Quick Hair Update

In a previous post, I said something like, “I’ll be retwisting….”. Uh…that never happened. I JUST retwisted after a good 6 weeks or so. The more these locs mature, the less I feel like retwisting them. Even washing ’em is a feat. It took me over an hour to wash them thoroughly.


Part of me wants to grow these locs as long as I can. And then another part of me wants to chop ’em off because…I don’t know, I kinda dug the shorter locs. Even though I complained about them. Only time will tell…

Get a Loc’d up and Free t-shirt!

I’ve gotten a mess load of emails about where to find this tee and so here it is, darlings. My bootleg photoshoot of the t-shirt and the website where you can find it.

Founder Natasha (also co-founder of the Central Florida Natural Hair show, woot!) has recently launched a  natural hair inspired t-shirt line. Kin Clothing has got some pretty funky t-shirts and I’m lovin’ that there is one of us loc’d ladies.

Yep. It’s dope. You can snag it for $16.99 from the e-store.

Are you a product junkie?

But first…watch this vid.

Kim Coles cracks me up so much. I love her. Where are my product junkies at?

Time to check in!!

Oh…and if you know me well enough, you know that I am far too cheap to be a product junkie. Unless it is given to me, I’m not buying a new product until I hit bottom, yo.

Raise your hand if you have WAY too many products.

Loves Ya,

Here I am!

I’m still alive! I know, I know. It’s been forever and a day but yes, I’m still here.

I had to take a much needed break from the online natural hair scene. I got to a point where I would sit down and WANT to write a post but had no idea where to start. I mean, how much can I say about my locs (and natural hair in general) before it seems like overkill? We’ve all seen the same pictures of loc’d ladies circulating the internet. It was starting to seem redundant. My goal is to bring a fresh and unique perspective. And since I was struggling to do that, I decided to not write at all.

But some inspiration is starting to show its face again so I’ll be back sooner rather than later.

On a local level, I have taken the position as VP for the Orlando Natural Hair group. We are working on re-organizing ourselves under new leadership and have a lot of things in store. That, Clumps of MascaraYoung Professionals and prepping up for a new job have all kept me super busy. But in a good way.

So I’ll be back soon, lovelies. If I haven’t responded to your email yet, I’ll be on that as well. And if there is anything you would like to see on Loc Rocker, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Loves y’all,

In the “WTF Files” I haven’t done a thing to my hair. I haven’t washed it since I went to the salon. I haven’t done any styles. I haven’t spritzed it with anything. No oiling. No massaging of the scalp. It’s just been…there. Tonight I’m going to treat my scalp and wash it. And if I’m bored enough I may, just MAY do pipe cleaner curls.