You know you have a good loctician when…

…she asks for an in-person consultation when you call her for an appointment.
And you haven’t seen her in months.
And you have outlandish requests.

I called my loctician today. One of my birthday presents from the BF is some hair pampering. So I called my loctician and immediately started apologizing for why I hadn’t been coming in. She didn’t even care. She just wanted to know how I was doing and how my locs were.

I told her that I wanted hair color. And knowing about my addiction to hair color, the GOOD loctician that is she, asked me to come in.

And so in I went. After chatting it up with other loc’d ladies (who I should have snapped pictures of, womp), my loctician says that my locs looked beautiful. Just a little dull. I can co-sign on that. I went swimming this weekend and that chlorine did a number on my hair. She said that I needed a hair detox. And that tomorrow she would give me one. And then if I wanted color later, she would do that.


In the meantime, I’ll be rockin’ this…

Yeah. Don’t judge a sista. If you have an amazing loctician that asks questions and cares more about your hair’s health than you do, hug him or her the next time you see ’em. Tightly.

I shall return with updates!

Happy New Year!

Happy 2011 Loc Rocker fam! I’ve been making the most of my holiday break time and spending it relaxing. I posted my whereabouts on Clumps. Just a quick post letting you know how appreciative I am of you following Loc Rocker in the new year. I’ve got a lot of things in store and I’m glad that y’all are here to support me.

My locs are looking some kind of way after spending some hours at the pool. I really think it’s time to go see my loctician. Just for some extra pampering and conditioning.

If you’ve emailed me…no worries, I’ll be responding soon. And if you’d like to be featured or interviewed, email me and let’s rap.

Until then…