example of how anyone else’s locs should look. Remember, we are all on different journeys. It’s cool to check mine out but stay on your own. Do you know how many people mis-guess the age of my locs? No one ever thinks they are as old as they are. Why? Because while they are longer, they are still fuzzy wuzzy and not as loc’d up as other loc rockers my age. It is what it is.

Q: What do you use to make your locs grow so fast? I want mine longer.
A: My hair has always grown extremely fast. I think it’s genetics because my Mom’s roots also grow at the speed of light. I also contribute it to my diet. I drink 64 ounces of water a day in addition to eating greens for 3 out of 6 meals a day. I take a fish oil vitamin and a multi-vitamin. I work out regularly and massage my hair nightly. If I stop these things, would my hair stop growing? I’m not sure. But you would be surprised at what a lifestyle change can do to your skin, hair and nails. I say try it! And don’t be so obsessed with hair growth. Healthy hair is way more important than long hair.

Q: Hey B! I have Sisterlocks and I hate them. They are WAY too thin and pull on my edges. I wish I would have thought twice before getting them. I only got them because they looked more professional than regular locs but now I want to cut them off and start over with traditional locs. What do you think?
A: I’ll forgive you for saying ‘looked more professional than regular locs’ since you’re going to be joining our branch of loc’dom soon. 🙂 I think before you cut your locs, you should talk to your loctician and other Sisterlock’ers. To be honest, as much as I lusted over Sisterlocks and STILL admire their beauty, I’m glad I have traditional locs. With each method of loc’ing comes pros and cons and it’s important to research what cons you’re more likely “okay” with dealing with. So before you do anything dramatic, talk with other SL professionals and loc’ers.

Q: I really miss conditioning my hair but stay away from it because of the potential Build-Up. How can I make sure my scalp and locks are conditioned without using a ton of oil? That gives me build-up too!
A: Girl, join the club! You be Prez and I’ll be Parliamentarian. Seriously! I have come across the same problem. Here’s what I think helps condition the locs. Wait for it… Leave in Conditioners. I haven’t quite made one of my own yet but if you take your favorite store-bought conditioner, dilute it with water and spray it all over the locs, you’ll get that moisture back in your hair without yucky build-up. Remember water alone is a good moisturizer too! Oh…and try moisturizing less. Are you putting oil in your hair as a habit or do your locs REALLY need it? Think about it.

Q: Im a guy and I think you’re beautiful. My real reason for emailing you is because I have dreads and they are about 2 months old. They look so bad and I hate to admit it but they make me feel less attractive. I know you females are able to do styles  but I feel like mine are too short to be doing that just yet. Help a brother out!
A: *blushes* OMG, thank you soooo much for the compliment. How do guys even find Loc Rocker? I’m not complaining, but wow! Well, homes…ain’t nothin’ you can do you. Ride this wave out. I didn’t do styles until my locs were 3 months old. It’s a tough place to be in but it’ll be over soon. You’re being tough on yourself. Find some confidence, love your hair and let that attractiveness shine from within. Go ‘head!

Q: i love that you’re a natural that embraces natural products but isn’t against commercial products either. do you think you’ll ever give up commercial products? a friend of mine says commercial items get into our skin and are killing us.
A: I like to use what works. Period. VO5 shampoo has a crap load of parabens and ‘cones but I ain’t givin’ it up no time soon because my hair LOVES it. I get frustrated with people are so judgmental about what other people use. Especially if they aren’t offering sensible alternatives. Everyone isn’t aware of the benefits of natural products. If you don’t know, how can you incorporate it in your life? Not to mention natural products are often more expensive and not always widely available to everyone. I stand right down the middle and would rather people keep their hair healthy than be conflicted with natural vs. commercial. And tell your friend that they should probably stay in a bubble because pollution and public areas are probably more harmful to us than a friggin’ shampoo. #justsayin

Q: So you got a LocRocker YouTube Channel up. I’m so happy. What kind of videos will you be doing?
A: The last thing YouTube need is another natural hair know-it-all. HA!!! Sounds harsh, but it’s true. There are so many talented “gurus” on the Tube and my goal is not to join them and regularly post loc vids. That channel will simply complement the posts that I do here at Loc Rocker. As you can tell, the channel is practically dead now so I still have to find some time to spruce it up. 🙂

Q: I have been natural for six yrs and thinking about locking my hair. But I am afraid of the ‘ugly stage’. how did you get past those nerves?
A:  Know this….the only thing ugly is our mentality. I’m not going to say that there won’t be rough days (such is the case with ANY hair style) but the more you tell yourself that this “this is the ugly stage”, the less attractive you will feel. Stop using defeatist words. Ignore people’s opinions. Seek to find the beauty in your hair. And in yourself. It’s a process, it’s a journey and it really is a mentality. The great Bob Marley said it best, “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery.”

