Huetiful Pop-Up Shop at Karen’s Body Beautiful!

Been thinking about purchasing a Huetiful hair steamer? If you’re in the Brooklyn area, you can see this bad boy in person and get a 15% discount.

I’ve reviewed the Huetiful and think it’s a fantastic investment for us loc’d ladies.

Who plans on going? Join the Facebook event page to stay up on updates. And if you’ve never visited Karen’s Body Beautiful, a trip to her store will be quite the treat. I had an amazing time when I visited last year.

Lovin’ my afrolocs!

I am absolutely loving NOT retwisting my hair. And I thought I’d never say that. Not doing so has really given me a greater appreciation for my locs. I was never the kind that needed super manicured locs allll the time, but I did like how freshly twisted locs looked over locs that weren’t twisted.

I can proudly say that at this point, I am actually digging the freeform locs more.

Granted freeformed locs come with their own set of challenges (will talk about those later) but for right now, I am in LOVE with them. I’ll do a formal post on Friday checking in on all of the guys and gals participating in the challenge but for now I wanted to shoot over some random pics of my edges and super afrolocs.

Parts? Who needs ’em?

So yeah…I’m loving my afrolocs.

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Happy Loc Appreciation Day 2011!

It’s Loc Appreciation Day in the e-space! And to be quite honest, I don’t really know what this day entails. Especially since every day is Loc Appreciation Day over here at Loc Rocker but several of y’all told me about the celebration and I didn’t want to miss out.

There are a good 10+ YouTube Loc Appreciation Day collabos. I’m in one of them but am too lazy to find out which one. Ha! So below is the video that I submitted.

Keep lovin’ your locs, fam. Be then 7 weeks old or 7 years old. Love and appreciation your crown.

Freeform Summer Challenge: Quick ‘n Easy Style

Soooo the Freeform Summer Challenge is in full swing and from the emails and comments on the Facebook wall, some of my gals (and guys) are struggling. Especially those of us that are used to super manicured locs where we HAVE to see the parts in our hair. I’m learning to just go with the flow of the 3 inches of afro hair I have at my roots.

I washed my locs and found an insane amount of build-up (I’ll save that for another post). I did some running outside and let them air dry. They were dry in no time considering it was 101 degrees that day in Florida. While I was getting ready for work the next day, I started playing around and came up with a quick style that I think will work best for those ladies who are too afraid to wear their locs wild ‘n free.

And please excuse that blurry photo. I had the wrong lens on my camera. The photo snob that is me should know better. *scoffs*
I pulled out a piece of fabric string yarn hair tie thing and tied it the locs up in a ponytail.

The only difference between this and a traditional ponytail is that I pulled the fabric string yarn hair tie thing around my head.

Of course this will only work with medium to longer locs. And I’m sure I didn’t invent the style but it was a nice and casual look. I want to buy some more fabric string yarn hair ties in different colors and patterns.

Question for my Freeform Summer Challenge Participants: For those of y’all that work in office settings, how do you feel about rocking your freeform locs? Are you confident? Feel out of place? Could care less? What say you?

Guest Post: Katisha’s Sisterlocks

So glad that I am finally getting the opportunity to feature a Sisterlock’er. Check out Katisha’s story….

I’ve had a fro….I’ve had faux traditional locs….I’ve had another fro…then twists that I thought would turn into locs. Then I cut those out, and….had another fro. I was in a “ho-hum” phase with my hair in 2009. I knew I didn’t want to cut it again, and go through the process of growing ut a TWA. Trust me, I was caYUTE in it (lol), but I was at a point in my life where I just didn’t want to do that again.

After stalking somewhere upwards of a million websites (okay, okay, I exaggerate, but it was a LOT! LOL) and doing some soul searching, I settled on Sisterlocks because of the versatility I’d seen in the pictures, and they *seemed* to behave more like loose hair; thought I’d have the best of both worlds.

