Guest Post: Loc rockin’ at 2 months

Hello Loc Rocker readers. My name is Courtney and I have been loc’ing for two months. While its only been two months it feels like forever! I say this because so many things has happened in this short time. By this I mean FRIZZ and I’m trying to keep it under control.

Welp, I learned early that this is impossible! I I have what I call the Alphalfa syndrome , locs sticking up everywhere! It has been LIBERATING to just let go. I came in a little reluctant because this process is brand new.After being a lurker on blogs I have gained this new confidence with my hair and I am sooo excited to see the future changes.

These photos are week after re twisting. Also walking in the rain and working out like a mad woman wont help the frizzyness. [ is it time to start latching??] Im learning to go with it as time goes on. I don’t have a regimen in particular but I do religiously keep my scalp moisturized with my home made rosemary/ olive oil. Every Friday after cleaning my scalp with Organic Root stimulator cleanser, I warm up the oil and massage my scalp , wet a towel then microwave it for 2 mins and let it sit for 5 mins. [ soo relaxing] Im a DIY penny pitching kinda girl so I re twist myself using Organic root stimulator Gel and Shea butter.

I am looking forward to see more newbie loc’ers like myself here on Loc Rocker. I want to see more methods and encouragement from us.

Got questions for Courtney? Feel free to comment in this post and she will answer!

Braided Locs, part II

I’ve been super lazy with my locs lately. But I don’t mind it. I’m not “itching” to do anything and for a color fiend, I appreciate these moments of being satisfied with my locs. The other day I washed and braided them. I’ve done this before. This time, however, I decided to spruce it up by adding a flower.

‘Scuse the blurriness. I’ve been rocking braided locs for several days now. This is the BEST style ever. Braids make for the best protective styles and last unbelievably long. In fact, unless I wash the locs, the crinkle-effect still goes on strong.

I tweaked my technique this go round and used rubber bands to bend over the end of the locs.

The last time I did this I had great crimps but straight ends. Not a good look. Let’s see how long I can rock the braids for. I’m going to get my Nicey Nash on and rock a different flower every day. The braids HAVE to be up in some kind of ponytail. I mean, would y’all still love me if I wore them like this…

Negative. HA!!!  People who see me with the braids always think that I’ve combed out my locs. I can see how. When braided, they don’t look like locs at all. Pretty groovy, uh? What do y’all think? Any fans of the braided locs?

How to get rid of the bumps in your locs

A dear reader of mine posed this question to me. She wanted to know how to get rid of those bumps. What bumps you ask? Those.

Or maybe these…

Do you see them? Those little bumpy indents? You may or MAY NOT have them.  But here’s how you get rid of them…

You can’t. No seriously, you can not. This is simply how your hair loc’d. For some, it may be a result from combining (that’s me) and for others, it may be due to interlocking or starting the locs with 2-strand twists. Whatever the reason, learn how to embrace the bumps because they aren’t going anywhere soon.

Locs will never be uniform. One will always look different than the other. And I think that’s what makes them so beautiful. I love the little bumpy parts of my locs. It gives them character.

Any of you have bumpy locs? Do they bug you or not so much?

Dear Loc’d Ladies, This brotha says…loc on!

Yes, I’m using this picture again. I featured it back on this post and it was recently blogged on LocLuv. I LOVE this picture. I’m also loving the email I got from Andrew. Check this out, y’all…

Hey there B,

I’m a guy and I follow your blog…when I can. Its so refreshing to see women who have embraced their natural beauty. The same way you are attracted to men with locs, I’m attracted to natural haired ladies. I think of relaxers as lethal injection for hair, and I believe any chemical that doesn’t nourish hair should be banned. That’s just me to each his/her own.

Anywho, I’m beginning my first set of locs pretty soon (been growing my hair out for the past 15 months, well more like 7…long story) and I’ve decided that for the next 3 months or so I’ll tame the fro with some manageable braids. I’ve had them in now for about 2 weeks, and I have to say I’m lovin it. The attention I get from the ladies in the office is nice.

