Loc Spotlight: Short ‘n red baby locs

I am forever searching for gorgeous loc’d photos but y’all know how I am – unless there’s a watermark or noticeable source, I’m not touching ’em.

But when I strolled through Tumblr and saw these beautiful lady, her locs AND a watermark, I just knew I had to share.

Short locs rock. And they are 10x cooler than the long locs I’m rockin’ right now. You know…with this heat wave plaguing the city and all.

Loc Spotlight: Gorgeous thick locs

Hoooow beautiful are these locs? *swoon*

Okay – somehow I’ve found some inspiration to be more active with natural hair blogging and so I’ll be back with more Loc Rocker updates. YES! Finally, uh? Between my locs, guest posts and random gorgeous pictures of loc’d ladies and gents on the innanet – I’ll be doing a lot more updating.

Even though I’ve been a bit ghost on the blog, many of you have been so supportive through social media and emails and I can’t thank you enough.

I’m back!

Loc Spotlight: Thick ‘n beautiful freeform locs

A reader sent me an email saying that even though I’m not blogging as
often anymore, she would love to see other loc rockers highlighted on
the site. What a fantastic idea! The innanets are full of beautiful
photos of loc rockers and I would love to highlight the ones that I come
across. In addition to featuring some of you, I will also be doing my
own searching and posting pictures of beautiful loc rockers; men, women,
adults, kids, anyone….

Feel free to shoot me your photos or some of the photos that you’ve come
across. Keep in mind that I will only post pictures if I can source it
properly. If there isn’t a watermark, link to the loc rocker’s page,
blog, website or profile, then I won’t post it. Gotta give credit where
credit is do.

That said, how gorgeous are her locs?

When I go for my second set of locs, I will highly consider the larger freeform look. These are gorgeous!