Curl Box event in Brooklyn, NY

Oh man, am I jealous about this one…

The wonderful and talented Myleik of Curl Box is doing a meet and greet and I soooo wish I could make it. If you haven’t heard of the Curl Box, honey, you’ve been living under a rock. This is the ONLY monthly sample subscription for natural hair. It’s the best way to try out different brands and products without breaking the bank. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on it but it’s sold out every month. Curl Box has reached quite the success in only a few months. In supporting it, you’re supporting a black owned business AND the black owned businesses being showcased in the sample boxes.

Let me know if you plan on attending. Oh! And have you tried Curl Box?

Product Review: LiQWD Hydrating Shampoo

I got the opportunity to test drive a shampoo from a brand that you may or may not have heard from.  It’s a luxe brand of hair products that you can get from select salons and online.

Hit the jump to see how my experience with LiQWD was.

When it comes to shampoos, I can be rather picky. Although I prefer to use lightly scented clear shampoos that have clear consistencies, I don’t mind trying products outside of my comfort zone. LiQWD’s Hydrating Shampoo promises to not only maintain color deposits through the hair (thanks to the L-Tyrosine) but it also contains apple extract that helps to soothe and soften the hair. I’ve tried a ton of shampoos and have never had apple extract in any of them. Pretty groovy, uh?

Ingredients-wise, I could have done without the sulfates. Mainly because I find that they make my hair a little on the stiff side. Occasional use of products with sulfates in them don’t bother me but I try not to make a habit out of it. Since this shampoo seemed to be so geared towards strengthening color-treated hair, I didn’t mind giving it a chance.

It’s a super thick shampoo so a little bit goes a looooong way.

Which, I like. I have to wash my hair three times. It takes a lot of shampoo to do the job so I liked that this one lathered well and rinsed clean.

Results? It left the hair super clean! I didn’t get that super strip-y feeling I get when I use some shampoos so that’s a good sign. I wasn’t big on the fragrance but I think that’s because my nose just really appreciates woodsy/earthy fragrances over ‘traditional shampoo’ smells.

Still. It’s a shampoo that I’d recommend to a loc rocker. It’s a bit on the pricey side retailing at $28 for a 350ml bottle but some of us don’t mind investing pennies on our crowns.

Have y’all heard of or tried LiQWD?

Giveaway! Shower caps made just for loc rockers

I’ve been stuffing my locs in my too small shower cap for many moons now. As the locs get longer, it becomes quite a struggle. But I’ve dealt with it because…I don’t really have other options, right? Wrooooong!!! Celestial Crown Shower Caps were designed just for us loc rockin’ ladies.

Hit the jump to see how you can win one!

I first heard about these lovely caps from my girl Kokofeme. Now I hardly EVER watch YouTube videos but I happened to see a new one from her pop up in my Subscriptions look and I took a peek. Chile, before the video was over, I was running over to to make a purchase. While I’m rockin’ the L (for large) size, the website also offers Mini and X-Large. The Large is good enough for me, though and it’ll take years before I outgrow that one.

 Just look how large it is compared to my old shower cap.

Huge, right? The caps come in many gorgeous designs ranging from $4-$20, which I think is reasonable. After all, it’s a shower cap. You’ll be using it for years to come so I think it’s worth the investment. Some of the caps come with adorable detailing. 

Loves it! Ordering and shipping was fast, efficient and I love the extra thought put into the packaging. The site also sells super cute flip flops, which I’ll feature in another post.

I want to gift one Loc Rocker lovin’ lady with a Celestial Crown shower cap! Here’s what you gotta do…


  • Leave a message in this post letting me know that you’ve done one of the two. If you’ve already joined the Facebook fan page or follow us on Twitter, indicate that as well. 
You’ve got until Friday, May 13, 2011 at 12pm EST to get your entry in. Winner will be selected at random. Good luuuuuuck!
VOTE for me!! I’m in a Target Beauty’s Biggest Fan contest. You can vote daily.

Product Review: Uncle Funky’s Daughter Glossy

I’ve covered this brand before. They were a big hit at the World Natural Hair show in 2010 and they were an even bigger hit at this year’s show. While some vendors have tables set up to display their products and goods, UFD had a pop-up shop. Very cool.

While they do have soooome products that appeal to me, the majority of their line seems to be geared towards those with curly hair. Products like Curly Magic, Super Curl and Thirsty Curls are products that I probably wouldn’t be attracted to if I was rockin’ loose natural hair. My hair is anything but curly and I am one of those gals that could care less about curl definition and the like.

