Loc Spotlight: Short ‘n red baby locs

I am forever searching for gorgeous loc’d photos but y’all know how I am – unless there’s a watermark or noticeable source, I’m not touching ’em.

But when I strolled through Tumblr and saw these beautiful lady, her locs AND a watermark, I just knew I had to share.

Short locs rock. And they are 10x cooler than the long locs I’m rockin’ right now. You know…with this heat wave plaguing the city and all.

Calling all newbie loc’ers!!

With my locs gettin’ up in age, the last thing I want to do is feature styles that ONLY work on ladies with medium/longer length locs. I remember when I was doing my research on locs and would be so incredibly frustrated to see style photos and tips for the long haired folx but not for the baby loc’ers.

While I’ve documented my first year of locs down to the tee, I think readers will still benefit from regular updates from those of y’all that are new to locs. If you are interested in contributing to Loc Rocker or would like to be featured, please let me know! That includes personal friends of mine (ahem…Sheryl) and my regular emailin’ gals (ahem…Shavonda). Don’t be afraid to show of your gorgeous locs. If I can post pictures of my dandruff and build-up, surely you all can grace Loc Rocker with your beauty.

Email me at Brittany@LocRocker.com if you are interested. And even if you aren’t, brace yourself as I may be forcing encouraging you to contribute to the site.

And since we’re speaking of my girl Shavonda, check out her 4-month loc update video. And be sure to subscribe to her channel!

Loves y’all,