Just wanted to share this with you because I’d been a bit wishy washy about the idea of locing up, that is until I stumbled across your blog. You helped to reaffirm everything I’d been thinking. For me its more than just a hairstyle its our culture and those that disagree I think need a black history/African culture lesson. Anyway I’m running on now. Just wanted to say I appreciate your blog and to tell you keep it up sista and that you have males that read too lol. You energy is warm and positive and its a wonderful vibe.

I love when the guys show love. Thank you, Andrew! While us ladies can compliment each other on our crowns all day, it always feels good when a brotha can show us some love to. We thank you!!! Ladies, if your man, brother, nephew, son or friend are dealing with the decision to loc, let them know that they aren’t alone.

Maybe Andrew’s post will spearhead more contributing posts and pictures from the fellas. Hmmm, what do y’all think?


Calling all newbie loc’ers!!

With my locs gettin’ up in age, the last thing I want to do is feature styles that ONLY work on ladies with medium/longer length locs. I remember when I was doing my research on locs and would be so incredibly frustrated to see style photos and tips for the long haired folx but not for the baby loc’ers.

While I’ve documented my first year of locs down to the tee, I think readers will still benefit from regular updates from those of y’all that are new to locs. If you are interested in contributing to Loc Rocker or would like to be featured, please let me know! That includes personal friends of mine (ahem…Sheryl) and my regular emailin’ gals (ahem…Shavonda). Don’t be afraid to show of your gorgeous locs. If I can post pictures of my dandruff and build-up, surely you all can grace Loc Rocker with your beauty.

Email me at if you are interested. And even if you aren’t, brace yourself as I may be forcing encouraging you to contribute to the site.

And since we’re speaking of my girl Shavonda, check out her 4-month loc update video. And be sure to subscribe to her channel!

Loves y’all,

Natural Haircare Expo in B.Mo!

I love how this hair show is surrounded around so many fantastic music acts. If you’re in the area, I think it’s worth headin’ out to. And of course, if you DO go, be sure to let me know how it went.

For more information and details about the Baltimore Natural Haircare Expo, visit the website.

5 Questions to Ask A Prospective Loctician

Some of y’all have been stalking Loc Rocker but have not yet made the decision to loc your hair. And that’s perfectly okay. The decision to loc should be made if and when you are ready. But if you are ready and you are in the process of seeking our a loctician, I’ve come up with a list of questions that I think you should print out and take with you during your initial consultations.

Don’t give me that side eye. If you’re going to trust someone with your crown, they owe you some explanations. You should not be embarrassed to ask these questions. After all, this is YOUR hair we’re talking about. If a prospective loctician gets annoyed with your questions, guess what? You may want to find another one.  So here we go…

1. How much is this going to cost me?

-This sounds like a simple question but it can make or break a lot. While loc installation may be a little pricer than regular maintenance, you may not want to shell out $50-$100 a month for maintenance. Don’t be afraid to ask your loctician for prices. You will be in a happier position knowing that you don’t have to sell your car just to get your hair did. Are you okay with spending X-amount of dollars on your hair each year? Yeah? Then rock on! No? Then find a more affordable loctician or prep yourself to be a DIY-er.

2. What products will you be using?
-Some of y’all are product snobs. You ONLY want to use all-natural everything or all-commercial everything. And that’s okay when you are doing your own hair. But if you are trusting someone else to do your locs, you may have reservations about the things they will be using. It’s okay to ask to see the bottles of the products that your loctician is using. Some may have an attitude about it but they’ll get over it. If you DON’T like the products that your loctician is using, kindly ask him or her if they could use something else. If they refuse to, you may want to seek out a loctician that uses products that work well with your hair-type. Or ask if you can bring in your own products. Most locticians shouldn’t mind at all.

3. Will anyone else in the salon be working on my hair?
-This is an important question to ask. Some of us REALLY like the person that has been doing our hair. We’d rather wait a few extra minutes for their availability than get passed along to the shampoo girl that scrubs your scalp a little TOO vigorously. Asking this question may put your loctician in a better situation to accommodate you during appointments. If you’re lucky (like me), you’ll go to a salon where all of the stylists are amazing. But if you know you are a Picky Patty about who handles your hair, ask this question before getting started.

