Chescalocs’ Most Commonly Asked Loc’d Questions

I so need to do one of these videos. I get a ton of questions about my locs and 90% of the questions are the saaaame questions. And I learned a lot about Chesca’s locs.

She doesn’t use clips. (I don’t either)
She doesn’t use product to retwist. (I don’t either)
She doesn’t get her locs professionally done. (I don’t either)

The best thing about growing locs is learning how to simplify. She covers quite a bit. Check it ouuuuut…

Naturally Pretty video promo includes Loc Rocker!

Okay, ATL…if you didn’t know about it, there is a HUGE natural hair event that Mae from and Mimi from will be hosting. Considering it’s a a beauty AND natural hair fusion, I am just a little more than jealous that I can’t attend.

Buuuut, I’ll be there in spirit. The planning team asked me to represent for the loc rockers in their promo video and I was happy to oblige.

The full version will be shown at the event and tickets will be available until Wednesday, October 26th. If  you are in Atlanta, you HAVE to make it to this event. Details here.

Kim Coles’ Natural Hair Journey (video)

Y’all already know how much I love Kim Coles. I posted about her here and here. She’s back with another video of her transitioning to rocking her beautiful natural hair. I don’t know if it was the music (that song was dope) or what but I got a wee bit emotional. I love how she has embraced, supported and shouted out the natural hair community. Has this ever been done before by a celebrity? Maybe. Not on this level.

And I’d love her just the same if a few months or years down the road she decides to rock another hairstyle.

Stay beautiful, Kim Coles. We love you!! And uhhh…if you decide to rock the Maxine Shaw circa ’95 locs, you know the Loc Rockin’ crew has yo back!

The Truth Behind Bleaching Your Hair

My coming across this video could not have come at a greater time. I’ve been getting a TON of emails from loc rockin’ ladies who are interested in dyeing their locs for the first time. My first suggestion is to ALWAYS consult with a professional. Even though I’ve done dye jobs at home, a GOOD colorist can do 10x of a better job than we can.
And secondly, I always tell folx to be very weary about bleaching their hair. I’ve done it to a few locs and will NEVER do it again. At least not at home. After a cosmetology friend explained to me what happens when we bleach our hair, I’ve been a little weary about wanting to risk the health of my hair by doing it. This sucks as I LOVE playing around with hair color but bleaching? Even I have to take a step back from that. 
What’s your take on bleaching the locs?

Are you a product junkie?

But first…watch this vid.

Kim Coles cracks me up so much. I love her. Where are my product junkies at?

Time to check in!!

Oh…and if you know me well enough, you know that I am far too cheap to be a product junkie. Unless it is given to me, I’m not buying a new product until I hit bottom, yo.

Raise your hand if you have WAY too many products.

Loves Ya,

I trimmed my locs!

The visit to my loctician was amazing of course. I’ll be back to see her in a few weeks as I plan to do a complete salon feature. You know, interview her, take pictures and maybe do a video. I just found out that she has a Facebook page. I want to wake it up a bit so I’ll be bugging Mrs. LaTonya soon about ways I can help her do that. You know…since I do undercover social media marketing and all. *pops collar* 

But anyway, I got my locs trimmed and I couldn’t be happier. They really feel like a new set of locs and I couldn’t thank my loctician enough for recommending the trim. Here’s what happened…

I know when you think of trim you think of cutting some length, right? Wellllls, I got my locs pruned. I’ve heard of this term from several loc rockers. Of course you have your radicals that think that pruning the locs is a no no. You know me. Do whatever works for YOU. Pruning my locs has given my locs such a cleaner and frizz-free look. I’ve been dealing with frizzy locs for so long that I considered the loose hair to be the norm. My loctician assured me that the frizzy hair will not loc. And she’s right. I mean, after 2 years shouldn’t it have already loc’d anyway?

Look at the difference pruning made…

I was floored when she asked me take a peek. My locs just felt…better. And looked better. Don’t get me wrong, I actually had no problem with the frizz but I love how much better they look. Mrs. LaTonya took her time and pruned each loc. She also trimmed a few.

RIP fuzzies.

Don’t think I’m sad about loosing the fuzz because I’m not. It was time. My locs look much neater and I am so so happy about it.

And I did some photo editing to this one but I think it looks so cool.

I’m a happy kiddo right now. I found a video on YouTube that goes into detail about what pruning is. My loctician took a different approach. She used professional scissors for one. She recommended that I do this when I felt the need to do so. For some it is twice a year and others maybe only once a year.

I’ll be back with a post on my hair detox. Let’s just say I feel like I have a new set of locs. My loctician revived them. I love her.

Weave and Black Women with Blonde Hair: Your View

I saw this video over at The Kitchen Salon and just had to share it with the Loc Rocker fam. I’ve never watched a complete episode of The View. Only excerpts from controversial episodes. But I’ve always been an enormous fan of Whoopi Goldberg. I mean, HUGE!! This is a conscious sista that thinks before she speaks and always has something thought provoking to say.

That said, check out of the following video.

Whoopi brings up good questions. While Sherri Shepard wears weave (Obviously. It looks so freakin’ fake and horrendous. Sorry, but it does.), Whoopi questions why so many Black women have to wear straight and super long weave. Shoopi says, “Why isn’t it an afro weave?” That’s a damn good question.

And then Joy Behar (thanks Google) answers that question with “Well, because when your hair is straighter, you can do more with it.”



And did you catch when Whoopi says “Black women with blonde hair freak me out.”? Oh gosh….as much as I love Mary J. Blige, a little part of me dies when I see her and that blonde hair. I’m just sayin’… And I know some Nicki Minaj stan is going to hate me for it but THIS…

….makes my eyes melt and stomach explode. Yeah, I know she considers herself to be a character and attempts to shock the masses with her get-ups. I know it’s supposed to be “fun” but this is just awful to me. I wonder if my 12-year old sister thinks this is how she should look. Oh, and did I mention that my 18-year old mentee told me that MOST of the girls in her high school dressed up as Nicki Minaj for Halloween? What the fuuuu…

A lot of jokes were made on that segment of The View but at the end of the day, I don’t think anyone understood what Whoopi was trying to convey. The White girls tried to relate by saying, “OMG, my hair is thick too.” And Sherri Shepard seemed mega clue-less to me.

What do you think? Why do you think Black women don’t rock more “natural” weaves (lol @ that oxymoron)? And do you have an issue with blonde hair or not so much?

Loc Rocker’s new look + my anniversary look

I gave the Facebook fam a bit of a behind the scenes look of Loc Rocker’s facelift but now the site is fully functioning. And it looks absolutely beautiful, uh? Many thanks to Christina over at Visual Luxe for hookin’ a sista up with new look. It was a great start to the kick-off celebration.

What do you mean, WHAT celebration? My locs turn 2-years old in a week.

I know, I know. For those of y’all who have been following me since Day 1, I know you can’t believe it either. I know I can’t. I’m trying to think of how I’ll wear the locs to celebrate. With the holiday season all up on my wallet, going to my loctician *tears* isn’t an option. So, I think I’ll be revisiting…

That’s right. Pipe cleaner curls. So what do y’all think? Yay or nay?

Why is Chescaleigh so friggin’ cool? She is one of the few natural ladies that I can watch on YouTube who won’t put me to sleep because she is so entertaining AND informative. Seriously.

So what do you think, lovelies?