Win tickets to the Chic and Kinky Natural Hair show?

Here’s what I’m giving away, lovelies…

2 sets of VIP tickets: Value $100 each

VIP Ticket Includes:
*Two day entry into exhibit hall,
*Access to all seminars and vendors,
*Entry to the Natural Hair, Fashion show and after party
*Red Carpet Access(this is exclusive, and not included in the other VIP tickets)
*Access to VIP/Sponsor Lounge(this is exclusive, and not included in the other VIP tickets)
Total Value of giveaway: $400 – two winners

4 sets of general one day admission tickets: Value $25 each
*Access to the exhibit hall and vendor area.
Total Value of giveaway: $195 – four winners

How to win?

-To win, you have to to tweet @chicandkinky  and tell them how long you’ve been natural or been loc’d. Not on Twitter? You can also shoot me an email at with the subject, “I want those tickets!” Don’t forget to include your hair stats.

Winners will be selected at random on Dec 27th. The contest ends on Dec 25th.

Big Chop event-Toronto, Canada

Go ‘head, Canada! These natural hair events are taking off! I’m lovin’ it!

Have you been transitioning for a long time?
Are you wanting to go natural and those stringy ends are just driving you crazy?
Are you looking forward to a new year new DO?
Are you just tired of being a slave to the relaxer and is looking for a more natural hair-style?

If you answered yes to anyone of these questions then THE BIG CHOP event is just for you.  If you would like to get your hair BIG CHOPPED on December 18th please let us know ASAP to

The New Year is just around the corner and if you’re thinking about starting your NATURAL HAIR journey then why not start NOW.

THE BIG CHOP EVENT: December 18th : Time: 6:30pm – 9pm : Location: The Afro Girl Hair Design – 3228 Weston Rd.

TRESSES N DRESSES AFTER-PARTY: December 18th: Time : 10:00 – 3:00am : Location: Pacha Lounge 1305 Dundas Street W.


Bernice’s 9 month old locs

Remember darlings, I LOVE to receive submissions of your locs and loose hair styles. In fact, in most instances, I will pretty much beg you to allow me to feature your gorgeous crown.

Such was the case with Bernice. She was tweeting me telling me how she just got her 9 month old locs colored. She sent a picture and I couldn’t help but go “Awwww”.

Here’s what she says about her babies, “I love the frizz! They look full to me, and I like the not perfectly done look. I like to do it myself and SAVE MONEY! Lol hard out here ya know? πŸ™‚ but the newest thing I did was color my hair! I was DYIN to color my hair. Everyone told me to wait but poo! I did it anyway. I used dark and lovely red hot.

My hair is nine months and yes theyre young but I take great care of my hair so I believe they’ll continue on this beautiful journey. So far my hair journey has so many trying times and spirits that speak through my hair and I wouldnt change a thing. They’re not perfect and that’s life. I rock my locs like the queen I am.”

“Going Natural” makes the news

Sometimes as a natural hair blogger and enthusiast, I am still always shocked when natural hair makes the news. Be it shown in a good or bad light. And quite frankly, I’ve seen it more in a negative light than a positive one. Remember the story about homeboy who couldn’t go to his homecoming dance because of his locs?

But then there are stories like this one. Either it was a super slow news day in West Palm Beach, Florida or natural hair is really a big deal. You already know what I think.

Watch. And tear up if you’re mega sensitive like me.

Natural Hair Black Friday Sales!

Okay lovelies, not that this is going to help the product junkie issues that some of us have but a reader has so graciously sent me a list of some of the sales popping off for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As much as much I want to re-up on some Oyin Handmade and Anita Grant, I won’t be partaking. I’m super satisfied with my modest stash of hair products at the moment.

Think you’ll be doing any shopping?