4. Are you a certified colorist?
-Not all locticians are certified in hair dyeing. If you know that you’ll be wanting hair color down the line, ask your loctician if she has certification. Most have it posted on the walls of the salon but if you don’t see it, asking is not rude. Most stylists love showing off their credentials and will gladly share their areas of expertise. If you love your loctician and find out that she is not experienced in hair dyeing, then I suggest flying out to Indianapolis to visit Theirry Baptiste. I ain’t playin’ either. 🙂

5. May I see examples of your work?
-During the consultation a good loctician will show you photo albums of their work. This not only helps you realize that you’re in good hands, but it also gives you an idea of what to expect. Locticians that document the journeys of their clients are extremely knowledgeable and can answer just about any question as it relates to locs.

Above all, NEVER be in the dark about what’s going on with your hair. Not only are you paying for a service, but you are trusting someone with your hair. You should never leave unsatisfied or harbor a bunch of questions.

And of course it helps if you know how to do your own hair. While you may enjoy the luxury of having a loctician, there may come a time when you simply can’t afford (*cough that’s me *cough) one. Or your loctician may be unavailable or move. You don’t want to be in a position where you are so dependent on someone else doing your own hair that you freak out if they can’t do it.

Make sense?

Now go forth, my future loc’ers!!

Locs at the Beach. Is salt water a problem?

As most of y’all know, I am a native Floridian and a total beach babe. While life may transfer me to different states and countries, I have no doubt that I will retire at a location where the sun is always shinning and the palm trees are plentiful. That said, I’m not one of those brown girls that are fearful of the ocean. I’ve done everything from dive in the middle of the ocean at Turks & Caicos to banana boating in the Bahamas. I’ve water skied in Jamaica and snorkeled in Hawaii. And this past weekend I played at New Smyrna Beach.

As the weather gets warmer, I’m sure a lot of y’all will be taking trips to the beach. I’ve a few salt water swimming tips that I think will help newbie and veteran loc’ers alike. Remember…I ain’t no professional. These are just tips that I have found works best for me and my locs. As always, consult with a loctician should you have any reservations.

1. If your locs can fit in a ponytail, put them up in a loose one. Wet hair is heavier and you don’t want to pull on the edges any more than you have to.

2. For those with baby comb coils, be sure to consult with your loctician first before hitting the water. If you’ve washed your locs at least once before without any slippage, you should be okay. However, in their infancy, comb coils are prone to unraveling. Remember that and tread lightly. Check out the post of my locs at 6 months and the experiences I had with them while swimming.

3. Got color treated hair? The sun is no bueno for any of us. Spritz the locs with your favorite leave-in conditioner (you can make your own but diluting your favorite conditioner with water) prior to heading in the water. This helps protect the locs a bit. I also find that it keeps the hair softer as the salt water tends to dry them out. Use a liberal amount. Too much may result in build-up. And y’all know how I feel about build-up.

4. Don’t plan on washing the hair immediately after leaving the beach? Be sure to rinse salt water out of the locs thoroughly. My hair is okay with not being washed right away but if feels a horribly crispy mess if I don’t remove as much of the salt water as possible.

5. If you plan on air drying the hair, help it along by squeezing out excess hair using a microfiber towel. These soak up A LOT of water. But remember to get a darker colored one. White, pink, yellow and gray towels tend to leave lint in your locs.

Let me know if these tips are helpful. And happy traveling, darlings! I’d be remiss if I didn’t recommend visiting one of Florida’s fine beaches. Miami Beach is the perhaps the most beautiful (and populated) but don’t forget the hidden treasures like Destin, Sarasota, Naples and Clearwater.


How old are your locs?

My locs when they were babies.

Although I’m not actively bloggin’ on LocRoc (I know, I know…) I am still chit-chattin’ with my favorite loc rockers via email and it turns out that many of you are coming up on major milestones! While y’all have been following my journey, I’ve been following yours and I am excited to see how beautiful everyone locs are!

So go ahead and rep your the age of you locs. Feel free to brag about their awesomeness as well. 🙂

Loves Ya,