Then I went to a Sisterlocks consultation. I hated it! She seemed very unsure of herself, very intimidated by the amount of hair I had, the “training” video was dated and played out, and it hurt when she put in the tester locks! As if! I was very disappointed because I was back to not knowing what on EARTH I was going to do with my hair. I decided to go to one more consultation before I just gave up. And I’m so glad I did! I loved her over the phone, and even more so in person. I had such a good time at the consultation that I didn’t even want to leave her house. She became family (and in fact does my mother’s hair now!). About 3 weeks later, it took two women 22 hours over 2 days to install my locks.

I wish I could say I was in love from the gate. But my very first thought was “ooooh, wee! What have I done?!” LOL. Only because I felt it was so permanent and….well…it wasn’t cheap!

I’d say about a good week or so into it, I was a different person. I didn’t love having to band my hair before I washed it, having to separate the locks after a wash and all that, but after that? Gravy.

I’m 2 years into it now, and like with any hair style, I’ve had my ups and downs with it. Sometimes, despite their versatility, I miss having loose hair. I haven’t loved each phase they’ve gone through. I’m still not all the way locked and the puffy, not locked ends get on my very last nerve sometimes. But….overall? I’m very pleased. I don’t know that I will keep them forever/ Don’t know what I’ll do next, but….right now? I’m good.

Got questions for Katisha? Leave ’em in this post and she will answer. Can I feature you and your locs? Shoot your hair story to

Orange locs in the wind…

Every now and then I like to dress my kids alike.

Y’all do know I refer to my blogs as kids, right? Ha!! Clumps of Mascara had this photo posted over there and I’m posting the same photo over here.

It looks like my red locs (you know, from that rinse I did) have turned orange. I am absolutely in love with them. I want more orange locs! This was a shot of the locs after a few hours of boogie boarding. Surprisingly, my hair didn’t get THAT wet. I had a few wet spots in the back but nothing that warranted a full wash. Then again, I’d say anything to get out of washing my locs.

In random news, I want to take up surfing this summer. Won’t that be cool? I’ll be a loc rockin’ surfer chick. And then I’ll start a blog called Nah, I’m kidding. I’ve got enough blogs. 🙂

Freeform Summer Challenge. You in?

The official Freeform Summer Challenge is here, y’all!!! Yaaaaay!

This idea came about from some of the guys and gals in the LocRocker Facebook group. If you’re interested in dropping the obsession of perfectly manicured locs and desirous of giving your scalp a break, then let’s go!

Purpose of Freeform Summer Challenge
I’ll admit it. I have Chronic Retwisting Syndrome. It comes and goes, but there are times when I will retwist the new growth (even when I don’t really NEED to) simply because I feel like I need to look ‘cute’. While it may be okay now, over-twisting can lead to breakage, popping and a receding hairline. The Freeform Summer Challenge will give us the opportunity to just let go, let our locs do their own thing and realize that we DON’T have to have perfectly manicured locs to look and feel beautiful.

Who’s Eligible?
Whoever wants to be.  Remember, you know your locs better than anyone else. If going a month or more without maintenance may bother your locs, you may want to sit this one out. If going months at a time without retwisting is NOT a problem for you, then this won’t be much of a challenge for you, would it? The best candidate is the loc’er who can admit that he or she may retwist too frequently or wants to give the locs a break and try something new.
[NOTE] This Challenge may NOT be for everyone. If you are a newbie loc’er, interlock’er or so worried about extreme fuzzies that you fear you may go crazy, consult with a loctician or trust your own judgments before jumping in on the challenge.

What if I already freeform?
Great! We’ll need you around to help motivate those of us that may need it. Any tips and suggestions you can provide will be much appreciated.

When does the Challenge start and end?
 It’s up to you. The idea is start after June and before October.  However, it’s completely up to you. Recall the last time you retwisted your new growth and that can be your start date. We have decided to do THREE tracks.

Track 1: Freeform for 1 month
Track 2: Freeform for 2 months
Track 3: Freeform for 3 months

Ex: If you decide to do Track 2 and start on June 11th, your end date would August 11th.