Qhemet Biologics
get 20% off of all products
Free shipping on orders $70 and above

15% off of-oils, shampoos and conditioners
20% off of-hair butters and more
Free shipping on orders $75 and above

La Boutique de Fleurzty
25% off everything
Free shipping on orders $60 and above
Coupon code: softhair

15% off of all purchases
20% off of purchases over $50
25% off of purchases over $100

Sage Naturalceuticals
Free shipping on online orders over $25

Oyin Handmade
20% off of full-sized, individual products online.
Coupon code: blackfriday

Receive 15% off of all products
Coupon code: turkey15

Jane Carter Solutions
Purchase Come Fly with Me Travel Kit  get another product for free! Not a bad deal at all!
Coupon code: BLKFRIDAY9


November 29th is Cyber Monday. These sales are ONLY online

50% of all products

Oyin Handmade
20% off  gift sets and more.
Coupon code: cybermonday

The Long Lost Hairstyle: Curls

It’s been a quick minute since I’ve thrown some curls up in the locs. And for good reason–my locs have gotten too long and too thick to curl. I mean, my goodness. I remember the pre-combined locs days where I could get away with the three locs in one roller but no ma’am, some of my locs are so thick, that I struggle to get them to roll into ONE roller. So yeah. That makes for one frustrating rolling session.

But I finally got them all in. I’m going to have to stick with all smaller rods. I used larger ones in the back and the curls didn’t come out AS curly.

I didn’t even care. I have my curls and now all is well with the world.

Yeah, y’all know those last two pictures came from Clumps of Mascara. I’m hoping these curls will last well into December. We shall seeeee.

Leave-In Conditioners=Oh Yeah

Lately my my locs have been looking and feeling a little dry. And no, has nothing to do with the weather because helloooo, I live in Florida. It doesn’t get very cold here so I have no need to adopt a “winter hair regimen”.  I think my dry locs can be attributed my most recent color job–which, by the way, is growing out ALREADY.

What a freakin’ rip off. I go through the drama of a bad color job that I learned to deal with and NOW it decides to disappear while leaving my hair a dry mess? Epic failure, right? But my girls Toshia from On the Road to Queendom and natural hair stylist, Felicia Leatherwood made some suggestions a while ago that are reviving the locs.

I’ve been using the Infusium 23 after washes and the Jane Carter every other day or so. My hair is 10x softer. I’ll be reviewing these kids individually but just know that leave in conditioners are rocking my world right now. I hope they don’t cause any build-up issues though. Lawd…

In other news, I have an afro at the back of my head.

And re-twisting the first 2 rows of locs is becoming pointless because within days, it just un-twists anyway. My hair has becoming quite stubborn. But then again, it would be with it being a month away from celebrating its Terrible Two’s. Awwww!!!

1st Annual Atlanta Sisterlocks Explosion

My friend Sam and I REALLY want to go but our college friend is having a baby shower this weekend. Bummer. I know I’m not a Sisterlock rocker but I’d love to go to this event and learn some thangs. Not to mention, it appears that the only way my Mom would consider going natural is through Sisterlocks. I need to brush up my knowledge so that I make her transition easier.
Anyone in ATL or the surrounding areas thinking about going?

Fabulously Unique Natural Hair Affair 2010

Some of the girls of the Orlando Natural Hair group and I decided to road trip on over to Tampa to attend this event. I mean, honestly? Two natural hair events in Central Florida in two weeks? That’s kinda dope. This event was hosted by Rochelle, popular natural hair vlogger on YouTube. There were vendors, a fashion show and panel of YouTube natural hair vloggers and more.

Some of us + beautiful brown babies…


The vendors included one of the organizers for the Orlando Natural Hair show, Natashia!

She’s holdin’ up the Loc’d Up and Free tee. You know you want one. Email me for deets on how to get it. I so so loved the interactive performance of the Kuumba African dancers.

Check out these ladies and their beautiful Sisterlocks!

Their salon is Nubian Knots Natural Hair Salon and Boutique in Tampa Bay. LIKE them on Facebook. But brace yourself because you’ll be spending hours going through their style photos. And of course, I snapped shots of beautiful naturals.

We ended up having to jet early because we had a Peace and Beauty event to attend.  Kudos to the organizers for hosting a great an event for us naturals!

I’ll be speaking at the Chic and Kinky Natural Hair Expo in NYC!

 I can’t wait until April 2011! I was already on some kind of high anticipating the World Natural Hair Show in Atlanta but just last week I was asked to speak at the 1st Annual Chic and Kinky Natural Hair and Beauty Expo. I’ll be on the Rock Your Locs seminars alongside Natasha Vincent of

Super excited about it and I hope that some of my NY and Jersey sistas can come out. Event details are forthcoming but you can get additional information here.