The natural hair obsession

Now I may be ruffling a few feathers with this one but trust that my sentiments come from the heart. We have GOT to stop with the natural hair obsession. It’s one thing to be inspired and motivated by the pictures that you may see online or in magazines.

But do you find yourself feeling bad about your crown when glancing at these pictures? Are you wishing and hoping that one day and someday your hair will look similar to someone else’s?

Drop the Rapunzel syndrome. Enjoy your locs in their infancy, at 3 months and at 9 months.

Research, watch, read and admire but no more obsessing. Don’t you know how beautiful your crown is?

Love your hair. Ultimately.

Karen’s Body Beautiful Saturday Style Sessions

I’m super late posting this (thanks Shay) considering the RSVP date ends today but if you are in the NYC area, this is an event you should definitely be going to.

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Karen and her shop last year and had a grand ole’ time. She recently opened up a spa and I plan to hit that up the next time I’m in the city.


My #1 Shampoo: Peter Lamas Purifying shampoo

I’ve been talking about it for months but never gave you a formal review. Allow me to introduce you to my absolute FAVORITE shampoo.


The Peter Lamas hair care line is a line you probably haven’t heard much about. I think a lot of that has to do with the products being so hard to find. Because it’s a luxury and natural line, you can find it at some salons and some natural food stores. But I couldn’t find it in my Whole Foods here in Orlando, Florida. All is not lost because you can still order it online.

This shampoo uses wheatgrass to help remove any build-up and oil on the scalp and hair. It does all of this without stripping the hair of its moisture. Hence why I can use it every time I wash. I first knew of this shampoo’s awesomeness when I found that it would leave my hair in superb condition after swimming. Chlorine is crap on anyone’s hair but using this purifying shampoo allowed for me to wash and rinse my locs thoroughly. And Lord knows that’s important when getting chlorine out of the hair.

The shampoo is without SLS, paraben-free, 100% vegan and includes organic ingredients. I can’t quite put my finger on what it smells like but it’s divine. It has a woods-y and clean smell that doesn’t linger heavily after it’s been washed out.

And it lathers like a regular shampoo.

It retails for a good $18 which is steep for a shampoo but gosh darn-it, I don’t care. My locs adore this shampoo and I’ll be using it for quite some time.

Loc Spotlight: Denise and her 3-year old locs

Reader Denise recently celebrated her 3rd loc anniversary and when she sent me pictures of her locs, I fell in looooove!

I also had her send me some stats about her crown…

HOW THE LOCS CAME ABOUT:  On December 29, 2007 I woke up fed up and decided to get all my shoulder length hair cut down to less than an inch to start locs.   Oh HAPPY DAY!

MY FAVORITE PRODUCTS: Jamacian Mango and Lime Spray Oil (Sproil) and my own herbal ACV clarifying rinse.

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT MY LOCS: I now love and appreciate the hair that God gave me without altering it to fit into someone’s mold of what they think my hair should look like.  Locs also connect me with my diverse heritage of African, Jamacian and Indian.  Natural hair for me=FREEDOM!

STRUGGLES I’VE HAD WITH MY LOCS: The only two struggles I’ve encountered was when I initially had the “Big Chop”. I felt I had to wear HUGE earrings so no one would mistake me as a boy! Also when I came first came home after getting all it cut off my dog barked ferociously at me because He had no clue who I was!

Rock on, Denise! You and your locs are simply beautiful! 

My farewell letter to castile soap

Dear Castile Soap,

I am writing this letter to you on behalf of my locs. They are requesting a civil break-up. I know, I know…this isn’t easy for me either. For many months, you’ve been SO good to my locs. And I thank you for that. I thank you for the thorough cleansing you gave my scalp when I had build-up that just wouldn’t go away. You were there when I needed you on vacations. You’ve ALWAYS been there for my locs.

But lately, my locs ain’t feeling the love. And here’s why…

The locs don’t feel the umph that is needed after a good wash. Sure, you cleanse but the more mature the locs become, the more stripping you seem to do. And let’s face it, with as many times the locs have been colored, the last thing they need is a cleanser that makes them feel crunchy. In fact, over the past few months, the locs have been requesting the beloved Peter Lamas Purifying Shampoo over you. I know, I know…I didn’t want to be the one to tell you but it’s true.

You’re just not doing the job anymore. But please don’t think it’s the end of our relationship. I will still use you to bathe with, clean my kitchen and bathroom with. And of course you will always be one of my favorite face cleansers.

