A style I call “The Ms. Olabisi”

While they say kids don’t really “remember” life until they are older, I beg to differ. I remember quite a bit from when I was 4 and 5 years old. When I was 4, I went to this daycare on the campus of Florida A&M University in Tallahassee. I had a teacher there named Ms. Olabisi. She wore locs down her back. She had an amazing spirit and taught us African songs and dances. How I remember all of this is beyond me, but honestly…I don’t think I could make it up. I did a style that I think I remember Ms. Olabisi used to wear.

It’s nothing fancy, really. I’m sure MANY loc rockers have pulled some locs together and tied them in a knot. But why I am just now discovering this style is beyond me. It is extremely practical and SO easy to do.


Have I ever told y’all how HARD it is to take a picture of the back of the back of your head? Lawd….
There is really no purpose behind this post. Just a quick style and memory. I can’t really explain it but discovering this style brought about some kind of awakening. I started remembering all kinds of details about going to Pre-K. I remembered the African songs, some of my playmates and the names of other teachers. Craziness.

Y’all don’t think I’m nuts, do you? Be honest. 😉 Oh! And I’ll do a formal feature on it but I will be hosting and MC’ing a natural hair event here in Orlando. Should be lots and lots of fun. Even if you can’t attend, let your Central Florida ladies know about it.

Hope y’all have a beautiful weekend.

Natural Head Spotlight: Filmmaker Nefertite Nguvu

Happy Friday my beautiful sisters and brothers! I am beyond excited that the weekend is here. I wanted to share this beautiful video with y’all in hopes that you may consider supporting a New York City’s film maker’s dream.

Some tidbits about Nefertite:

-Nefertite Nguvu is a graduate of New York’s School of Visual Arts, where she obtained a B.F.A in Film.

– She has written, produced, and directed two short films: a uniquely stylized black and white romance entitled “I Want You,” in 2007, and “The End of Winter,” an emotional meditation on loss in 2009, both of which screened at numerous film festivals.

-Most recently, Nefertite directed a ten-part web series entitled “The Road to U.N.I.T.Y” which chronicles the life of five aspiring female emcees hand picked by, and featuring Queen Latifah for CoverGirl and Flavor Unit Entertainment.

-She is currently partnered with Queen Latifah’s production company, Flavor Unit Entertainment to continue to produce, develop and direct inspired content.

-Nefertite is in pre-production for her first feature film entitled “In The Morning,” scheduled to begin shooting this November. With her company Hollywood Africans LLC, Nefertite plans to continue to create exceptional projects that defy stereotypes and usher in a new school of thought in the entertainment industry.

I am blown away and will be donating what I can to Nefertite’s Kickstarter. If you too are inspired by her journey, I encourage you to help this sista continue to make moves in the film industry.

Giveaway winners! Carol’s Daughter Rosemary Mint set!

I know, I know…it took FOREVER for me to post the winners of this giveaway. In my defense, I had to track down the winners and get their information before I officially announced it on the site. Buuuut, some of y’all provided incorrect emails OR didn’t email me back and I had to choose new winners.  Over and over again. It was a long process but alas our winners are:

Aja in Texas
Natalie in Maryland
Kimberly in Florida
Candace in Virginia
Nailah in Los Angeles

Congrats to the ladies! Stay tuned for more giveaways on Loc Rocker!

Loc Style: Angola + why thick locs rock

I named this look after Miss. Universe 2011. After the freeform challenge, I jumped back in with retwisting but haven’t done much styling. My goal was to visit my wonderful loctician and have her deep clean the locs and take care of the few locs in the back that are full of build-up. Buuuut, simply put…I can’t afford it right now. Ha!

Not that being broke is funny but one must laugh to keep from crying. My financial roller coaster is the main reason why I opted to be the primary do-er of my locs. While I wanted to have a professional if I wanted, needed or could afford some pampering, I always wanted to feel confident that I could do my hair if need be. I never felt that way when I was a permin’. But anyway…

I’ve got a wedding to attend this weekend and wanted to look jazzy.

At the same time, I’ve been working out like a mad woman and didn’t want to have a style that wouldn’t hold up through sweaty workouts. I decided to do crinkly curls but instead of taking the braids out a day or so after I’ve worn them, I decided to keep them in all week. I did a bun for a few days but got a little bored with that. And so I played around a bit and came up with something a bit different. Not bad, eh?

I got the adorable bow from Quelly Rue Designs and it probably doesn’t match with anything that I have on but it’s uh…color blocking. Yeah. Color blocking.

Being able to do this style is also a reminder that thicker locs rock in so many ways. I’ve got about 16 of those braids (maybe less) and still managed to crank out a look using 2 bobby pins and 2 twist ties. I always hear loc’ers saying things like “I opted for smaller locs because I wanted to have styling options.” I laugh because who said you can’t have styling options with larger and thicker locs? Just sayin’…

Because these braids have been in for close to a week, I’m sure I’ll have super tight curls. I’m going to do a cute wedding-y up-do with them. Yippie!!

Oh…and sorry about the watermarks. I loathe them tremendously but folx be stealin’ my pics and not crediting them. And not just Tumblr people. I mean major websites…. Not.cool. So from here on out, I’ll be watermarking most, if not all of my photos. Womp.

How long does it take you to wash your locs?

I don’t know if I’m being extra slow or if it should really take THIS long to wash my locs.Yesterday it took me almost an HOUR to thoroughly wash these 2 years and 9 month old locs. Here’s what I did:

-Rinsed the locs with water
-Applied a clarifying shampoo
-Applied more clarifying shampoo combined with baking soda. Scrubbed problem locs and edges.
-Applied moisturizing shampoo

How long does it take you to wash your locs?

Loc Spotlight: Paula’s locs celebrate 2 years!

I know. I am an absolute horrible loc rockin’ natural hair blogger. Just wretched, I know. But enough about me and my e-ghostness when it comes to blogging. I should have featured the lovely Paula months ago (you know, like in June)  but I totally forgot. I have updated her stats from when she first sent them to me but check out her beautiful locs.

June 7th, my locs turned 2 years old.  I only use oil. No butters, creams or waxes. I use Pure by The Natural You which is my line.

I shampoo once weekly and deep cleanse using my liquid black soap bi-weekly. I condition with every shampoo and I do a conditioning rinse at least once a week or when I feel necessary( mostly when its hot and in Florida and that’s all the time).

Since starting my locs I combined almost everyone of them by interlocking completely down the loc. I hate the 2 headed dragons. I started coloring my hair after my first year and I have been hooked every since. I do this now about once every 3 months or more and only to my roots.

I use the latching or interlocking method to maintain my locs and I have since decided to only latch every 6 months.

Since 2008, I have been on a natural high. Locing my hair was a natural progression (no pun intended…sike!!!). I always wanted to loc but as a stylist of 20 years I didn’t know how my clientel would take as I had no plans to become a natural stylist at that time.

In 2009, I felt it was all about me being the best me I could inside and out, so here I am. Now I won’t say because I am natural that everyone should be or if you are not something is wrong with you, I am just the opposite. I believe that natural beauty comes from within, and how I wear my hair has nothing to do with my beauty. I’m just as beautiful with a mane of locs or a bald head:)

I love my locs I love how they feel between my fingers I touch them constantly.  I love my hair. Nothing more nothing less…..