Guest Post: Loc rockin’ for 5 years

Say hi to Amelia from Wilmington, Delaware!

 What Amelia says, “I’ve been natural for 6 years and locking my hair for five.  


 I usually
experiment with a lot of different products, but my main staples are
Carol’s Daughter’s loc butter and organic root stumulator olive oil
shampoo, replenishing conditioner, and spray.”

Such beautiful locs!!

Merry Christmas!

I know the politically correct term these days is “Happy Holidays” and I use that too but for some reason, I felt inclined to say Merry Christmas! I’m in Maryland spending my first Christmas with the in-laws and I’m having an amazing time.

Lots of love to you and yours this holiday season!

I brushed my locs!

Okay…before I get started with this post, I don’t want y’all to think I came up with the “brushing of the locs” idea. Several loc’ers do this and I just happen to be another one that is jumping on the bandwagon.

While I have found brushing my locs and scalp to be a heavenly experience, I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone. Especially to those who are super anal about the lines in their scalps. Considering I’m a part-time freeformer who could care less about straight lines, brushing works GREAT for me. Although I’ve heard about the concept for awhile, I don’t know what inspired me to actually purchase a brush. I was roaming around in Sally Beauty Supply one day and just scooped one up.

 Speaking of brushes – do you know it’s been over THREE years since I’ve felt one on my head? That’s a long time yo. Long long time. That said, I forgot how wonderful a soft bristled brush can feel. Lawd. It’s like heaven, y’all. Heaven. When I purchased said brush I made sure it wasn’t too rough ‘n tough. I didn’t want to risk my locs snagging.

After washing the locs one morning, I brushed the scalp and gently brushed some locs.

It felt divine. It felt like a much needed scalp massage. So much so that I didn’t want to stop. Brushing is the bomb dot com. Fo reals.

-It feels amaziiiiiing on the scalp.
-It’s a nice little treat for your locs.

-Can damage baby locs or those with looser textures. I wouldn’t even consider this idea until your locs have completely matured.
-May disrupt loc lines on scalp.

I’m not sure what the benefits are brushing the locs. It’s really the scalp that I like to focus on. I usually like to spray a bit of water on my scalp before brushing and get to it.

So yeah. That’s that, y’all. Have you ever brushed your locs? Or would you?

Guest Post: 19-month old locs.

Stacie from Houston did such a gorgeous curly look with her 19-month old locs.

She used perm rod rollers to complete this look and I am loving the addition of the red flower. Beautiful!

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Guest Post: Regina’s fly locs

Regina is from Dallas, Texas and she’s been natural for 15 years and has been loc’ing her hair for 7 of those years.

According to her, she doesn’t use a lot of products but sticks to
olive oil and Organic Root Stimulator’s Lock  and Twist Gel.

Gorgeous queen. Gorgeous!

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Natural hair Barbie dolls. Sooo cuuuute!

How adorable!

I’m not even going to front, y’all. I played with Barbie dolls up until I was in 6th grade. My sister was 5 years younger than me and while I ended up giving her all of my Babies, I would still get down on the floor and play with her. Aaaaand of course there were not any natural hair Barbies back then. I actually own one that does have an afro and I am so excited to see more hit the scene.

She’s so fly, ain’t she? Huffington Post reported that you can actually re-create the curly fro hairstyle by following this tutorial. If I’m lazy enough I just may sit down one afternoon and curl my straight-haired graduation Barbie’s hair.

Read more on what a natural hair group in Georgia plans on doing with some of these natural hair Barbies.

I love it. I just love it. 

(image source)

Loc Spotlight: Thick ‘n beautiful freeform locs

A reader sent me an email saying that even though I’m not blogging as
often anymore, she would love to see other loc rockers highlighted on
the site. What a fantastic idea! The innanets are full of beautiful
photos of loc rockers and I would love to highlight the ones that I come
across. In addition to featuring some of you, I will also be doing my
own searching and posting pictures of beautiful loc rockers; men, women,
adults, kids, anyone….

Feel free to shoot me your photos or some of the photos that you’ve come
across. Keep in mind that I will only post pictures if I can source it
properly. If there isn’t a watermark, link to the loc rocker’s page,
blog, website or profile, then I won’t post it. Gotta give credit where
credit is do.

That said, how gorgeous are her locs?

When I go for my second set of locs, I will highly consider the larger freeform look. These are gorgeous!

Long hair DO care

 The other day I posted the above picture on the Loc Rocker Facebook page and said that I was just itchin’ to cut my locs off.

Folx went off and told me not to do it. I’m so dramatic. As annoying as these longer locs are, I doubt I would cut them all off. I never vowed to wear locs for the rest of my life, but I’m really not ready to cut them. But I’d be lyin’ if I said having longer locs is fun.

Because it ain’t. I SO miss my shorter locs. I really do. As a newbie loc’er, I spent a lot of time desiring and admiring longer locs. I couldn’t WAIT until I got there. Now that I’m here, I feel like I should revisit the shorter locs.

Is that a bit insane or what? I know. I’m nuts. Truthfully though, I’ve never been a long hair lover. Some women are head over heels in love with loooooong hair and really, it does nothing for me. It’s shorter hair that I find is chic, memorable and funky. Okay and let’s face it – shorter hair always makes me look slimmer in the face. Yes, it’s a vain illusion but I feel like my cheekbones do some serious poppin’ when my hair is up. But when it’s down….*yawn*

I’m not in the mood to do curls because I’ve been doing some sweaty workouts so the curls will just die in sweat. And as far as coloring, believe it or not, I’m not in the mood for that either. I hate that I’m in such a funk with my locs when tomorrow they celebrate THREE years.

Maybe I’ll be a good blogger and actually do a video and take some pictures. Yep. I think I will.

Any other loc’ers going through that “My hair is longer but it’s boring me” phase?