Q&A: Session 6

Even though Loc Rocker went ghost for a while, y’all still sent me questions via email and
 I still answered them. Below are some of the few that I’ve gotten over the past few months.
 My emailed answers were a lot longer because I have a problem with giving short answers
Q: B-your locs are now 3 years old. are there 
any products that you started at the beginning 
of your journey that you STILL use? 
A: Hmm, that’s a good question. The answer is no. My locs had different needs in their
infancy. I loved castile soap (here’s why I stopped using it) but haven’t used it on my locs
in over a year. Mind you, I am NOT a product junkie and have never been one. I stick to
products that I like but I’m still a sucker for trying new thing; but only when my old products
 have run out. But I have tried several shampoos over the months. My favorite shampoo in
 life will always be Peter Lamas’ Purifying Shampoo but honey, that’s an expensive shampoo
 and mama be on a budget. So yeah. I’m using different products all the time.
Q: Are you exclusiver a DIYer or do you still go
 to your loctician from time to time?

A: I guess I’m a DIY’er because yeah – I haven’t been to my loctician in a
year and a half. I miss her dearly and my locs could probably using the
professional pampering. When I started locs, I didn’t want to be dependent
on a professional so I’m glad to know that I can wash, style and maintain
my locs on my own. 
Q: Are you going to do the Freeform Summer 
Challenge again this year?
A: Ohhh mannnn, you remember that? Those were the days. Last year
(in Summer of 2011) a few loc rockers and I came up with the idea to
freeform during the summer. It was a fantastic idea and anyone who
 wanted to join us and refrain from retwisting or interlocking their roots
during the summer were welcome to join us. It was a great journey and
gave many of us an appreciation for our afro roots. That said, I’ll probably
do it again this year. I did some freeforming throughout 2012 so it won’t
be so much of a “challenge” for me any more. But I really do enjoy not
retwisting my hair in the summer.
Q: I thought I wanted smaller locks. I have about 
400 of them. But I have no desire in keeping them 
anymore. I want larger locks but don’t want to 
have to start my journey over because my locs 
are 3 years old. Is there something I can do? 
I currently palmroll to maintain my locs.
A: Yikes! That’s a tough one and I think you’re better off consulting
with a loctician on that one. While I combined my locs, I did so at a
 time when they weren’t yet mature. I would imagine that combining
mature locs may be a little more of a challenge. But it certainly isn’t
impossible. I would definitely refer to a loctician regarding this question. 
Q: How important is it to go to a salon? I want to
 start locs but everyone is telling me it’s best to start
 them in a salon. I’ve had natural hair for natural 
hair for 7 years and feel confident that I can start
 my locs on my own doing 2-strand twists. What 
do you think?
A: If you’ve been doing your natural hair for that long, I’m pretty sure
you can can handle starting your own locs. The hardest part would be
 making sure that you’ve parted your hair evenly -if you care about
that kind of thing. Some loc rockers feel better doing their own hair
and if by all means you trust yourself, than I say go for it. I believe
all styles and all textures of hair can be maintained outside of the salon. 
Got any questions about locs?  You can email me about whatever 
at Brittany@LocRocker.com.
You can email me your questions/suggestions at  Brittany@LocRocker.com.
Thanks for the support, y’all!

Q&A: Session 5

So sorry for the ghostness, y’all. With Loc Rocker’s older sister being hacked (a blogger’s worst nightmare) and Blogger giving me mega problems when it comes to putting a post up (Blogger sucks royally), I’ve been a bit behind. We haven’t done one of these in a while and I figured since I’ve been getting some interesting and similar questions these days, I figured it was time for another Q&A Session
Q: How do I ________ my Sisterlocks?
A: I get very many questions about Sisterlocks and interlocks. However, because I am a traditional loc rocker, I never feel confident enough to give out advice to ladies and gents whose loc’ing methods are so different from mine. That said I can’t tell you a thing about Sisterlocks. But I can lead you to better resources. One comes from my girl Dewdrop. 😉
Q: Did you ever clear up your dry scalp issue? 