You can email me your questions/suggestions at Thanks for the support, y’all!

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Veteran Loc’ers Chime In: On The Road to Queendom

 Next up in the Veteran Loc’ers Chime In mini-series is my e-big sister Toshia. I can’t remember how I found her blog On the road to Queendom but I am SO glad I did. She has really been such a great loc mentor throughout my journey. Through our Skype talks and my random Twitter whines, she has always been so loving and understanding.

1. How old are your locs?
My locs are about 8-9 years, as this is my 2nd set. My first set got taken down while I was in the middle of GA 400 traffic. If anyone has ever taken the route from Atlanta to Dunwoody GA during rush hour traffic then they know the stress I was under. So, I went to work with a head full of baby locs and came back home with half of the back undone.

2. Have you ever thought about cutting them? If so, why?
I am going to be honest with you, I have never thought about cutting them, or taking them down. My locs are my crown; therefore I will never cut or take them down by choice. I am Rasta so that may have something to do with it. However, I love them, and they love me. My hair has responded so positively to locing, why would I ever cut or take them down to add on hair style stress? No ma’am.

3. Have you ever combined your locs? Why or why not?
Oh my goodness yes, I have quite a few I am combining now. As your locs mature they thicken, and some may not get the memo, so you have to force them to thicken by marrying the two!

4. Fill in the blank: It frustrates me when my locs ________.
I cannot answer this lil sis because I adore every aspect and element of my locs. I have loved them since the budding stage…I cherish every stage. Also I have never lost any locs due to traction alopecia. I think it’s because I am very careful, and meticulous with them.

5. Fill in the blank: I love when my locs ___________.
I can answer this….I love when my locs are freshly shampooed….the smells of rose, mint, and hemp fill my nostrils and I am reminded why I am natural. I adore my hair.

6: Any words of wisdom for struggling loc’ers?
To loc is to grow patiently. You have to understand the transformation you are coming under. It is not an overnight process just like becoming a mature adult takes time. Your locs are an extension of you, your crown and glory. So being patient with your hair is just like you being patient in any other area of your life. Sure it’s only hair, but for most loc wearers it’s a bit deeper for them including myself. You should not worry about they aren’t growing fast enough, aren’t pretty like the next persons’ etc. You should look in the mirror and thank God for hair, thank your hair for being so beautiful. Take care of it, adorn it, and praise it. Jah Bless!

I know. She’s wonderful. Aaaand she’s an author. Check out her newest release High Stakes.

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How To: A Hair Refresher

Soooo I visited my Mommy for Mother’s Day and pretty much raided her spa room. I moved out 7 years ago and my Mom did not hesitate to turn my old room into a “spa room”. Talk about being missed, uh? Ca-learly me moving back was never an option. The closet, under the bed and the huge boudoir in the room are filled with butters, salts, oils, beads, stamps and a slew of other crafts that she was never into when I lived at home.

A peek inside the boudoir…

I pulled some of the oils out.

This isn’t even half of them. Mommy has well-known oils like…

…and then she’s got other oils that leave me thinking WTF.

Like…who knew there was a Black Pepper essential oil? And Ylang Ylang III? I didn’t even know there was a Ylang Ylang II. So I grabbed the stuffs I was going to be using and set them out.

Took a glass spray bottle and filled it up with water…

Put in a good 1.5 tablespoons of glycerin.

And somewhere between 5-7 drops of rosemary and peppermint oil.

Shake shake shake..

And  ta da! A wonderful hair refresher. I sprayed this all over my scalp and locs. I saturated the locs until they were dripping wet and headed outside in the Florida sunshine. Loved. It. Of course I made a ton more of this stuff to take home with me. But I had to do it quietly because dipping in Mommy’s spa room is like dipping in my make-up/nail polish stash. The culprit’s outcome is never a good one.

A few hours later, I caught Mommy standing over me staring at my locs. She asked me to take out my loc adornment. And so I did. Then she went to her room and shut the door. Five minutes later and…

My Mom is soooo talented! Who knew she could make loc adornments? Of course I had her make me 7 more. Ha!! More on that later!

Let me know if you try or have tried the hair refresher.