So yeah, don’t take it personal. The locs have become some kind of picky and well, you’re just not cutting it anymore.

Always and Forever,

Product Review: Carol’s Daughter Loc Butter

In an effort to crank out more product reviews, I’m going to start by grabbing some of the reviews I did on Clumps of Mascara and sharing them with the Loc Rocker fam. Here’s one of them…

Loc Butter

Price: 4 out of 5 ($15.50 from
Packaging: 5 out of 5
Overall: 2 out of 5

What it claims: “In order to lock hair, one does not need sticky pomades. It is the motion of the palm roll or twist in conjunction with clean, properly moisturized hair that aids in the locking process. This Carol’s Daughter favorite, offers superior grooming with citrus oils that provide a light scent and ylang-ylang that nourishes the scalp and promotes healthy hair.” (source)

The truth: What the….I knowwww there isn’t any beeswax in this!

What I loved about it: I like the idea behind it. Very rarely will you see a loc butter on the market sold by a major brand. So that’s exciting. It shows that there is a demand of products for ladies who are loc their hair. And since I’m one, I think that’s great!

What I didn’t like: The inclusion of beeswax.

Overall:  From when I FIRST started loc’ing my hair, I was told by professionals and veteran loc’ers  to NEVER put beeswax in my locs. Beeswax will assist your hair in loc’ing but it will also attract lint. And lint attracts dirt. Gross. I was all excited about Carol’s Daughter Loc Butter until I saw the ingredients.
See the beeswax? That’s so wrong. Other than that, the product itself looks and smells wonderful. I find that it is far too greasy to use on my locs but perhaps it would work better for folx who have more mature locs.

I wouldn’t recommend it though. Beeswax is a total no no. It scares me and while I know Carol’s Daughter’s intentions were good, I wish they would have given a little more thought behind this product.

Kim Coles goes natural!

Actress and comedienne Kim Coles revealed her beautiful natural hair a few days ago on Afrobella. A few months ago while listening to Afrobella Radio, I remember her saying that she wanted to go natural. We encouraged her and I didn’t think she would do it so soon but she did! And it looks stunning on her.

Tell me she doesn’t look beautiful! And yes, those earrings are by Rachel Stewart. And that funky tee is by Minoritees. I’m so proud of her. So much that I tweeted my love!

And she tweeted back!

Gotta love celebs that actually respond to their fans. Get her whole story over at Afrobella. And follow her on Twitter and send her lots of love and congrats. In an industry where few women of color proudly rock the natural hair, I think when it does happen, it should be celebrated.

You go, Kim! LocRocker thinks you are even more beautiful and captivating. Woo woo woo!

I trimmed my locs!

The visit to my loctician was amazing of course. I’ll be back to see her in a few weeks as I plan to do a complete salon feature. You know, interview her, take pictures and maybe do a video. I just found out that she has a Facebook page. I want to wake it up a bit so I’ll be bugging Mrs. LaTonya soon about ways I can help her do that. You know…since I do undercover social media marketing and all. *pops collar* 

But anyway, I got my locs trimmed and I couldn’t be happier. They really feel like a new set of locs and I couldn’t thank my loctician enough for recommending the trim. Here’s what happened…

I know when you think of trim you think of cutting some length, right? Wellllls, I got my locs pruned. I’ve heard of this term from several loc rockers. Of course you have your radicals that think that pruning the locs is a no no. You know me. Do whatever works for YOU. Pruning my locs has given my locs such a cleaner and frizz-free look. I’ve been dealing with frizzy locs for so long that I considered the loose hair to be the norm. My loctician assured me that the frizzy hair will not loc. And she’s right. I mean, after 2 years shouldn’t it have already loc’d anyway?

Look at the difference pruning made…

I was floored when she asked me take a peek. My locs just felt…better. And looked better. Don’t get me wrong, I actually had no problem with the frizz but I love how much better they look. Mrs. LaTonya took her time and pruned each loc. She also trimmed a few.

RIP fuzzies.

Don’t think I’m sad about loosing the fuzz because I’m not. It was time. My locs look much neater and I am so so happy about it.

And I did some photo editing to this one but I think it looks so cool.

I’m a happy kiddo right now. I found a video on YouTube that goes into detail about what pruning is. My loctician took a different approach. She used professional scissors for one. She recommended that I do this when I felt the need to do so. For some it is twice a year and others maybe only once a year.

I’ll be back with a post on my hair detox. Let’s just say I feel like I have a new set of locs. My loctician revived them. I love her.