But they’ve got creamy conditioners, shampoos and styling products that virtually any one with any hair type can use. They really get an A+ from me because they nix the bad and keep the good when it comes to product ingredients.

Take for example this High-Gloss Mist. It is without parabens, alcohol and mineral oil. It includes jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and coconut oil. I’m lovin’ that it’s lightweight. I use it every other day or so on the locs and it doesn’t feel greasy or oily.

The fragrance is nice and mellow and doesn’t linger. Which is great because lingering scents send me straight to Migraine Mountain. An 8 oz. spray bottle will run you $22 which may seem like a steep purchase but it’ll last you forever. I took mine on my road trip to Atlanta and all 5 of us natural ladies used it for days and it barely made a dent in the bottle. It’s good stuff. Definitely a worthwhile purchase for my loc rockers lookin’ to try some products from Uncle Funky’s Daughter. We all know that locs don’t shine or look “glossy” but this is good to have for added sheen. Not Charlie Sheen (hahahaa, I crack myself up) but it’ll give the locs that “My locs don’t look dull” look.

Has anyone tried any of their products? I want to try the Moisturizing Cleanser next!

My farewell letter to castile soap

Dear Castile Soap,

I am writing this letter to you on behalf of my locs. They are requesting a civil break-up. I know, I know…this isn’t easy for me either. For many months, you’ve been SO good to my locs. And I thank you for that. I thank you for the thorough cleansing you gave my scalp when I had build-up that just wouldn’t go away. You were there when I needed you on vacations. You’ve ALWAYS been there for my locs.

But lately, my locs ain’t feeling the love. And here’s why…

The locs don’t feel the umph that is needed after a good wash. Sure, you cleanse but the more mature the locs become, the more stripping you seem to do. And let’s face it, with as many times the locs have been colored, the last thing they need is a cleanser that makes them feel crunchy. In fact, over the past few months, the locs have been requesting the beloved Peter Lamas Purifying Shampoo over you. I know, I know…I didn’t want to be the one to tell you but it’s true.

You’re just not doing the job anymore. But please don’t think it’s the end of our relationship. I will still use you to bathe with, clean my kitchen and bathroom with. And of course you will always be one of my favorite face cleansers.

So yeah, don’t take it personal. The locs have become some kind of picky and well, you’re just not cutting it anymore.

Always and Forever,

Product Review: Carol’s Daughter Loc Butter

In an effort to crank out more product reviews, I’m going to start by grabbing some of the reviews I did on Clumps of Mascara and sharing them with the Loc Rocker fam. Here’s one of them…

Loc Butter

Price: 4 out of 5 ($15.50 from
Packaging: 5 out of 5
Overall: 2 out of 5

What it claims: “In order to lock hair, one does not need sticky pomades. It is the motion of the palm roll or twist in conjunction with clean, properly moisturized hair that aids in the locking process. This Carol’s Daughter favorite, offers superior grooming with citrus oils that provide a light scent and ylang-ylang that nourishes the scalp and promotes healthy hair.” (source)

The truth: What the….I knowwww there isn’t any beeswax in this!

What I loved about it: I like the idea behind it. Very rarely will you see a loc butter on the market sold by a major brand. So that’s exciting. It shows that there is a demand of products for ladies who are loc their hair. And since I’m one, I think that’s great!

What I didn’t like: The inclusion of beeswax.

Overall:  From when I FIRST started loc’ing my hair, I was told by professionals and veteran loc’ers  to NEVER put beeswax in my locs. Beeswax will assist your hair in loc’ing but it will also attract lint. And lint attracts dirt. Gross. I was all excited about Carol’s Daughter Loc Butter until I saw the ingredients.
See the beeswax? That’s so wrong. Other than that, the product itself looks and smells wonderful. I find that it is far too greasy to use on my locs but perhaps it would work better for folx who have more mature locs.

I wouldn’t recommend it though. Beeswax is a total no no. It scares me and while I know Carol’s Daughter’s intentions were good, I wish they would have given a little more thought behind this product.

Natural Hair Black Friday Sales!

Okay lovelies, not that this is going to help the product junkie issues that some of us have but a reader has so graciously sent me a list of some of the sales popping off for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As much as much I want to re-up on some Oyin Handmade and Anita Grant, I won’t be partaking. I’m super satisfied with my modest stash of hair products at the moment.

Think you’ll be doing any shopping?