A: Oh you remember my complaints about the dry scalp, uh? The good news is—I’m not having that problem too much anymore. I think it has something to do with the weather. I think most peoples’ scalps tend to be a little drier in the cooler months. I also wash my locs a lot more (every week) so the scalp really never has time to get super dry. So yeah…it’s gone for now but I think a dry scalp is a chronic issue for me. No worries, I’ll have my Head and Shoulders 2-in-1 on deck when it’s time. 😉 
Q: I love your freeform challenge idea and want to completely start freeforming my 16 month old locks. How do you think I should start the process?
A: OMG, don’t even get me started on freeforming. It has been one of the best experiences ever. I see what people mean about having some kind of spiritual connection with their locs. I developed an insane amount of self-love and self-acceptance when I stopped twisting my locs to an inch of their lives and just let them….be. Fuzzy afro-roots and all. It’s a beautiful thing. But you see, my darling…there is NO process. There isn’t a schedule or a guide or road map. You just…let go. While it sounds simple, I guarantee you it may not be easy in the beginning. Especially if you’re a “I’ve got to see my scalp” kind of loc’er. You may feel unattractive and “unprofessional”. I know I did. But give it some days, weeks and months. Discover an authentic and unmaintained side of beauty. The side of beauty that says, “Yeah, I’ve got locs and they don’t have to super manicured to be beautiful.” Some permies say they can’t go natural because they don’t see the beauty in natural hair and my belief is that some of us naturals have a similar mentality. We can’t freeform because Whoa, that’s just way too “Rasta” looking. Or too “free”. I hate to admit it but I thought that way once. I’m rambling now but I am quite passionate about freeforming. It’s the greatest gift I’ve given to my locs and to myself. You’ll enjoy the journey. I promise.
Q: B, wtf is the deal with castile soap? My dreadlocks used to love it and now it doesn’t work as well.  i haven’t seen you talk about it in a while. do you use it still?
A: Nope! Sure don’t. My locs are not a fan of castile soap either. I used it A LOT back in the day but now I find it to be extremely drying on my color treated hair. That and I really don’t dig that super clean streak-y feeling that castile soap gives. It’s just…not pleasant. It left my locs really crunching. I now use more moisturizing shampoos and follow up with leave-in conditioners. My locs are a lot happier now that I’ve dumped castile soap. Remember I wrote that Letter to Castile soap? Yeah…that was pretty much around the time when I stopped using it.
Q: I can’t seem to find the best product to retwist my locs with. I’ve used everything and can’t seem to get that hold that I want. What do you think I should do?
A: Okay soooo, define HOLD for me. Are you looking to achieve some kind of liquid metal spritz type hold? The type of hold that us former permies would get at the hair salon after sitting under the dryer for 50 years? Nah…can’t say I’ve ever come across a product that can give THAT kind of hold. But why do you feel as if you need a hold like that? Are your locs struggling to stay twisted? If so, welcome to palmrolling. This method of locs means that even if you spent hours retwisting your new growth, there is always a chance that they may unravel. Especially when water, humidity and sweat is involved. I’ve heard of loc rockers using brown gels and have received a good hold. I’m an aloe vera gel (will soon be retwisting with just water) girl myself so I can’t say I’ve tried many products for retwisting.
Q: Don’t think I’m crazy but next month I’m getting locks and I am really nervous about what my boyfriend will think. You dont talk much about your guy but how does he feel about your locs?
A: You’re right….I don’t talk much about my guy (lovingly named “The Guy”) online. Sure I’ll talk about my dry scalp, crazy menstrual cycle and adult acne all willy nilly. But when it comes to my relationship, I find it better to keep it offline. The Guy and I have been dating for a little under a year so I had the locs when we met. He is not one of those fellas who are head over heels in love with natural hair. Nor was he ever questioning if I was going to perm it. Quite frankly, I don’t think he cares one way or the other. For a lot of guys, it really is JUST hair. They could give two craps about how it looks. And no, I don’t think you’re crazy. You definitely want to be attractive to your significant other. But if having locs is what YOU want, do it for you and only you. If you’re a little weary about his reaction, show him blogs and videos about loc’ing. Explain to him that it’s a process and that there may be times when you look a little loca. Ask him what he thinks. But whatever you do, don’t let his thoughts influence how you feel about your beautiful hair and beautiful self.