What can I do and NOT do during the Challenge? 
Feel free to style your hair like you normally would. Washing is allowed (and encouraged) and the only DON’T is to refrain from retwisting and interlocking your roots. That’s it.

What if I decide to drop out of the challenge?
No problem. No one will know but you. However, I have committed to taking Track 2 and I know y’all will hold me accountable. Dropping out ain’t an option for me.

Each week a FreeForm Summer Challenge Update post will go up on LocRocker. In that post, feel free to comment with updates on your locs and any feelings you have about freeforming. I will also post submitted photos ( from readers as well as pictures of my locs.

Ready to get started? Leave a comment below using the following format and join us. Good luck everyone!!

Name: B
My locs: 2.5 year old traditional locs 
Date Started: June 6th
Track 2

My first attempt at bantu knots + Freeform Summer

Why didn’t y’all tell me bantu knots were so fabulous? Despite them feeling like I was sleeping on a bed of rocks, I absolutely LOVED this ‘do.

Hit the jump to see more photos.

The good news is that my locs did a great job at twisting over into the knots. I only had to use 3 rubberbands.

The bad news is that this style made my scalp soooo sore. My scalp pretending to be tender-headed is not cool. At all. Why this happens is beyond me. I used to be able to endure all kinds of hair styles without dealing with pain. Now it seems like MOST styles not only leave my scalp feeling sore but result in head aches. What gives, yo?

It’s a simple style that doesn’t take forever to do. I retwisted the roots, grabbed 3 and kept rollin’ and rollin’ and tucked the ends at the base of the knot. Easy peasy. I sat under the dryer for a good 20 minutes or so and then went to sleep with ’em and wore them the next day. Bantu knots confuses people. A few of my coworkers didn’t know WHAT to say to me. I had to do the “It’s a popular African hairstyle” bit. Then I got the whole “Oh man, I wish I had hair like that.” thing. Just WHAT do you say to comments like that? Hmm…

In other news, I am doing the “Freeform summer challenge”. This is a challenge I made up and talked about doing on the Facebook page.  I won’t be retwisting all summer long. This will be hard for me because while I can do weeks without doing a thing to the locs in the back, I really love a fresh retwist when I’m stylin’ and profilin’ on the first row of locs. *sigh* Details about freeform summer challenge coming soon! In the meantime, if you think you’d like to participate, leave a comment here or shoot me an email to me at

Have y’all tried bantu knots?


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Product Review: LiQWD Hydrating Shampoo

I got the opportunity to test drive a shampoo from a brand that you may or may not have heard from.  It’s a luxe brand of hair products that you can get from select salons and online.

Hit the jump to see how my experience with LiQWD was.

When it comes to shampoos, I can be rather picky. Although I prefer to use lightly scented clear shampoos that have clear consistencies, I don’t mind trying products outside of my comfort zone. LiQWD’s Hydrating Shampoo promises to not only maintain color deposits through the hair (thanks to the L-Tyrosine) but it also contains apple extract that helps to soothe and soften the hair. I’ve tried a ton of shampoos and have never had apple extract in any of them. Pretty groovy, uh?

Ingredients-wise, I could have done without the sulfates. Mainly because I find that they make my hair a little on the stiff side. Occasional use of products with sulfates in them don’t bother me but I try not to make a habit out of it. Since this shampoo seemed to be so geared towards strengthening color-treated hair, I didn’t mind giving it a chance.

It’s a super thick shampoo so a little bit goes a looooong way.

Which, I like. I have to wash my hair three times. It takes a lot of shampoo to do the job so I liked that this one lathered well and rinsed clean.

Results? It left the hair super clean! I didn’t get that super strip-y feeling I get when I use some shampoos so that’s a good sign. I wasn’t big on the fragrance but I think that’s because my nose just really appreciates woodsy/earthy fragrances over ‘traditional shampoo’ smells.

Still. It’s a shampoo that I’d recommend to a loc rocker. It’s a bit on the pricey side retailing at $28 for a 350ml bottle but some of us don’t mind investing pennies on our crowns.

Have y’all heard of or tried LiQWD?