How my locs changed my perception: A loc’d epiphany

Dare I say it, but I am actually satisfied with my locs right now. I mean, 100%. I know some of y’all have been satisfied for quite some time with your crowns, but the perfectionist that is me was having a tough time with this loc’ing experience.  And I’ve got this entire blog to show just how much of a nutcase perfectionist I am.

I went from maintaining by palm rolling, then latching, then palm rolling then freeforming and back to palm rolling.

I dyed my locs brown, red and purple. And I STILL want to color them again.

I wanted them thicker, and then I smaller again…and then thicker again.

I wanted only to use natural products, then I said “Eff that” and used whatever.

I wanted to get my locs professionally done, and then I wanted to do them by myself. Now I’m back to craving my loctician’s magic.

I washed too often. And then I hardly washed.

I wanted them thicker. And then thinner. And then thicker. 

I re-twisted too often. And then I hardly re-twisted.

I regretting this and hated that.

I wanted to start over.

My locs have taught me so much about myself and about life, in general. I know only fellow loc’ers can understand this. If I told this to a stranger on the street, they’d be like, “WTF, it’s just hair.” But seriously…my locs have taught me how to just let go. Let nature happen. It won’t be perfect and it may not turn out the way I want it to, but it’ll be beautiful nonetheless.

Do y’all have any stories of how your journey to loc’dom has changed your thinking?

Congrats to our winners!

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Natural Head Spotlight: Liane’s Summer Spritz

I know there loose some natural heads who read Loc Rocker so I’m going to do a better job at posting content that can inspire and help them out too. Liane is  fabulous reader who emailed me some time ago about how she can keep her afro nice and conditioned on her trip to Jamaica. She told me that she would be doing quite a bit of swimming in salt water and chlorine.

I suggested a daily spritz of glycerin, water and essential oils.

Here’s what she said:

The glycerin/water/mint/rosemary mix was fantastic. I preconditioned my hair before every swim with some free sample cream of nature jojoba moisture conditioner (I don’t use the stuff normally but it’s a whole bottle of free sampler). Then I did a co-wash with the trader joe’s conditioner and then a spray of the glycerin/water leave in and rub down with olive/coconut oil. My hair and scalp sing your praises. Thank you so much for your suggestions.

My fro LOVED that little mixture. Remember to use a liberal amount of glycerin as too much of that stuff will make your hair a sticky mess.

Rock on my afro sportin’ sisters!

Video: Combining locs

Love sista girl’s videos! I just wish I could learn to embrace my 2-headed dragons the way she’s embraced hers but I doubt that will ever happen.

 I’m starting to think that most if not all loc’ers at some point combine, especially around the edges. Have any of y’all not so newbie loc rockers combined?

Update on married locs…

They are finally meshing together. Most, if not all of the locs that I combined have completely married at the roots. I have only a few double headed dragons and I am finally okay with the condition of my locs. My scalp is healthy and even though the fuzziness is out of control, I just don’t care.

The ends seem extra brown, uh? I promise I haven’t done anything to them. I think it has to do with a lot of the running and swimming I do outside. I love it. My natural hair color is just so boring and…normal. Boo.

I spy a rubberband. Can you? I only have 2. But for the most part the locs are starting to look less like 2-strand twists and more like locs, uh? ‘Bout time.

Loc adornments are becoming as important to me as earrings.

Funny thing is,  I love when my locs are freshly twisted AND when they’re all wild and fuzzy.

Some folx are all like, “OMG, I HATE the look of locs with twisted roots.” Others say, “I can’t stand 2 inches of afro at the roots of my locs.” But yep…I stand right in the middle.


3 year old getting a weave…

Veteran Loc Rocker readers know that I have an issue with weave. I usually keep my thoughts about weave silent as to not offend others but it’s really one of those things that I vehemently dislike. I don’t care who is wearing it, 9 times out of 10, it looks fake and I find that women who wear weaves on a regular have a complex; whether they like to admit it or not.

At the end of the day, I could care less how others where their hair, but I’ve never worn a weave and never will. And if I can help it, neither will my kids. What should simply be a hairstyle is really a complex. And exactly how can you break that when it starts as young as 3?

Pay no mind to the channel where I got this embedded video. This YouTube channel seems to be full of videos bashing Black women (surprise, surprise) and talking about what we ain’t doing, shouldn’t be doing as if we are a monolithic group. But I’ll save that rant for my personal blog.

What do y’all think? Any former weave wearers feel that they had a complex about their hair and image? Did you feel more attractive with longer hair? I understand that this is an issue among girls of all backgrounds. Anyone ever catch those make-overs on America’s Next Top Model. Just about every season, there was a white girl screaming bloody murder over the thought of having her hair cut. For some reason, women in general associate longer hair with femininity. Why is that?

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Video: 2 quick styles

Happy Fridays, darlings!

Last week I tried my hardest to record a video that would showcase at least 5 of my favorite and quick loc’styles.

But for whatever reason, I just couldn’t get it right. And so, all I did was 2 styles under 4 minutes. HA!!

I’m not sure of what other videos to do so if y’all have recommendations, please let me know. I feel that there are so many wonderful loc’d gurus on YouTube and I sho ain’t tryna re-invent the wheel.

Have a great weekend!

Baby boy natural hair!

I am a proud Auntie. PROUD! Addaeyomi is one of my best friend’s sons and I just love showing him off. The last time he came to visit, I took a mess load of picture for his portfolio. He is a budding model. But not by force. He is 2 years old, listens to instructions and he LOVES the camera!

And I love his hair. A lot of little boys rock short fades and that’s cute too but I love how his Mommy hasn’t cut his hair yet. Granted, a lot of folx say he looks like a girl and she has to fight to do his hair every morning…

…but he is still the cutest thing ever!

I love him.

Any Mommies out there? Did you cut your son’s hair after he turned 1? Or if you’re not a Mommy yet, do you see yourself cutting your future son’s hair?

I’ve always loved fades on baby boys but Addae and his beautiful hair has me thinking that it’s okay to let the hair grow. Then again I do not know how to braid THAT much hair so er uh….we’ll just have to see about that.

MyLockology Sale!

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That’s hot!