Then again, being that I’m in my first relationship after being chronically single for um….years, I may not be the BEST person to be delivering relationship advice. HAAA!!!

Got any questions about locs?  You can email me about whatever at Brittany@LocRocker.com.

You can email me your questions/suggestions at  Brittany@LocRocker.com. Thanks for the support, y’all!

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Q&A’s: Session 4

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season!! I’ll be back with updates and glorious natural hair stuff in the coming days. In the meantime, I found a Q&A from last week that I totally forgot to post. Check it ouuuut.

Q: You’ve had your locs for 2 years now. Do you have any regrets?
A: I really do wish I would have started off with larger locs. The whole “combining” thing got me down for several months. Two years later and I am STIL combining a few locs. I’m not as annoyed by the process anymore but it could have all been alleviated had I started off with larger locs. But oh well. I try not to live life making regrets. 🙂
Q: You’ve colored your hair a lot. Have you noticed any breakage? And how do you keep your color vibrant? 

A: I HAVE colored my hair a lot, uh? Almost too much. I’m at the point where I really like it so I doubt I’ll be coloring it again. My hair has always taken to color well. I have never experienced any breakage. If anything, I do find that I have to condition my locs a great deal because they tend to be drier a few weeks after coloring. I keep them conditioned by using Jane Carter’s Leave-In Conditioner. A little bit of that every few days seems to really keep the locs softer. As far as color vibrancy, I think it is the nature of hair dyes to fade away over time. I’ve realized this and don’t really “try” to keep them vibrant. However, I am guilty of spending a good amount of time outside. I live in Florida so not being around the sun is inevitable. I know UV rays can be drying on the locs but I also think it contributes to my color staying around a bit longer.
Q: Do you focus much on your hairline’s health?
A: I don’t blog about it much but I am actually very paranoid when it comes to my hairline. As much as I love keeping the locs out of my face and off of my neck, I actually let them hang more often than not. I don’t want to get in the habit of wearing too many ponytails and styles. Any tugging on the hairline, even for a few days freaks me out. So yes, I do focus on the hairline’s health. I haven’t noticed any receding but I am keeping my eye on that and preventing that problem the best way that I can.
Q: So i read that you think its a good idea to wear an afro for awhile before locking. But i really want to lock even though I just got a TWA a few days ago. Why do you say this? 
A: Of course it’s up to you and you have to do what feels comfortable for you but I think that loose natural hair has a lot to offer. You miss a great deal of that when you go from a perm to locs. You miss the teen weeny afro and 2-strand twists, afro puffs and various styles. You miss the opportunity to really understand how to take care of your natural texture and watching it change and transform. Loc’ing up does not mean that you can not enjoy your hair but I know a lot of loc’ers who have combed out or cut off their locs because they were itching to explore the loose natural life. Veteran naturals have done the same but I think you will truly enjoy your locs even more if you truly enjoy and get to know your natural hair. But if you’re ready to loc up now, rock on! 
Q: when did you decide to become a natural hair guru? I’ve really loving natural hair and want to start a blog like you.
A: Thanks a ton for the compliment but I would never call myself a guru. Simply put, I am a writer who happens to have a passion for natural hair. I do not know all that there is to know about it. I did not go to school for it nor do I have any formal training. My advice to you is, if you too, are someone who just has a passion for natural hair, sure…start a blog. But be sure that you blog about your own experience and be careful about the advice that you toss out. I always refer to a person or source that knows more than me before I answer any questions. And don’t assume that us bloggers or YouTube “gurus” are professionals. A lot of us are not. Take what we say with a grain of salt. Do you own research and draw your own conclusions. And I recommend that you tell your future readers the same. Let us know when your blog drops!
Q: Do u think you’ll ever get sisterlocks? maybe as your second set of locs? i could see u with them.
A: I’ll never say never but I don’t see it in my future. I am head over heels in love with traditional locs. If anything, I may go with a larger set my next time around. I am forever getting questions about Sisterlocks and I STILL don’t know much about them. I need to brush up on some knowledge. 🙂
Q: How often do you oil your scalp?
A: When I feel like my scalp needs it. I used to be on this “I oil my scalp every 2-3 days” thing but you know what? I was doing it out of habit. My scalp really didn’t NEED to be oiled. And so I started listening to my hair. If it felt dry and itchy, it was time for oil. As of now, I can probably go a week or a week and a half without any oil. But my locs practically crave for water and so it gets some of that or leave-in conditioner daily. 
Q: Think you’ll loc up your future kids’ hair? Or perm it if they want? both are permanent so i don’t know what to do with my daughter’s hair.
A: I will loc their hair only if they ask. And I doubt my girls will want a perm after I tell them about all of the damaging ingredients in the lye. By the time I have kids (yearssss from now), I think they’ll get a better idea of how beautiful natural hair is. And since their mother will know how to take care of it without putting them through hell, I think they’ll embrace their natural kinks. And if they still want perms…they can do as they please when they’re 18. I wouldn’t consider locs or a perm permanent but if I were you, I’d weigh the pro’s and con’s of locs and a perm. You already know what I’m going to say. LOL! 
Got any questions about my locs?  You can email me about whatever at Brittany@LocRocker.com.

