Loc-hawkin’ in Atlanta

Y’all know I had to get all fancy for the World Natural Hair show. Don’t worry. That red is just some rinse. The loc-hawk was super easy to do. Tutorial coming soon!

Not bad, uh? I drove up to Atlanta and had an epic road trip with the gals. We’re all set and ready to go to the World Natural Hair show. Weeeeee!

Chicago Natural Hair Workshop 2011

I’m not gonna lie, the price looks a little steep considering most natural hair workshops, expos and events only cost a good $10-$25 but if you’ve been lookin’ for some natural hair inspiration and you’re in Chi-Town, get your ticket with the ASAP. Not to mention Felicia Leatherwood is going to be there and she is definitely worth seeing in person. She is amaziiiiiing!

The magic of bobby pins

Whoever invented bobby pins needs some kind of medal. My pipe cleaner curls have been a lastin’ goin’ on 2 weeks now. And I do anything but wear them down. Oh no, bobby pins are PC-curls’ best friends. At work I rock a little up-down do…

Hit the jump to see more.

Then there’s the hapzard not sure what’s goin’ on but it’s cute look.

Now now, if your locs aren’t quite long enough to roll with pipe cleaner curls, don’t fret. Playing around with bobby curls and pin curling can be just what you’re looking for.

Bobby pins…I love y’all.

Guest Post: DIY newbie loc’er

Check out Hasina and her goooorgeous baby locs.

After contemplating for the past 7 years, I finally decided to get locs and I’ve had no regrets. I am a DIYer and I enjoy figuring out my hair’s likes and dislikes. The beginning of my journey was a little frustrating as my twists will unravel during washing but its all worth it since my locs are forming and I’m seeing beautiful results.

Locs Installation— Nov 16th 2010
Method— finger coils and palmroll
Regimen— wash when my hair tells me to which is normally once a wk
Condition— used to condition with coconut milk, coconut oil n honey but lately I’ve been using my old faithful, Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose conditioner and my locs are thanking me for it.

Retwist— usually twice a month.

Here are a few things I’ve learned so far:

~Listen to your hair.
~Don’t let others discourage you.
~Find loc blogs (I was happy to find so many loc blogs)
~Everything is not for everyone. Some products that worked for others may not work for you
~Do your research (youtube, blogs, forums, books, experiment)
~Wash your hair
~Less is sometimes better.

I’m currently using only two products on my hair at the moment.
In the beginning I used JML and ORS gels to twist but they both made my scalp itchy and made my hair dry and crunchy. I’ve also used aloe vera n honey which did keep the hold but I didn’t like idea after the first try so now I don’t twist with any products and that’s been working out perfectly for me. I simply spray my locs with a concoction containing a few drops of rosemary oil, water, honey and evoo and then I add a quarter sized amt of Oyin Handmade Burnt Sugar Pomade (love it).

As a newbie loc’er, at times I felt discouraged due to lack of style options and others opinions but I’m quickly that this is MY journey so I’m embracing and loving every minute of it!

Got any questions for Sheryl? Leave ’em in this post and she will answer. Shoot an email to Brittany@LocRocker if you would like to write a guest post. I love featuring naturals of all hair types.

The Truth Behind Bleaching Your Hair

My coming across this video could not have come at a greater time. I’ve been getting a TON of emails from loc rockin’ ladies who are interested in dyeing their locs for the first time. My first suggestion is to ALWAYS consult with a professional. Even though I’ve done dye jobs at home, a GOOD colorist can do 10x of a better job than we can.
And secondly, I always tell folx to be very weary about bleaching their hair. I’ve done it to a few locs and will NEVER do it again. At least not at home. After a cosmetology friend explained to me what happens when we bleach our hair, I’ve been a little weary about wanting to risk the health of my hair by doing it. This sucks as I LOVE playing around with hair color but bleaching? Even I have to take a step back from that. 
What’s your take on bleaching the locs?

Guest Post: From permin’ at 6 to rockin’ 4 month old locs

Sheryl and I go back to the playground as kids. Not really but it feels like it. She is beyond awesome and wonderful and I am so honored to call her a friend. Peep her awesome locs…

I never in a million years thought that I would loc my hair.

I had a perm since the age of six (yes gasp now). I’ve never known what it was like to not have a relaxer. I was one the one to always be outside early in the morning on Saturday (rain, sleet, or snow) faithfully waiting for that wash and set. I didn’t think I had “good hair”. As soon as I got a perm I was counting down until the next one.

I can’t remember the exact moment that locing my hair crossed my mind.

However after being subjected to chemical burns and the inability to do the activities that I liked because I didn’t want to sweat my fresh wash and set out, I knew that I needed a change. When I began to grow out my perm I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with my hair but I knew relaxing was not an option. I remember seeing Brittany’s hair and other locd ladies at the Makeup Show in NYC and at that point I KNEW that my journey would begin.

I started my loc’s on November 18, 2010. Prior to that I had been growing out my relaxer (my last relaxer was on January 8, 2010). I remember sitting in the chair and the loctician just cutting off the rest of my permed ends. I never understood what some ladies meant when they said they felt free after their relaxed hair was cut but at that moment I instantly knew what they meant. Since locing my hair I maintain it on my own. I’ve only been to the loctician one time and that was to get them started. I told myself that I didn’t want to have to depend on others to do my hair (as I had to with relaxing).