Qhemet Biologics
get 20% off of all products
Free shipping on orders $70 and above

15% off of-oils, shampoos and conditioners
20% off of-hair butters and more
Free shipping on orders $75 and above

La Boutique de Fleurzty
25% off everything
Free shipping on orders $60 and above
Coupon code: softhair

15% off of all purchases
20% off of purchases over $50
25% off of purchases over $100

Sage Naturalceuticals
Free shipping on online orders over $25

Oyin Handmade
20% off of full-sized, individual products online.
Coupon code: blackfriday

Receive 15% off of all products
Coupon code: turkey15

Jane Carter Solutions
Purchase Come Fly with Me Travel Kit  get another product for free! Not a bad deal at all!
Coupon code: BLKFRIDAY9


November 29th is Cyber Monday. These sales are ONLY online

50% of all products

Oyin Handmade
20% off  gift sets and more.
Coupon code: cybermonday

Carol’s Daughter “How To” Locs Video

A Loc Rocker reader sent me the following video and wanted to know what I think about it. She said she saw it on Locentricity so hey Ms. Da Da!

Let me preface this by saying that I am not a hater of Carol’s Daughter. A lot of veteran naturals are. They feel as if her products have changed over the years and have introduced more synthetic ingredients. Folx say her products were more natural when she had a store out in Brooklyn. They fail to realize that with mass production and being placed in stores around the globe, preservatives HAVE to be added to prolong shelf life. I understand that and while I don’t use Carol’s Daughter products reguarly, I will always love and support Lisa Price. She is a pioneer for natural hair and natural beauty and is an inspiration to us entrepreneurs everywhere. Plus I’ve met her in person and love her aurora.

Buuuuut, I wouldn’t say I would use all of the products in the video on my locs. And here’s why.

Rosemary Mint Shampoo: Actually, I’ve sampled this and LOVE the way it made my hair feel. It smells divine and cleanses thoroughly. I find it to be a great deep cleansing shampoo for loc rockers.

Tui Hair Smoothie: I’ve used this before on a short fro and I liked it. It’s okay on locs. But then again, I’ve never been that much of a fan of cream based products on my locs. I wish they worked but I find that they get stuck in the locs and it takes a friggin’ water pressure thingie to get it out. No ma’am. Instead of the Tui Hair Smoothie, I would go with the Tui Leave In Conditioner. It’s cream-free, smells good and gives the locs that boost of moisture that some of us feel that we need after a wash.

Loc Butter: I’ve reviewed that here and I do NOT like it for locs. It’s greasy and offers absolutely no hold. And it has beeswax in it which means it’ll attract lint. I wouldn’t even use this if I had 2-strand twists. While it smells good, it really feels more like a hair grease and doesn’t offer a lick of hold.

So while I’m team Carol’s Daughter, I wouldn’t co-sign on this regimen for loc’d hair. But that’s just me. I’m sure there are several loc rockers who use conditioners and beeswax based products with gorgeous locs.

Whatcha think?

How To: A Hair Refresher

Soooo I visited my Mommy for Mother’s Day and pretty much raided her spa room. I moved out 7 years ago and my Mom did not hesitate to turn my old room into a “spa room”. Talk about being missed, uh? Ca-learly me moving back was never an option. The closet, under the bed and the huge boudoir in the room are filled with butters, salts, oils, beads, stamps and a slew of other crafts that she was never into when I lived at home.

A peek inside the boudoir…

I pulled some of the oils out.

This isn’t even half of them. Mommy has well-known oils like…

…and then she’s got other oils that leave me thinking WTF.

Like…who knew there was a Black Pepper essential oil? And Ylang Ylang III? I didn’t even know there was a Ylang Ylang II. So I grabbed the stuffs I was going to be using and set them out.

Took a glass spray bottle and filled it up with water…

Put in a good 1.5 tablespoons of glycerin.

And somewhere between 5-7 drops of rosemary and peppermint oil.

Shake shake shake..

And  ta da! A wonderful hair refresher. I sprayed this all over my scalp and locs. I saturated the locs until they were dripping wet and headed outside in the Florida sunshine. Loved. It. Of course I made a ton more of this stuff to take home with me. But I had to do it quietly because dipping in Mommy’s spa room is like dipping in my make-up/nail polish stash. The culprit’s outcome is never a good one.

A few hours later, I caught Mommy standing over me staring at my locs. She asked me to take out my loc adornment. And so I did. Then she went to her room and shut the door. Five minutes later and…

My Mom is soooo talented! Who knew she could make loc adornments? Of course I had her make me 7 more. Ha!! More on that later!

Let me know if you try or have tried the hair refresher.