Q&A: Session 3

 Time for another question and answer session!

Q: Hey B! I love your blog and I thank you so much for tracking your journey each month. My locs are at 4 months and after looking at your ‘4 month update’ I feel like my locs are behind. They are so short. What am I doing wrong? 
A: Hey sis! I do appreciate the love. But lemme kick it to you straight. Your locs are right where they need to be. My posting of monthly updates is simply a display of how MY locs have progressed. If you notice, I also talk about my feelings/thoughts/reactions towards my locs. It simply tracks MY experience and in no way is  an example of how anyone else’s locs should look. Remember, we are all on different journeys. It’s cool to check mine out but stay on your own. Do you know how many people mis-guess the age of my locs? No one ever thinks they are as old as they are. Why? Because while they are longer, they are still fuzzy wuzzy and not as loc’d up as other loc rockers my age. It is what it is.

Q: What do you use to make your locs grow so fast? I want mine longer.
A: My hair has always grown extremely fast. I think it’s genetics because my Mom’s roots also grow at the speed of light. I also contribute it to my diet. I drink 64 ounces of water a day in addition to eating greens for 3 out of 6 meals a day. I take a fish oil vitamin and a multi-vitamin. I work out regularly and massage my hair nightly. If I stop these things, would my hair stop growing? I’m not sure. But you would be surprised at what a lifestyle change can do to your skin, hair and nails. I say try it! And don’t be so obsessed with hair growth. Healthy hair is way more important than long hair.

Q: Hey B! I have Sisterlocks and I hate them. They are WAY too thin and pull on my edges. I wish I would have thought twice before getting them. I only got them because they looked more professional than regular locs but now I want to cut them off and start over with traditional locs. What do you think?
A: I’ll forgive you for saying ‘looked more professional than regular locs’ since you’re going to be joining our branch of loc’dom soon. 🙂 I think before you cut your locs, you should talk to your loctician and other Sisterlock’ers. To be honest, as much as I lusted over Sisterlocks and STILL admire their beauty, I’m glad I have traditional locs. With each method of loc’ing comes pros and cons and it’s important to research what cons you’re more likely “okay” with dealing with. So before you do anything dramatic, talk with other SL professionals and loc’ers.

Q: I really miss conditioning my hair but stay away from it because of the potential Build-Up. How can I make sure my scalp and locks are conditioned without using a ton of oil? That gives me build-up too!
A: Girl, join the club! You be Prez and I’ll be Parliamentarian. Seriously! I have come across the same problem. Here’s what I think helps condition the locs. Wait for it… Leave in Conditioners. I haven’t quite made one of my own yet but if you take your favorite store-bought conditioner, dilute it with water and spray it all over the locs, you’ll get that moisture back in your hair without yucky build-up. Remember water alone is a good moisturizer too! Oh…and try moisturizing less. Are you putting oil in your hair as a habit or do your locs REALLY need it? Think about it.