I can say that I’m 250% in love with my hair. Locs are so versatile. I will admit when I first came home with them I was not in love, in fact I was very self conscious. I remember taking a pic of them and sending them to Brittany and she said they looked great (Brittany were you trying not to hurt my feelings? LOL). I just decided to roll with it and four months later they are blossoming.

My routine is pretty simple. I wash every two weeks (faithfully). I don’t retwist often maybe once a month but no earlier then three weeks. I latch occasionally but for the summer I think I’m going to stick with just twisting. As far as products I use store brands like Jamaican Mango and Lime, Queen Helene hot oil treatment, and Suave shampoo. I like to keep it simple since I feel that’s what having locs is all about.

I would say to anyone considering locs to decide if this is what you really want. Locs don’t develop over night and it requires time and patience. I honestly wish I would have locd my hair years ago. I’ve discovered self confidence that I never thought I had. You have to remember not to compare your locs to someone else’s, your hair will have its own personality and it will be BEAUTIFUL!!!

Got any questions for Sheryl? Leave ’em in this post and she will answer. Shoot an email Brittany@LocRocker if you would like to write a guest post. I feature naturals of all hair types and styles!  

I accidentally colored my hair. Again.

Well, not really. I didn’t WANT to color them. Well, that’s a lie too. I DID want to color them but knew I shouldn’t. But there’s something about summer-like weather that makes me feel like I should go lighter. Dark brown hair is just…I don’t know. Expected and boring on me.

 I took it easy and only lightened up the front half of my hair. It’s minimal but I am loving the difference! Goes perfect with the beach tan. Haaaayyyy!!

And I don’t even know why I spent the time retwisting and curling my locs knowing good and well I’ll be back at the beach this weekend for some boogie boarding and body surfing.

Oh wells. I suppose they’ll look good for 6 days or so. I also want to do something extra funky for the World Natural Hair show. Clearly adding more color isn’t an option but I want a super awesome and unique style. Hmm….I’m thinking of spray painting a few locs vibrant purple and pink. You know….with some non-toxic hair color spray. I’m also thinking about getting my nose pierced for the THIRD time and getting a hoop. I am obviously tapping into my inner-rocker girl.

And in random news, it’s been a whole SIX years since I’ve been perm-free. That’s kinda awesome considering I was insanely depended on the creamy crack.

Don’t miss ya, creamy crack.
And sho ain’t comin’ back.

Love y’all,

World Natural Hair Show 2011–I’m going!!

Are you going to because if so I would looooove to see you! I’m not going to tell y’all how many emails I got from ladies saying they saw me at the show last year but were too nervous to speak. WTH, I am not Oprah. I’m cooler than her. *flips locs* HAAA!!!

No seriously, if you plan to attend the show both days, shoot me an email so we can link up and so I can at least give you a hug and thank you for your support.

In addition to the show, there are some other fabulous events goin’ on. Check it ouuuut….


Loc Challenge: Trapped build-up and lint

If you haven’t seen any posts from me about loc challenges that’s because for awhile, I didn’t have any. It seems like the more my locs mature, the less issues I have. I’ve gotten over and pruned the frizziness. The scalp is chronically dry but I kinda just deal with it. And the locs grow without any issues.

BUT—I have come across a problem that had me in the mirror for hours.

Trapped build-up and lint. 

This is bad. This is very bad…

My loctician told me many horror stories about veteran loc’ers who had to CUT off their locs because of trapped build-up and lint. It can be quite a problem. Especially if you don’t tackle it immediately.

‘Hole up, B. How do I prevent this from happening? 

Everyone’s locs are different and but for me, the best way to prevent this is to stay far away from hair butters and creamy conditioners and to wear a satin bonnet to bed. There is no way around this. I don’t even lounge on the sofa without covering my hair.

How to get rid rid of build-up or lint?

First you have to identify which is which. And here’s my little trick. If when you wet your loc, the white stuff disappears, it’s build-up. If it sticks around and is still noticeable, it’s lint. Removing lint is relatively easy. Tweezing it out may take some time but once it’s out—it’s out, build-up on the other hand is a whole ‘nother demon. One that I find can be removed by one of the following steps:

1) Cutting the loc off. Not an option for those of us who are new to locs and don’t want to chop them yet but veteran loc’ers may not mind chopping off a few inches to get themselves of the linty locs.

2) Dyeing the locs. The dye can totally cover up the build-up and lint.

3) Performing surgery on the locs. This is my method of choice. Here’s what I do. First…more lovely pictures of the build-up trapped in my locs.

I used a creamy conditioner  a few months ago. Just to SEE if I would have build-up issues. And I did. And I thought I washed it all out. But I had 2 locs that that kept the conditioner trapped inside of their loc’d up selves. And because I hardly look at the back of my head, I didn’t notice. Which brings me to another lesson, purchase a mirror and get in the habit of looking at the locs in the back.

I took tweezers and removed as much of the build-up as I could. It’s hard to get it ALL because it is not only outside of the loc but inside as well.

If you’re good you can get quite a bit. You’ll loose some hair with it alas there is a sacrifice to everything. I am STILL working on removing the build-up from these locs. I do a little bit a day. I plan to scrub them with baking soda and castile soap to remove what I couldn’t get out with the tweezers.

Anyone else with trapped build-up and lint issues?