Got locs? No Homecoming dance for you, kid.

It’s stories like that prove that black hair a big effing deal. And not always in a good way. This story pisses me off to no end and I hope that they press charges. And march. I am sick of people telling us that our hair is not professional. Peep the video and let me know what y’all think. Thanks Aisha.

P.S. I know some of y’all are down with the word “dreads” but it kinda makes me cringe the way its used in this story. Or is that just me? Probably. LOL!


Carol’s Daughter “How To” Locs Video

A Loc Rocker reader sent me the following video and wanted to know what I think about it. She said she saw it on Locentricity so hey Ms. Da Da!

Let me preface this by saying that I am not a hater of Carol’s Daughter. A lot of veteran naturals are. They feel as if her products have changed over the years and have introduced more synthetic ingredients. Folx say her products were more natural when she had a store out in Brooklyn. They fail to realize that with mass production and being placed in stores around the globe, preservatives HAVE to be added to prolong shelf life. I understand that and while I don’t use Carol’s Daughter products reguarly, I will always love and support Lisa Price. She is a pioneer for natural hair and natural beauty and is an inspiration to us entrepreneurs everywhere. Plus I’ve met her in person and love her aurora.

Buuuuut, I wouldn’t say I would use all of the products in the video on my locs. And here’s why.

Rosemary Mint Shampoo: Actually, I’ve sampled this and LOVE the way it made my hair feel. It smells divine and cleanses thoroughly. I find it to be a great deep cleansing shampoo for loc rockers.

Tui Hair Smoothie: I’ve used this before on a short fro and I liked it. It’s okay on locs. But then again, I’ve never been that much of a fan of cream based products on my locs. I wish they worked but I find that they get stuck in the locs and it takes a friggin’ water pressure thingie to get it out. No ma’am. Instead of the Tui Hair Smoothie, I would go with the Tui Leave In Conditioner. It’s cream-free, smells good and gives the locs that boost of moisture that some of us feel that we need after a wash.

Loc Butter: I’ve reviewed that here and I do NOT like it for locs. It’s greasy and offers absolutely no hold. And it has beeswax in it which means it’ll attract lint. I wouldn’t even use this if I had 2-strand twists. While it smells good, it really feels more like a hair grease and doesn’t offer a lick of hold.

So while I’m team Carol’s Daughter, I wouldn’t co-sign on this regimen for loc’d hair. But that’s just me. I’m sure there are several loc rockers who use conditioners and beeswax based products with gorgeous locs.

Whatcha think?

Your locs will grow…chill out!

 The above picture is of my locs at their different stages. My hair is now at the medium length and some folx look at it and think “Wow, her locs grew so long and so quickly. I wonder if mine can do the same.” Are you kidding me? Of course yours can and will do the same.

But come on my sisters, this obsession that some of us have with hair length has got to stop. There are few things that are consistent in this world but you can always guarantee that you’ll be paying taxes forever and that your hair will grow. Will it grow as long as (insert name)’s? Maybe. Maybe not. Will it grow as quickly as (insert name)’s? Maybe. Maybe not.

Focus on the health and condition of your scalp. Play around with styles. Stand in the mirror and appreciate the beauty that is your crown. Enjoy each stage. But let go of the idea that your locs will be down your back in 3 months.

My locs: Post-wash

Just random shots of my hurr, y’all. I got an email from a reader who asked me if I could post pictures of what my hair looks like after  I wash it. She said that hers is very hard and brittle.

In essence, locs are hard. After all, they are strands of hair that are locked together. I don’t think we can compare straight hair to how our locs feel.

And of course, it depends on products you use on your hair. Since I’ve been head over heels in love with Peter Lamas’ Wheatgrass Purifying Shampoo, I find that my locs feel so much softer than when I use castile soap.

Not that I dislike castile soap. I will forever use it…but does it give my locs that softness that I desire? Not so much.

I don’t even feel like I need to use conditioner or hair oil after I wash. That’s how moisturizing that shampoo is. I think the key is finding a shampoo that works; be it homemade or commercial. While I go back and forth between many shampoos, I like to use Peter Lamas’ every few weeks. My hair always thanks me.

The reader also asked if my new growth stays loc’d after a wash. Short answer? Nope! But that’s because I maintain through palm rolling. I imagine my interlockin’ and latchin’ sisters don’t have these issues. Not that it’s an “issue”. It is what it is. Most times after a wash, I don’t palm roll, but sometimes I do. There aren’t any rules.

The hair in the back of my head always acts nutty though. It’s as if it forgets like it was supposed to be loc’ing and goes back to being a ton of loose natural hair.

Some locs are good kids and stay loc’d. Like 4 of them.

I love my locs post- wash. Even the dandruff has gone away. In fact, I find that the less oil I use, the less aggravated my scalp is. I can dig it.

I think we can maintain the softness of our locs by making sure they stay BFFs with water. I spritz my hair daily with some. I’m not washing as much (maybe every 2 weeks….is that bad? LOL!) but my locs reunite with water daily.

Water is absolutely amazing.

Peace, my loves.

Upcoming Natural Hair shows!

There are soooo many natural hair events and they are doing my heart some kind of good. I am reposting this from Thank God I’m Natural. Who I got permission from because I ain’t no e-thief. LOL! Tell all of your favorite naturals because chances are if these events aren’t in your city, I’m almost positive that you’ve got friends and/or family members living in them. 

And if you’re still fuming over these events not being in a city near you, stop pouting and organize one. You can do it, sugar plum!

First up..

Gulf Coast Natural Hair Show


16th Annual International Locks Conference 

Dates: Oct 2nd and 3rd
Location: Philadelphia
Show highlights: Visit website here for additional information.


Cleveland Natural Hair Expo

Dates: Oct. 9, 10
Location: Cleveland, Ohio.
Show highlights: Performance from Kymani Marley along with classes related to business, style tips, trends and hair techniques.

And last but not least…

Orlando Natural Hair and Beauty Expo

Dates: Oct 30th
Location: Orlando, Florida Central Florida fairgrounds
Show highlights: vendor showcase, product demonstrations, fashion show, workshop sessions.

Yours truly will be heavily involved in this one. Oh, and guess who is going to be there? Natural hair extraordinaire Felicia Leatherwood.  Please come out y’all! I’d love to see you in my neck of the woods. Event website is here.

If you know of any other events, please let me know! For additional information about these events, please visit their websites and contact the appropriate persons. 

Events, inspirations, loc’d guys, oh my…

I’ve been gone for  a minute y’all but I am slowly coming back. Sometimes I don’t know what to blog about when it comes to natural hair. I don’t have this problem with Clumps. There is always a a lip gloss, mascara , trend or brand that I can talk about. But natural hair? A little more difficult. That and sometimes I just don’t know what to say that hasn’t already been said.

But I’ve got some cool ideas, inspirations and products to blog about now. And events! There are so many coming up in the Central Florida area and I am excited to be a part of it all. Of course I’ll be sure to blog each and every event coming up. Thanks a ton to the fabulous ladies already emailing me asking me to keep them in the know. 
In the meantime…when I went pay my T-Mobile, check out what greeted me when I logged on.
Now that’s hot. I’ll be the first to admit that T-Mobile’s service can be ulta-sketchy but this ad just gave me life. Not one but TWO loc’d brown people?
My heart is about to burst into gumdrops. 

Loc Spotlight: Nikki’s 7 week old locs…

Reader Nikki reminded me a lot of myself back when the locs were young. She was all frustrated about her 7-week old babies. Those of y’all who have been around since when my locs were just kids remember me and all of my dramatics. Hang in there, Nikki! We were all there at one point.

Who remembers?? Or who is still there?