Q: Im a guy and I think you’re beautiful. My real reason for emailing you is because I have dreads and they are about 2 months old. They look so bad and I hate to admit it but they make me feel less attractive. I know you females are able to do styles  but I feel like mine are too short to be doing that just yet. Help a brother out!
A: *blushes* OMG, thank you soooo much for the compliment. How do guys even find Loc Rocker? I’m not complaining, but wow! Well, homes…ain’t nothin’ you can do you. Ride this wave out. I didn’t do styles until my locs were 3 months old. It’s a tough place to be in but it’ll be over soon. You’re being tough on yourself. Find some confidence, love your hair and let that attractiveness shine from within. Go ‘head!

Q: i love that you’re a natural that embraces natural products but isn’t against commercial products either. do you think you’ll ever give up commercial products? a friend of mine says commercial items get into our skin and are killing us.
A: I like to use what works. Period. VO5 shampoo has a crap load of parabens and ‘cones but I ain’t givin’ it up no time soon because my hair LOVES it. I get frustrated with people are so judgmental about what other people use. Especially if they aren’t offering sensible alternatives. Everyone isn’t aware of the benefits of natural products. If you don’t know, how can you incorporate it in your life? Not to mention natural products are often more expensive and not always widely available to everyone. I stand right down the middle and would rather people keep their hair healthy than be conflicted with natural vs. commercial. And tell your friend that they should probably stay in a bubble because pollution and public areas are probably more harmful to us than a friggin’ shampoo. #justsayin

Q: So you got a LocRocker YouTube Channel up. I’m so happy. What kind of videos will you be doing?
A: The last thing YouTube need is another natural hair know-it-all. HA!!! Sounds harsh, but it’s true. There are so many talented “gurus” on the Tube and my goal is not to join them and regularly post loc vids. That channel will simply complement the posts that I do here at Loc Rocker. As you can tell, the channel is practically dead now so I still have to find some time to spruce it up. 🙂

Q: I have been natural for six yrs and thinking about locking my hair. But I am afraid of the ‘ugly stage’. how did you get past those nerves?
A:  Know this….the only thing ugly is our mentality. I’m not going to say that there won’t be rough days (such is the case with ANY hair style) but the more you tell yourself that this “this is the ugly stage”, the less attractive you will feel. Stop using defeatist words. Ignore people’s opinions. Seek to find the beauty in your hair. And in yourself. It’s a process, it’s a journey and it really is a mentality. The great Bob Marley said it best, “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery.”

You can email me your questions/suggestions at  Brittany@LocRocker.com. Thanks for the support, y’all!

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Reader Question: Thinning Locs (help me, help her)

Hey y’all! I got a question a few days ago and don’t really know how to go about my answering it. This seems like a question more fit for my Sisterlock’ers and mature loc’ers. I tried my best but I need you all’s help to.


“Hi B!!! I love both of your blogs and I really hope you can help me with this. I have had locks for thirteen months now. Almost as long as you have had yours. I have terrible thinning around my hair-line and even some of the locks in the middle of my head are thinning. Why is this? I don’t ever remember having this problem when I had regular natural hair. Not even when I had a perm. Please help. I have sisterlocks. Thanks!

My response:

Hi lovely! I can understand your frustration at thinning locs at the tender age of 13 months. I’ve heard of mature loc’ers having this problem, but it seems like our babies are too young for that. Or so I’ve always assumed. One of the reasons why I will opt for bigger locs the next go round is because they don’t seem to thin out as easy. I have married (combined) over 10 locs because I found some of them to be entirely too thin. I don’t want them popping off in the coming years. Locs will get heavy over time and thinner locs may not be able to hold their weight (no pun intended). I think your best bet is to consult with your Sisterlock specialist or other Sisterlock’ers because I think they can give you better answers.

