Chescalocs’ Most Commonly Asked Loc’d Questions

I so need to do one of these videos. I get a ton of questions about my locs and 90% of the questions are the saaaame questions. And I learned a lot about Chesca’s locs.

She doesn’t use clips. (I don’t either)
She doesn’t use product to retwist. (I don’t either)
She doesn’t get her locs professionally done. (I don’t either)

The best thing about growing locs is learning how to simplify. She covers quite a bit. Check it ouuuuut…

Naturally Pretty video promo includes Loc Rocker!

Okay, ATL…if you didn’t know about it, there is a HUGE natural hair event that Mae from and Mimi from will be hosting. Considering it’s a a beauty AND natural hair fusion, I am just a little more than jealous that I can’t attend.

Buuuut, I’ll be there in spirit. The planning team asked me to represent for the loc rockers in their promo video and I was happy to oblige.

The full version will be shown at the event and tickets will be available until Wednesday, October 26th. If  you are in Atlanta, you HAVE to make it to this event. Details here.

Curly Nikki comes to Orlando!

And I’m pretty excited about it. I’ve been doing the best I can to promote her visit. If you are in the Orlando area, we’d love to see you.

Details are on Facebook and if you have any questions, email Be sure to RSVP either through Facebook or by emailing Nikki!

Loc Spotlight: Ms. Made U Look

Some people are just born fabulous. And I don’t think they can help it. Instead, they live their lives and blog about it. How gorgeous is Abby?

…and her locs? Oh my…hit the jump to see how stunning they are.

Her blog has become one of my favorites. She blogs about nail polish, fashion and all things beautiful. And Lawd, if I could fly her to Orlando to show me how to rock a turban has beautifully as she does I would.

Abs…you rock.

Men Who Love Women With Natural Hair

Um, wow…I don’t think this needs much explanation. I think it’s refreshing and beautiful. Not that we need a man’s approval, but let’s face it…when a man can genuinely and respectfully appreciate your appearance, um…wow.  Hit the screenshot to visit the site.

When I first transitioned and went natural my then boyfriend hated it. He would make comments like, “You were prettier with longer hair.” Kinda messed up, uh? I remember crying over it a few times. I hated that I let him or anyone define my beauty for me.

Have any of y’all ever dated or been with guys that weren’t digging your natural hair?

Loc Spotlight: Konima from Expanding Beauty

Gather ‘roun kids as a fellow loc rocker, Konima, tells us her loc story…

I’ve had my locs for about 31/2 years now. This set of locs were started by a dear friend who also happens to be a fantastic loctician (shout out to Papelle!) and started by comb coils. I knew I wanted small locs but not too small so that I could still maintain them myself. She gave me a beautiful set that I love and nurture to this day!

 My first year of locing I would twist my locs once a month, using a mixture of aloe vera gel with some oils thrown in. Since I’m pretty active I rinse my locs a lot and shampoo once a week. About a year and a half into my loc journey it was suggested to me that I switch to latching my locs because the wear and tear of the constant twisting would thin out my locs and cause breakage! I researched the hell out of interlocking, bought myself a Nappyloc tool and despite the learning curve(my euphemism for frustration and time factor increase) I now happily maintain my locs with latching, depending how fast my hair grows I do a re-ti every 2 months.

 I’m quite pleased that my locs are strong and I have avoided the thinning and breakage that would have occurred, the other nice plus is because I don’t need to use a twisting gel I have less buildup and latching doesn’t unravel through my constant rinsing and weekly shampoos. I spritz my hair daily with a mixture I mix up, condition with a herbal rinse after I shampoo and once a month I clarify by using Bentonite clay which doubles as a great conditioner! I also dye my hair every 4 months with henna. That’s pretty much it for my maintenance, I keep things quite simple, because I’m lazy and focus on making sure my locs stay hydrated and healthy.

I love my locs for oh so many reasons but the top ones are that it’s a beautiful way for me to have healthy hair, going to a sylist is now an option and not a necessity, it fits in with my active lifestyle, gives me a lot of styling options and they look great without any styling at all!

Visit and follow Konima’s blog.

70’s Fro Back by Afro Glitz

Yo you cool cats and slick mamas…if you have a picture of your mother sporting an afro in the 70’s, Afro Glitz is taking submissions for its Mother’s Day Project. The deadline is May 7th, 2010 and the article will be launched on Mother’s Day. Submit an entry by going here.

Since I live too far from my Mom, I can’t steal scan one of her pictures in time for this project but if your submit your Mom’s, let me know!

I’m outta here, jive turkeys. I have the strange desire to watch Black Caesar. Which, by the way, can be watched in its entirety on YouTube.

Can you dig it?