In the meantime, remember to be gentle to your locs. Don’t put them in tight ponytails. Don’t pull on them. Don’t rub on them as much as you want to. With your permission, I am going to post this on LocRocker and see if some of the other ladies have any suggestions that can help you and other folx who may be going through the same thing.

Also, here’s a video where my locspiration, big sis and editor of On the Road to Queendom talks about thinning.

Dewdrop also recently did a video about combining her Sisterlocks and taking the traditional locs route. I’m not saying you should do the same but I think her video is very helpful.

Okay, y’all….what do you think? What should she do?

Q&A: Session 2

Q: Have you found any staple products?
A: Sure have! I am not a product junkie in the least. I believe in sticking with what works. Olive oil, castile soap, baking soda and apple cider vinegar are all products that my hair loves. Even if I try something new (which is a rarity), I always go back to those.

Q: How did you deal with friends/family members hating your locs?
A: Honestly, I never cared. I could give two flying flips about what anyone thinks about my hair. I don’t even know why people take it so personally. It’s YOUR hair. You can do whatever you want with it. The best you can do is educate people about what’s going on with your hair. It’s up to them if they want to emancipate themselves from the mental slavery that says only straight and long hair is attractive and professional. Besides, I’ve always been the “different/unconventional” one in my family so my loc’ing was like “B being B”.

Q: How do you get rid of the dandruff?
A: The dandruff is still hanging around. I really don’t know what else to do besides visit my dermatologist. A reader suggested that I try Head and Shoulders and despite the fact that I hate the way sulfates make my hair feel, I think I’m going to give it a try anyway. Dandruff, for me, is a chronic issue. I’ve had for many years and I’ve tried everything. I don’t like it but it ain’t goin’ anywhere so I’m just learning how to deal with it and keep it down to a minimum. 

Q: How often do you wash your locs?
A: When I was latching my hair, I washed it once a week. Now that I’m back to palm rolling I wash it every 2-3 weeks. I don’t want to HAVE to wash it every 2-3 weeks, but the itches leave me no other choice.

Q: I latch my locs and love it. Why did you stop?
A: I was terrible at grasping on to the latching concept. I could never do it correctly and ended up with a ton of Y-shaped locs. The locs also appeared to be a lot thinner/skinnier and had more of a box-y shape to them. I just didn’t like the look. I prefer rounder/barrel locs and I think they look better with my hair texture. Latching also took longer. Sometimes I do miss it because I was able to wash so often. But I don’t regret my decision of going back to palm rolling. You gotta do what works for you!

Q: My locs are at the same month of yours but I mine still look super fuzzy. What am I doing wrong?
A: Hey now…what did I tell you? Learn to love the fuzz. It ain’t goin’ nowhere no time soon. Everyone’s locs and hair textures are different. Sometimes I see people whose locs are younger than mine and look more “mature”. It is what it is. You aren’t doing anything wrong. Say it with me: “THE FUZZ WON’T BUDGE”.

Q: I want to start loc’ing my hair. Do you think it’s okay if I start them off myself?
A: If you can afford it, I say go to a professional. It’s an investment but it is definitely worth it. Loc’ing your hair is a journey and it helps if you have a professional talk you through it. They can provide you with a ton of information and alleviate any nerves you may be having. I think it’s important to have a support system. Plus, they REALLY know what they’re doing. And let’s be honest…if you’ve never had loc’d hair before, you don’t. Save your pennies and get them started off by a professional.

Q: Do you condition your locs?
A: Nope. Since I’ve struggled with build-up before, I stay faaar away from conditioner since that can only bring about more build-up. At 14 months of loc’ing I can honestly say that I don’t “need” conditioner. My scalp stays moisturized thanks to olive oil and the locs stay moisturized by daily spritzes of water or Oyin Handmade’s Greg Juice. I’m still going to make a homemade leave-in and deep conditioner though. Stay tuned!

Tis all this time! Don’t forget you can email me about whatever at Brittany@ClumpsOfMascara.com.

Q&A’s: Session 1

I’ve been getting a lot of emails with questions and now that the locs are a year old, I think it’s the perfect time to post these answers. I hope they help!

Q: How long will it take for me to loc my hair?
A: Throw this question out of your mind. Seriously, if you have ever thought this, mentally remove it and put it to rest. There is no way you will know. Hair texture, lifestyle and how your locs were installed have a lot to do with how long it will take you to loc. My “soldier loc” was loc’d completely in 3 months. But a year later and I have still have some locs that haven’t even budded or sealed at the tips. If I told you it would take you 9 months to loc would you change your mind about loc’ing? I hope not. It’s called a journey for a reason. Be patient and enjoy your hair through this process.

Q: Why didn’t you get Sisterlocks?
A: I get this question a lot! I seriously thought about Sisterlocks for quite some time. But the main reason why I didn’t get them is because I couldn’t afford them. It’s as simple as that. I understand how they save you money in the long run and they really are worth the price but my cheap behind wouldn’t allow it. That and I didn’t want to HAVE to go to a Sisterlocks’ specialist each time I wanted to get them re-tightened. I opted for cultivated locs because I wanted to do them myself quickly and easily. And, I am now at the point where I like the look of larger locs. Sisterlocks are just too tiny for me. I’d be too concerned about them thinning.

Q: What was one of your biggest hair problems while loc’ing?
A: If you would have asked me this during my first 6 months I would have said, “FUZZIES!!”. It took a long time to accept the fact that they were going to stay. Working out with comb coils was tough too. It made a fresh re-twist look “seasoned” every time. And then there’s dandruff, but that may always be an issue for me. *sigh* I guess. Seems like after the 6 months, the locs really came into their own and the fuzzies and work-out woes were no more.

Q: Why did you stop going to the loctician?
A: When I first got my locs installed, I wanted them done by a professional. I wanted her to teach me about products, techniques, styles, etc. So in a sense, I wanted to be educated about my new locs. She was great at that! But at the same time I wanted to care for my own hair….even if my loctician was the best thing ever. I will still visit her from time to time for pampering but I love being able to do my own hair. That and I save A LOT of money by not going. Yep, I’m cheap. So what! LOL

Q: How did you deal with the fuzzies?
A: I did just that. I dealt with them. I didn’t hide them under scarves. I didn’t slick them back with any gels or pomades either. I just walked around with fuzz. Did I like it then? Nope…I can’t say I felt pretty the entire time. But I stopped my complaining and dealt with it. I mean, read this post. I virtually hated my locs at one point and that was only day 8! Do your complaining and then shut up. The fuzzies ain’t goin’ nowhere fast. 🙂

Q: Was there ever a time when you wanted to take the locs out?
A: NO!!! I REALLY wanted to loc so there was no quitting for me. It’s a personal decision…if you are 2 months in and want to take them out, who cares? It’s your hair. I have more fun with my locs than I ever did with a huge fro so locs really are for me! In fact, the only other style that I would rock again other than locs is a TWA (teeny weeny afro). I was natural for almost 4 years before I loc’d. I had my fun with that. Locs was the next choice for me.

Q: Why do you call them “locs” and not “dreadlocks” or “locks”?
A: You say tomato, I say banana. LOL…it really is a preference. I never call them “dreads” or “dreadlocks” because I don’t like that term. There is nothing dreadful about my locs. I’m not going to refer to anything on my head with the word “dread” in it. But some people don’t see it that way and that’s fine. I don’t get offended when people call them “dreads”, I just use “locs”. I dropped the “K” from locs because I “think” that’s the more common spelling. Etymology rocks my socks and I love semantic changes. Such a nerd, I am.

Q: How long will you grow your locs?
A: I’m a free spirit that flows with the wind. I don’t see myself cutting off my locs (combing them out soooo isn’t an option!) for quite some time. I don’t have any length goals. I’m just flowin’.

I’ll do more in another session. Don’t forget you can email me about whatever at Brittany@ClumpsOfMascara.com.